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Torture, terrorism and the rule of law in international security and cooperation

Pletsch, Michael W.

English Title: Torture, terrorism and the rule of law in international security and cooperation

PDF, English
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Title: Torture, terrorism and the rule of law in International security and cooperation Part I covers the vulnerability of the rule of law in the fight against international terrorism: demonstrated by the Al Masri / CIA case and equivocal US administration´s positions on the use of torture:International security and the rule of law in turmoil ? Part II discusses the World security situation , global World order after the Sept. 11 attacks and after the US-led wars against Afghanistan and the Iraq and the impact on the United Nations´, NATO´s and the European Union´s role in international security and cooperation: The torture issue in the fight against AL Qaeda generated terrorism does increase global risks and new risks to Europe´s security situation. Dilemma problems of collective international security policy if credibility of western values is at stake by violations of human rights in the fight against terrorism ; revival of the nation state in strategic doctrine and foreign policy and the impact on NATO and the European Union´s role in the Afghanistan and Iraqi war theatre. Part III, Conclusion : launching a new design of international security and cooperation in USA- EU transatlantic relationship under the rule of law and human rights : The transatlantic relationship , the USA, the European Union and NATO, are challenged to practice an unconditional commitment to the rule of law, to human rights thus contributing to strengthening cooperative multilateralism in international security and cooperation through restoring credibility of common universal values.

Item Type: Book
Date Deposited: 13 Dec 2005 12:12
Date: 2005
Faculties / Institutes: Juristische Fakultät > Dekanat der Juristischen Fakultät
Subjects: 340 Law
Controlled Keywords: Internationaler Terrorismus, Humanitäres Völkerrecht, Rechtsstaat, Gemeinsame Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik
Uncontrolled Keywords: Torture , terrorism , rule of law , international security and cooperation
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