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Items where Division is "The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy > Dekanat der Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie" and Year is 2014

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Number of items: 45.


Abbas, Mohamad (2014) RR Lyrae stars: Substructures and the Oosterhoff dichotomy in the Halo of the Milky Way. [Dissertation]

Andrae, Ellen (2014) The GALEX-GAMA Survey and its Application to the Statistical Inference of the Attenuation of Starlight by Dust in Spiral Galaxies. [Dissertation]

Augustin, Sven (2014) Bethe-Heitler Pair Creation in a Bichromatic Laser Field. [Dissertation]


Beyer, Thomas (2014) Installation and operation of a radio-frequency quadrupole cooler and buncher and offline-commissioning of the TRIGA-SPEC ion beam preparation transfer line. [Dissertation]


Carrasco, Mauricio (2014) Mass distribution in galaxy clusters: strong lensing and dynamical mass analysis. [Dissertation]


Fink, Daniel Andreas (2014) Improving the Selectivity of the ISOLDE Resonance Ionization Laser Ion Source and In-Source Laser Spectroscopy of Polonium. [Dissertation]


Germeroth, André (2014) Wissenschaftliche Integration des Kamera-Spektrographen LUCI und Galaxienhaufenumgebungen um aktive Galaxienkerne. [Dissertation]

Gerner, Thomas (2014) Chemical characterization of the early evolutionary phases of high-mass star-forming regions. [Dissertation]

Gnahm, Christine (2014) Entwicklung eines iterativen Rekonstruktionsalgorithmus mit Einbeziehung anatomischen Vorwissens für die 23Na-Magnetresonanztomographie. [Dissertation]

Goch, Caspar Jonas (2014) Expanding Graph Theoretical Indices to Include Medical Knowledge - An Assessment of Classification Accuracy in the Case of Autism Spectrum Disorders. [Dissertation]

Goncharov, Mikhail Leonidovich (2014) High-precision Penning-trap mass spectrometry at SHIPTRAP and PENTATRAP for neutrino physics research. [Dissertation]

Goullon, Johannes David (2014) One- and two-electron processes in charge transfer and single ionization in ion-lithium collisions. [Dissertation]


Hahn, Joachim (2014) Supernova Remnants with H.E.S.S.: Systematic Analysis and Population Synthesis. [Dissertation]

Henrich, Matthias Benjamin (2014) The Potential of Semiconductor Lasers for STED Nanoscopy. [Dissertation]

Hillert, Andreas (2014) GRASP - Development of an event reconstruction method using a Gamma Ray Air Shower Parameterisation and application to gamma-ray sources with H.E.S.S. [Dissertation]

Hünemohr, Nora (2014) Dual energy CT as an alternative for ion radiotherapy treatment planning. [Dissertation]


Kaldun, Andreas (2014) Fano Resonances in the Time Domain - understanding and controlling the absorption and emission of light. [Dissertation]

Kalinova Dimitrova, Veselina (2014) Mass Distributions of Galaxies from SAURON and CALIFA Stellar Kinematic Maps. [Dissertation]

Kannan, Rahul Vasudev Nair (2014) Hydrodynamic simulations of galaxy formation in a cosmological context. [Dissertation]

Kirsch, Andrea (2014) Search for the neutrinoless double beta-decay in Gerda Phase I using a Pulse Shape Discrimination technique. [Dissertation]

Knežević, Sladjana (2014) An Integral View of Shocks. [Dissertation]

Krah, Nils (2014) Visualization of air and water-sided concentration profiles in laboratory gas exchange experiments. [Dissertation]

Kraus, Kim Melanie (2014) Dose Delivery Study for a Novel Compact Proton Accelerator. [Dissertation]

Krieger, Jan Wolfgang (2014) Mapping Diffusion Properties in Living Cells. [Dissertation]


Lieder, Stefan (2014) Fossil Groups in the course of Galaxy Evolution. [Dissertation]

Lim, Kher Sham (2014) New Aspects Of Scale And Discrete Flavor Symmetry Breaking. [Dissertation]


Müller, Patrick E. (2014) Grisms und Wollaston-Prismen für die IR-Kamera CONICA (VLT). [Master's thesis]


Neitz, Norman (2014) Radiation-Reaction Effects in the Quantum Regime. [Dissertation]

Niklas, Martin Anthony (2014) Cell-fluorescent ion track hybrid detector: A novel hybrid technology for direct correlation of single ion tracks and subcellular damage sites in clinical ion beam. [Dissertation]


Rebrova, Nataliya (2014) Development of a non-depolarizing neutron guide for PERC. [Dissertation]

Redlich, Matthias (2014) Statistical probes of the standard cosmological model. [Dissertation]

Rorai, Alberto (2014) Measuring the Small Scale Structure of the Intergalactic Medium. [Dissertation]


Schober, Jennifer (2014) On the Role of the Turbulent Dynamo in the Evolution of Cosmic Magnetic Fields. [Dissertation]

Skoromnik, Oleg (2014) Dynamics of an electron spin in strong classical and quantized electromagnetic fields. [Dissertation]

Stepanovs, Deniss (2014) Launching Jets and Outflows from Magnetized Accretion Disks. Adection, Diffusion, Dynamo. [Dissertation]

Streubel, Sebastian Dennis (2014) Kontrolle der Umwelteinflüsse auf THe-Trap am Beispiel der Bestimmung des Massenverhältnisses von Kohlenstoff-12 zu Sauerstoff-16. [Dissertation]


Trifonov, Trifon (2014) Planetary dynamics and high precision optical and near-IR spectroscopy. Testing the planetary hypothesis around evolved K-giants. [Dissertation]


Vickers, John J. (2014) Stellar Tracers and Galactic Exploration. [Dissertation]


Wambsganß, Joachim (2014) Universum für alle. [Video]

Wanner, Sven (2014) Orientation Analysis in 4D Light Fields. [Dissertation]

Wieler, Matthias (2014) Multiple Instance Learning with Random Forests and Applications in Industrial Optical Inspection. [Dissertation]

Wipfler, Alexander (2014) Nichtlineare optische Mikroskopie mit geformten Femtosekundenlaserimpulsen. [Dissertation]

Wulf, Sarah Elise Freyja (2014) Application of new reconstruction strategies to enhance the interpretable resolution in 3D Electron Microscopy - Studies of Rigor and ADP binding complexes of Actin and Myosin V. [Dissertation]


Yakaboylu, Enderalp (2014) Relativistic features and time delay of laser-induced tunnel-ionization. [Dissertation]


Zimmer, Fabian (2014) Development of Arterial Spin Labeling Techniques for Quantitative Perfusion Measurements at 3 Tesla. [Dissertation]

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