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Items where Division is "The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy > Dekanat der Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie" and Year is 2015

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Number of items: 47.


Arrigoni Battaia, Fabrizio (2015) Characterizing the Circumgalactic Medium in Emission. [Dissertation]


Baczynski, Christian (2015) Numerical Modeling of Chemistry-coupled Radiative Transfer. [Dissertation]

Banados Torres, Eduardo (2015) The discovery and characterization of the most distant quasars. [Dissertation]

Bauer, Andreas (2015) Reionization in the Illustris Universe and Novel Numerical Methods. [Dissertation]

Behl, Nicolas Gerhard Roland (2015) Ein neuer Compressed-Sensing-basierter Rekonstruktionsalgorithmus mit einem angepassten Lexikon für die 23Na-Magnetresonanztomographie. [Dissertation]


Caldu Primo, Anahi (2015) Molecular Gas Velocity Dispersion in Nearby Galaxies. [Dissertation]

Chen, Xiangcheng (2015) Non-interceptive position detection for short-lived radioactive nuclei in heavy-ion storage rings. [Dissertation]

Cielo, Salvatore (2015) Numerical Models of AGN Jet Feedback. [Dissertation]

Corteville, Dominique Maurice Richard (2015) Optimization of the measurement sequence used for functional Fourier Decomposition Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the human lung at 1.5 Tesla. [Dissertation]


Dordei, Francesca (2015) Lifetime measurements of beauty hadrons at the LHCb experiment. [Dissertation]

Dörr, Andreas (2015) PENTATRAP: A novel Penning-trap system for high-precision mass measurements. [Dissertation]


Fabis, Felix (2015) A Statistical Field Theory for Classical Particles - Foundations and Applications in Cosmological Structure Formation. [Dissertation]

Feng, Siyi (2015) Chemical Substructure of High Mass Star Forming Regions. [Dissertation]


González López, Jorge (2015) Investigating the Interstellar Medium Conditions of Star Formation in High Redshift Galaxies by studying Dust Emission and Emission lines. [Dissertation]

Görke, Steffen (2015) Einfluss von Entfaltung und Aggregation auf den 1H-Magnetisierungstransfer zwischen Proteinen und freiem Wasser. [Dissertation]


Hegde, Siddharth (2015) Remote Detection of Life in Extreme Exoplanetary Environments. [Dissertation]

Hendricks, Benjamin Thomas (2015) Reading the Chemical Evolution of Stellar Populations in Dwarf Galaxies. [Dissertation]

Herwig, Philipp (2015) Coulomb Explosion Imaging studies of fundamental molecular structure. [Dissertation]


Jäger, Andreas (2015) Measurement of indirect CP asymmetries in D0->K−K+ and D0->pi−pi+ decays with the LHCb experiment. [Dissertation]


Kacharov, Nikolay M. (2015) Chemical abundances and kinematic properties of Galactic globular clusters. [Dissertation]

Kapala, Maria Julia (2015) A Herschel Space Observatory View of the Andromeda Galaxy. [Dissertation]

Ketter, Georg Jochen (2015) Theoretical treatment of miscellaneous frequency-shifts in Penning traps with classical perturbation theory. [Dissertation]

Korzowski, Andreas (2015) Echo-planare 31P-NMR-spektroskopische Bildgebung in vivo bei 7T. [Dissertation]


Lobo Gomes, Aiara (2015) Planet-disk interactions in non-isothermal disks. [Dissertation]


Manjavacas, Elena (2015) Physical Characterization of Brown Dwarfs. [Dissertation]

Maseda, Michael Vincent (2015) Starbursting Dwarf Galaxies at z > 1 : a near-infrared spectroscopic study. [Dissertation]

Meißner, Marco (2015) Measurements of particle production and particle correlations in proton-proton and proton-ion collisions with LHCb. [Dissertation]

Meyer, Sven (2015) Evolution of linear perturbations in Lemaître-Tolman-Bondi models and effects on light propagation. [Dissertation]


Nanova, Diana (2015) Intermolecular Ordering in Organic Semiconductor Layers and its Correlation to Electronic Properties. [Dissertation]

Nardin, Alberto (2015) On the Stäckel potential approximation in the extended solar neighbourhood. [Dissertation]


Penzo, Camilla (2015) Galaxy and Structure Formation in Dynamical and Coupled Dark Energy. [Dissertation]

Poelking, Carl Roderich (2015) The (Non-)Local Density of States of Electronic Excitations in Organic Semiconductors. [Dissertation]


Rerich, Eugenia (2015) 1H-NMR-Bildgebung von Kreatin in vivo mit Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer. [Dissertation]

Rösler, Manuela Barbara (2015) Kalium-39-NMR in-vivo am Menschen bei 7Tesla: 39K-MR-Bildgebung und Auflösung der Quadrupolaufspaltung der 39K-Resonanz. [Dissertation]


Salathe, Marco (2015) Study on modified point contact germanium detectors for low background applications. [Dissertation]

Sasaki, Mei (2015) Statistical properties of dark matter mini-haloes and the criterion for HD formation in the early universe. [Dissertation]

Schultz-Coulon, Hans-Christian (2015) Forscher und Entdecker. [Audio]

Schönebeck, Frederik (2015) Velocity Dispersion Measurements of Milky Way Globular Clusters with VLT/X-shooter Spectroscopy. [Dissertation]

Singh, Robert Artur (2015) The true nature of LINER galaxies, weak AGN or strong stars. [Dissertation]

Stapf, Julian (2015) Novel learning-based techniques for dense fluid motion measurements. [Dissertation]

Steinbrügge, René Friedrich (2015) Bestimmung von absoluten Auger- und radiativen Zerfallsraten K-Schalen-angeregter hochgeladener Eisenionen. [Dissertation]

Stürmer, Julian (2015) Technologies for improving the precision of radial velocity measurements with high-resolution, fibre-fed échelle spectrographs. [Dissertation]


Thidemann Hansen, Terese (2015) An observational study of metal-poor stars. [Dissertation]


Windberger, Robert-Alexander (2015) Identification of optical transitions in complex highly charged ions for applications in metrology and tests of fundamental constants. [Dissertation]


Yildirim, Akin (2015) Compact Elliptical Galaxies. [Dissertation]

Yurin, Denis (2015) Construction and stability of disk galaxies, and the radial migration of their stars. [Dissertation]


Zhang, Lida (2015) Coherent control and manipulation of classical or quantum light via nonlocal effects. [Dissertation]

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