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Items where Division is "The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy > Dekanat der Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie" and Year is 2018

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Number of items: 56.


Angioi, Alessandro (2018) Multi-Particle Effects in Strong-Field Quantum Electrodynamics. [Dissertation]

Aquines Gutiérrez, Osvaldo (2018) Inclusive V0 Production at the LHC. [Dissertation]


Beinke, Raphael (2018) Excitations and dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensates: A many-body approach. [Dissertation]

Bertelli Motta, Clio (2018) The footprints of stellar evolution on the chemical composition of the Galactic old open cluster M67. [Dissertation]

Bhadoria, Shikha (2018) Laboratory astrophysics and ion acceleration using intense lasers. [Dissertation]

Buck, Tobias (2018) On the formation of the Milky Way system in cosmological context - A numerical study. [Dissertation]


Cerchiari, Giovanni (2018) Laser spectroscopy of La- and anion trapping with a view to laser cooling. [Dissertation]

Chira, Roxana-Adela (2018) On Filaments in Molecular Clouds and their Connection to Star Formation. [Dissertation]


Daněk, Jiří (2018) Coulomb effects in the dipole and nondipole regimes of strong-field ionization. [Dissertation]

Dimitriadis, Nikolas (2018) Real-time multispectral fluorescence and reflectance imaging for intraoperative applications. [Dissertation]

Ding, Thomas (2018) Quantum dynamics in weak and strong fields measured by XUV nonlinear spectroscopy. [Dissertation]


Ebrahimi, Mohammad Sadegh (2018) Non-Destructive Detection and Resistive Cooling of Highly-Charged-Ion Ensembles for Precision Spectroscopy in the ARTEMIS Penning Trap. [Dissertation]


Frings, Jonas (2018) Structure and evolution of simulated dwarf galaxies and Milky Way satellites in Cold and Warm dark matter models. [Dissertation]

Frohnmayer, Johannes (2018) Bottom-Up Assembly of Synthetic Model Systems for Cellular Adhesion. [Dissertation]


Glodeck, Daniel Dieter (2018) Entwicklung von Regularisierungsverfahren und zusammengesetzten Ähnlichkeitsmaßen für die multimodale Bildregistrierung in der medizinischen Physik. [Dissertation]

Gutcke, Thales Nion Ada (2018) The quenching of star formation in galaxies. [Dissertation]

Gutsche, Marcel (2018) Light Fields Reconstructing Geometry and Reflectance Properties. [Dissertation]


Helmboldt, Alexander (2018) New insights into modified scalar sectors and exotic Higgs decays. [Dissertation]

Hoyer, Patrick (2018) RESOLFT Light-sheet Microscopy. [Dissertation]


Isensee, Katharina (2018) Towards a quantum cascade laser-based implant for the continuous monitoring of glucose. [Dissertation]


Jacob, Svenja (2018) Cosmic ray feedback in galaxy formation and a numerical model for turbulence. [Dissertation]

Junker, André (2018) Advances in the Performance and Applicability of Modal Electromagnetic Simulations. [Dissertation]


King, Johannes (2018) Hochenergetische Gammastrahlung aus dem Galaktischen Zentrum. [Dissertation]

Kirchgessner, Manfred (2018) Control, Readout and Commissioning of the Ultra-High Speed 1 Megapixel DSSC X-Ray Camera for the European XFEL. [Dissertation]

Klein, Fabian (2018) Simulations of an accretion disk surrounding a supermassive black hole and its interaction with a nuclear star cluster. [Dissertation]

Kozlikin, Elena (2018) Structure formation under different interaction laws. [Dissertation]


Lilow, Robert (2018) Structure Formation in Dark and Baryonic Matter within Resummed Kinetic Field Theory. [Dissertation]

Littek, Carsten (2018) Kinetic Field Theory: Momentum-Density Correlations and Fuzzy Dark Matter. [Dissertation]

Lyu, Chunhai (2018) Narrow-band hard-x-ray lasing. [Dissertation]


Marquard, Jonas (2018) Digital Light Deflection and Electro-Optical Laser Scanning for STED Nanoscopy. [Dissertation]

Mazzucchelli, Chiara (2018) The Physical Properties and Cosmic Environments of Quasars in the First Gyr of the Universe. [Dissertation]

Morales, Gustavo (2018) Stellar Tidal Streams as Cosmological Diagnostics: Comparing data and simulations at low galactic scales. [Dissertation]

Möhler, Christian (2018) Stopping-power prediction with dual-energy computed tomography. [Dissertation]


Ordenes Briceño, Yasna (2018) Unveiling the Architecture of the Fornax Galaxy Cluster with its Different Stellar Systems. [Dissertation]


Platt, Tanja (2018) In-vivo-²³Na-Magnetresonanztomographie des Körperstamms bei 7 Tesla. [Dissertation]

Pohl, Adriana (2018) Structure of planet-forming disks: multi-wavelength polarization diagnostics. [Dissertation]

Pürckhauer, Stephanie Sabina (2018) Characterising light concentrators for CTA and optimising the data selection to improve angular resolution and sensitivity. [Dissertation]


Rezaeikhoshbakht, Sara (2018) 3D map of the dust distribution in the Milky Way. [Dissertation]

Rischka, Alexander (2018) The First Direct Q_EC Measurement in 163Ho and the Development of the High-Precision Mass Spectrometer PENTATRAP for Neutrino Physics. [Dissertation]

Rugel, Michael Rainer (2018) On the formation and destruction of molecular clouds with the Galactic plane survey THOR. [Dissertation]


Schmid, Georg (2018) Two-Color Pump-Probe Experiments on Small Quantum Systems at the Free-Electron Laser in Hamburg. [Dissertation]

Schreiber, Andreas (2018) Diffusion Limited Planetesimal Formation. Why asteroid and Kuiper-belt objects share a characteristic size. [Dissertation]

Shukirgaliyev, Bekdaulet (2018) THE LIFE OF STAR CLUSTERS, FROM BIRTH TO DISSOLUTION: A NEW APPROACH. [Dissertation]

Sikora, Bastian (2018) Quantum field theory of the g-factor of bound systems. [Dissertation]

Soldat, Jan (2018) Characterization, Operation and Wafer-level Testing of an ultra-fast 4k Pixel Readout ASIC for the DSSC X-ray Detector at the European XFEL. [Dissertation]

Spindeldreier, Claudia Katharina (2018) Dosimetry with ionization chambers and optically stimulated luminescence detectors in magnetic fields. [Dissertation]

Stooß, Veit Walter (2018) Strong-Field Spectroscopy: From Absorption to Time-Resolved Dynamics in Strong Fields. [Dissertation]

Sysoliatina, Kseniia (2018) The structure and kinematics of the Milky Way disk in a view of a semi-analytic chemo-dynamic model. [Dissertation]


Tang, Suo (2018) Plasma High Harmonic Generation and Single Attosecond Pulse Emission from Ultraintense Laser Pulses. [Dissertation]

Tugendhat, Tim Manfred (2018) On the Impact and Usefulness of Intrinsic Alignments of Galaxies in a Composite Model on Weak Lensing in Tomographic Surveys. [Dissertation]


Vasilyev, Valeriy (2018) Dynamical model atmospheres for the abundance analysis of pulsating stars. [Dissertation]


Wahl, Niklas (2018) Analytical Models for Probabilistic Inverse Treatment Planning in Intensity-modulated Proton Therapy. [Dissertation]

Walther, Michael (2018) Monitoring Thermal Evolution in the Intergalactic Medium over 12 Billion Years. [Dissertation]

Weinberger, Rainer (2018) Supermassive black holes and their feedback effects in galaxy formation. [Dissertation]

Weiss, Marian (2018) Microfluidic Approaches for the Sequential Bottom-up Assembly of Droplet-based Minimal Synthetic Cells. [Dissertation]

Wittmann, Carolin (2018) Ultra-compact and ultra-diffuse stellar systems in nearby galaxy clusters: signs of environmental influence? [Dissertation]

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