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Items where Division is "The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy > Dekanat der Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie" and Year is 2020

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Number of items: 65.


Ahmadi, Aida (2020) IN SEARCH OF DISKS IN HIGH-MASS STAR FORMATION. [Dissertation]

Almazan Molina, Helena (2020) Evaluation of the Neutron Detection Efficiency in the Stereo Reactor Neutrino Experiment. [Dissertation]

Anagnos, Theodoros (2020) Using astrophotonics to design new components for future telescopes. [Dissertation]


Barisic, Ivana (2020) Dust Attenuation and Maintenance Mode Feedback in the 6Gyr old Universe and Now. [Dissertation]

Bartelheimer, Kathrin (2020) A Heterogeneous and Multi-Range Soft-Tissue Deformation Model for Applications in Adaptive Radiotherapy. [Dissertation]

Bhandare, Asmita Eknath (2020) Numerical simulations of star and disc formation. [Dissertation]

Birk, Paul (2020) The Dipole Response of an Ionization Threshold within Ultrashort and Strong Fields. [Dissertation]

Blasi, Simone (2020) Hierarchies and new symmetries: from flavored axions to composite Higgs. [Dissertation]

Blessenohl, Michael Andreas (2020) Fine-structure investigations in highly charged ions using spectroscopy in the vacuum ultraviolet regime. [Dissertation]


Cakir, Halil (2020) Quantum Electrodynamic Theory of Few-Electron Highly Charged Ions. [Dissertation]

Coronado Martinez, Johanna Carolina Andrea (2020) Small scale structure of the Milky Way's stellar orbit distribution. [Dissertation]


Dal Bello, Riccardo (2020) Nuclear prompt gamma spectroscopy for range verification in ion-beam therapy. [Dissertation]

Dorsch, Stefan (2020) Measurement of isocenter accuracy and image distortion in magnetic resonance-guided radiotherapy. [Dissertation]

Dávid, Christian (2020) Motion Compensation for Free-Breathing Abdominal Diffusion-Weighted Imaging (MoCo DWI). [Dissertation]

Düll, Maximilian (2020) Gravitational closure of matter field equations General theory & symmetrization. [Dissertation]


Egl, Alexander (2020) High-Precision Laser Spectroscopy of the Fine Structure in 40Ar13+ at ALPHATRAP. [Dissertation]

Emmerich, Julian (2020) Quantitative Magnetresonanztomografie: Einfluss von Mikrostruktur auf die Bestimmung der Relaxationszeiten und der magnetischen Suszeptibilität. [Dissertation]

Esser, Johannes (2020) Physical properties of the circumnuclear cloud distribution in Active Galactic Nuclei. [Dissertation]


Froß, Patrick (2020) Electron-nuclear correlation, singly-excited Rydberg states and electron emission asymmetry in multiphoton ionization of H2. [Dissertation]


Gao, Xudong (2020) Low-mass Stellar Evolution Traced with Non-LTE Abundances. [Dissertation]

Göck, Jürgen Michael (2020) A novel approach for mid-infrared spectroscopy of large carbon systems and the nonthermal fragmentation process of diatomic anions. [Dissertation]


Hakenmüller, Janina Dorin (2020) Looking for coherent elastic neutrino nucleus scattering with the CONUS experiment. [Dissertation]

Hanke, Michael (2020) Probing the early Milky Way with stellar spectroscopy. [Dissertation]

Haydon, Daniel Thomas (2020) Visualising the Synthetic Universe. [Dissertation]

Heiße, Fabian (2020) High-precision measurement of the proton’s atomic mass. [Dissertation]

Hu, Ruomin (2020) Exploring Quadrupolar Interactions of 23Na and 35Cl with Triple-Quantum MRS/MRI. [Dissertation]

Hugle, Thomas (2020) Low-Scale New Physics in Dark Sectors. [Dissertation]

Hygate, Alexander Philip Stuart (2020) The Physics of Cloud-scale Star Formation and Feedback Across Cosmic Time. [Dissertation]

Hösl, Michaela Anna Ulrike (2020) 23Na multi-quantum coherences: from cellular spectroscopy to clinical imaging development. [Dissertation]


Jaura, Ondrej (2020) Study of radiation feedback during formation of Population III stars in primordial minihalos. [Dissertation]

Jeffreson, Sarah May Rose (2020) Giant molecular clouds under the influence of the galactic environment. [Dissertation]


Karthein, Jonas (2020) Next-Generation Mass Spectrometry of Exotic Isotopes and Isomers. [Dissertation]

Klüter, Jonas (2020) On the use of Gaia for astrometric microlensing. [Dissertation]

Kobzak, Sergei (2020) Transition from bound to single independent nucleons in strong fields. [Dissertation]

Krieger, Nico (2020) Zooming into the Blast Furnace - A close Look into the Molecular Gas in the NGC253 Starburst with ALMA. [Dissertation]


Lenz, Christian Tobias (2020) Semi-analytical Modeling of Planetesimal Formation. Implications for Planet Formation and the Solar Nebula. [Dissertation]

Linke, Philipp (2020) New stimuli-responsive substrates for the dynamic control of spatiotemporal patterns and fate of cells by physical cues. [Dissertation]

Lott, Johanna (2020) In-vivo 23Na-Magnetresonanztomographie am Herzen bei 7 Tesla. [Dissertation]


Mazzarini, Matteo (2020) A numerical investigation of the Milky Way and of the satellite tidal debris in the Galactic environment. [Dissertation]

Mein, Stewart (2020) FRoG: a fast robust analytical dose engine on GPU for p, 4He, 12C and 16O particle therapy. [Dissertation]

Molaverdikhani, Karan (2020) Characterization of Planetary Atmospheres. [Dissertation]

Musso Barcucci, Arianna (2020) The relation between discs and young companions - Observational studies. [Dissertation]

Müller, Niklas (2020) Multimodal microscopy in mid-infrared via flexible pulse shaping. [Dissertation]


Nauta, Janko (2020) An extreme-ultraviolet frequency comb enabling frequency metrology with highly charged ions. [Dissertation]


Petersen, Jens (2020) Learning Distributions of Functions on a Continuous Time Domain. [Dissertation]

Prudil, Zdenek (2020) RR Lyrae stars as tracers of substructure and Galactic archaeology. [Dissertation]


Rahmanian, Shirin (2020) Application of Fluorescent Nuclear Track Detectors for Cellular Dosimetry in Ion Beam Radiotherapy. [Dissertation]

Rau, Sascha (2020) High-precision measurement of the deuteron’s atomic mass. [Dissertation]

Reina Campos, Marta (2020) Formation and evolution of globular clusters in a cosmological context. [Dissertation]

Riener, Manuel (2020) The detailed velocity structure and distribution of 13CO emission in the Galactic plane. [Dissertation]

Rieser, Hans-Martin (2020) Cosmological and Astrophysical Tests of Constructive Gravity. [Dissertation]

Rupp, Natascha Margarita Rosa Elisabeth (2020) Radon Induced Background in the XENON1T Dark Matter Search Experiment and Studies on Xenon Purity in the HeXe System. [Dissertation]


Sailer, Simon (2020) The FlashCam camera for CTA: trigger verification and fluorescence light detection capabilities. [Dissertation]

Sampath, Archana (2020) Strong-field QED and collisional effects in electron beam-plasma interaction. [Dissertation]

Schmidt, Simon (2020) On the Quantification of Fluid Mechanical Properties by Means of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. [Dissertation]

Schüßler, Rima Xenia (2020) First High-Precision Mass Measurements at PENTATRAP on highly charged Xe and Re ions. [Dissertation]

Stark, Julian Gunnar Josef (2020) An Ultralow-Noise Superconducting Radio-Frequency Ion Trap for Frequency Metrology with Highly Charged Ions. [Dissertation]

Surajbali, Pooja (2020) Observing large-scale structures in the gamma-ray sky. [Dissertation]


Thomas, Sebastian Fritjof (2020) Quantification of brain tissue oxygenation using magnetic resonance imaging - simulation and in vivo study. [Dissertation]


Uhrig, Tanja (2020) Quantitative Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Perfusion MRI - A Phantom and in Vivo Study. [Dissertation]


Vourellis, Christos (2020) GRMHD Launching of Resistive and Dynamo Active Disks. [Dissertation]


Weygand, Joseph (2020) Autocalibration Region Extending Through Time: A Novel GRAPPA Reconstruction Algorithm to Accelerate 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging. [Dissertation]

Winner, Georg Eckhard (2020) On the Evolution and Observational Signatures of Cosmic Ray Electrons in Magnetohydrodynamical Simulations. [Dissertation]

Wolf, Steffen (2020) Machine Learning for Instance Segmentation. [Dissertation]


Zorn, Justus (2020) Cherenkov Camera and Analysis Development for Highest-Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy. [Dissertation]

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