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Items where Subject is "520 Astronomy and allied sciences"

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Abbas, Mohamad (2014) RR Lyrae stars: Substructures and the Oosterhoff dichotomy in the Halo of the Milky Way. [Dissertation]

Abreu Vicente, Jorge (2017) Molecular Cloud Structure at Galactic Scales. [Dissertation]

Ahmadi, Aida (2020) IN SEARCH OF DISKS IN HIGH-MASS STAR FORMATION. [Dissertation]

Ait Benkhali, Faical (2017) Beobachtungen Aktiver Galaktischer Kerne mit den H.E.S.S. Cherenkov-Teleskopen und dem Fermi-LAT im hochenergetischen γ-Bereich und Optimierung des Antriebssystems des HESS II Teleskops. [Dissertation]

Albertsson, Tobias (2013) Deuterium fractionation in the interstellar medium. [Dissertation]

Alfaro Cuello, Mayte (2019) The Nucleus of the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy: M54. [Dissertation]

Altobelli, Nicolas (2004) Monitoring of the Interstellar Dust Stream in the Inner Solar System Using Data of Different Spacecraft. [Dissertation]

Amaro-Seoane, Pau (2004) Dynamics of dense gas-star systems : Black holes and their precursors. [Dissertation]

Andrae, Ellen (2014) The GALEX-GAMA Survey and its Application to the Statistical Inference of the Attenuation of Starlight by Dust in Spiral Galaxies. [Dissertation]

Andrae, René (2011) Alignment of Disc Galaxies : Testing the Theory of Angular-Momentum Acquisition. [Dissertation]

Angrick, Christian (2011) On the derivation of an X-ray temperature function without reference to mass and the prediction of weak-lensing number counts from the statistics of Gaussian random fields. [Dissertation]

Anguita, Timo (2009) A combined observational and theoretical study of gravitationally lensed quasars. [Dissertation]

Apai, Daniel (2004) Exploring the Environment of Young Stars: Disks, Companions and Clusters. [Dissertation]

Arifyanto, Mochamad Ikbal (2005) Kinematics of Nearby Subdwarfs And the Luminosity Function of the Galactic Thick Disk. [Dissertation]

Arrigoni Battaia, Fabrizio (2015) Characterizing the Circumgalactic Medium in Emission. [Dissertation]

Atanasov, Dinko (2016) Precision mass measurements for studies of nucleosynthesis via the rapid neutron-capture process : penning-trap mass measurements of neutron-rich cadmium and caesium isotopes. [Dissertation]

Baczynski, Christian (2015) Numerical Modeling of Chemistry-coupled Radiative Transfer. [Dissertation]

Baehr, Hans-Paul Frederick (2019) Formation Criteria and Initial Constraints on Objects Formed in Gravitationally Unstable Disks. [Dissertation]

Banados Torres, Eduardo (2015) The discovery and characterization of the most distant quasars. [Dissertation]

Barisic, Ivana (2020) Dust Attenuation and Maintenance Mode Feedback in the 6Gyr old Universe and Now. [Dissertation]

Bauer, Andreas (2015) Reionization in the Illustris Universe and Novel Numerical Methods. [Dissertation]

Beckmann, Uwe (2008) Dynamik von Staubteilchen in Saturns E-Ring. [Dissertation]

Behera, Bagmeet (2010) Effects of EBL extinction on the VHE spectra of blazars. [Dissertation]

Bergfors, Carolina (2011) Formation of stars, substellar objects and exoplanets : Observations of multiplicity. [Dissertation]

Bernitt, Sven (2013) Resonante Anregung astrophysikalischer Röntgen-Übergänge in hochgeladenen Eisenionen mit dem Freie-Elektronen-Laser LCLS. [Dissertation]

Bertelli Motta, Clio (2018) The footprints of stellar evolution on the chemical composition of the Galactic old open cluster M67. [Dissertation]

Berton, Alessandro (2006) Detecting Extrasolar Planets using IFS-based Simultaneous Differential Imaging. [Dissertation]

Bertram, Erik (2016) The Role of Turbulence in the Process of Star Formation. [Dissertation]

Besel, Marc-André (2012) Supernova Light Echoes as a Probe to Supernova Physics and the Interstellar Medium. [Dissertation]

Bhandare, Asmita Eknath (2020) Numerical simulations of star and disc formation. [Dissertation]

Bianchini, Paolo (2016) The internal kinematics of globular clusters. An intimate view, from models to observations. [Dissertation]

Bigiel, Frank (2008) The Spatially Resolved Star Formation Law In Nearby Galaxies. [Dissertation]

Bihr, Simon (2016) Molecular Cloud Formation out of the Atomic Phase. [Dissertation]

Birkmann, Stephan M. (2007) Frühe Phasen der massereichen Sternentstehung. [Dissertation]

Birnstiel, Tilman (2010) The Evolution of Gas and Dust in Protoplanetary Accretion Disks. [Dissertation]

Bocchi, Matteo (2009) Magnetohydrodynamic instabilities of astrophysical jets. [Dissertation]

Boley, Paul Andrew (2013) High-resolution studies of circumstellar material around massive young stellar objects. [Dissertation]

Borch, Andrea (2004) Evolution of the Stellar Mass Density of Galaxies Since Redshift 1.0. [Dissertation]

Boudreault, Steve (2008) The formation of brown dwarfs as revealed by the mass function of IC2391. [Dissertation]

Brady, Emer (2016) Radio Sources in the COSMOS Field: Star Forming Properties of High Luminosity Radio Sources. [Dissertation]

Brauer, Frithjof (2008) Dust particle growth in protoplanetary disks. [Dissertation]

Brems, Stefan Sebastian (2019) Stellar Imaging and Spectroscopy for the Discovery of Extrasolar Planets. [Dissertation]

Brinkmann, Steffen (2009) On the numerical simulation of advection dominated accretion flows. [Dissertation]

Britsch, Markward (2006) Gravitational instability and fragmentation of self-gravitating accretion disks. [Dissertation]

Buck, Tobias (2018) On the formation of the Milky Way system in cosmological context - A numerical study. [Dissertation]

Buder, Sven (2019) Spectroscopic Analysis and Chemodynamic Exploration of the Milky Way with Million-Star Surveys. [Dissertation]

Burtscher, Leonard (2011) Mid-infrared interferometry of AGN cores. [Dissertation]

Bustamante Jaramillo, Sebastian (2019) Modelling supermassive black hole spins and the metallicity evolution of merging galaxies in a cosmological context. [Dissertation]

Büchler de Matos Costa Paccetti Correia, Joana (2004) Development of a new Infrared Pyramid Wavefront Sensor. [Dissertation]

Büdenbender, Alex Frank Werner (2015) Enlighten the dark in the Milky Way with dynamical models. [Dissertation]

CARMONA GONZALEZ, Andres (2007) Observational studies of gas in protoplanetary disks. [Dissertation]

Cacciato, Marcello (2009) Galaxy-Dark Matter Connection : from Astrophysics to Cosmology. [Dissertation]

Caldu Primo, Anahi (2015) Molecular Gas Velocity Dispersion in Nearby Galaxies. [Dissertation]

Capranico, Federica (2013) Statistics of Intrinsic alignments and Weak Lensing. [Dissertation]

Carrasco, Mauricio (2014) Mass distribution in galaxy clusters: strong lensing and dynamical mass analysis. [Dissertation]

Chang, Yu-Yen (2013) Galaxy Shapes through Cosmic Time : Intrinsic Structure of Early-type Galaxies at High Redshift. [Dissertation]

Chaves, Ryan Carlos Goncalves (2011) The extended H.E.S.S. Galactic Plane Survey : Discovering and identifying new sources of VHE gamma-rays. [Dissertation]

Chen, Xuepeng (2008) High angular resolution observations of binary protostars. [Dissertation]

Chira, Roxana-Adela (2018) On Filaments in Molecular Clouds and their Connection to Star Formation. [Dissertation]

Ciceri, Simona (2016) Characterizing Transiting Extrasolar Planets. [Dissertation]

Cielo, Salvatore (2015) Numerical Models of AGN Jet Feedback. [Dissertation]

Cisternas, Mauricio (2011) Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes Evolving in a Secular Universe. [Dissertation]

Cologna, Gabriele (2016) TeV observations of hard spectrum active galactic nuclei with HESS-I and HESS-II. [Dissertation]

Colombo, Dario (2013) Gas organization in M51 - The impact of spiral arm dynamics on Giant Molecular Cloud properties. [Dissertation]

Crnojevic, Denija (2010) Resolved stellar populations of dwarf galaxies in the Centaurus A/M83 group. [Dissertation]

D'Isanto, Antonio (2019) Probabilistic photometric redshift estimation in massive digital sky surveys via machine learning. [Dissertation]

Da Rio, Nicola (2010) An Optical Study of Young Stellar Clusters. [Dissertation]

Deil, Christoph (2011) HESS and Fermi Surveys of the Galactic Gamma-ray Source Population. [Dissertation]

Dib, Sami (2005) Turbulence and structure formation in the interstellar medium. [Dissertation]

Dittkrist, Kai-Martin (2016) Aspects of planet formation - a model of migration and SADFACE: a 1-dimensional vertically integrated disk model for planet population synthesis calculations. [Dissertation]

Dittrich, Karsten (2013) Numerical Simulations of Planetesimal Formation in Protoplanetary Disks. [Dissertation]

Donath, Axel (2019) The Galactic Gamma-Ray Source Population between 10 GeV and 50 TeV. [Dissertation]

Dopcke, Gustavo (2013) On the physics of the low metallicity IMF. [Dissertation]

Downing, Jonathan Michael Blake (2009) Compact Binary Populations in Globular Clusters and Prospects for Gravitational Wave Detection. [Dissertation]

Drazkowska, Joanna (2014) From Dust to Planetesimals. [Dissertation]

Egner, Sebastian E. (2006) Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics for LINC-NIRVANA : Laboratory Tests of a Ground-Layer Adaptive Optics System and Virtical Turbulence Measurements at Mt. Graham. [Dissertation]

Eilers, Anna-Christina (2019) Unravelling 13 Billion Years of Cosmic History with Spectroscopic Studies: From the Milky Way to the Epoch of Reionization. [Dissertation]

Emmanoulopoulos, Dimitrios (2007) Nonlinear Time Series Analysis of BL Lac Light Curves. [Dissertation]

Ernst, Andreas (2009) Dissolution of Star Clusters in the Galaxy and its Center. [Dissertation]

Esquivel, Oscar (2008) Aspects of wave mechanics of gravitating systems. [Dissertation]

Esser, Johannes (2020) Physical properties of the circumnuclear cloud distribution in Active Galactic Nuclei. [Dissertation]

Fabris, Agnese (2016) Light and shadow on gravitational flexion measurements. [Dissertation]

Fallscheer, Cassandra (2010) Massive Star Formation : the Role of Disks. [Dissertation]

Falter, Siegfried (2006) Searching for Distant Galaxy Clusters : Optical Observations, Cluster Search Algorithms and the Cluster Selection Function. [Dissertation]

Fang, Min (2011) The Disks and Accretion Behavior of Young Stellar Objects. [Dissertation]

Fedeli, Cosimo (2007) On Strong Lensing by Galaxy Clusters. [Dissertation]

Federrath, Christoph (2010) The formation of molecular clouds and stars by turbulent compression and collapse. [Dissertation]

Feng, Fabo (2015) Investigations into the impact of astronomical phenomena on the terrestrial biosphere and climate. [Dissertation]

Feng, Siyi (2015) Chemical Substructure of High Mass Star Forming Regions. [Dissertation]

Fohlmeister, Janine (2008) Light Deflection and Absorption of high-redshift Quasars by intervening Galaxy Systems. [Dissertation]

Follert, Roman (2011) The atmospheric piston simulator for LINC-NIRVANA and Interferometric observations of massive young stellar objects. [Dissertation]

Foyle, Kelly (2010) Spiral Arms and their Effects on Secular Evolution and Star Formation in Disk Galaxies. [Dissertation]

Franco Rico, Isabel (2011) The origin of low-mass early-type galaxies : A combined view from stellar populations and N-body simulations. [Dissertation]

Frank, Matthias Johannes (2012) Observational Dynamics of Low-Mass Stellar Systems - The Mass Content of Ultra-Compact Dwarf Galaxies and Diffuse Globular Clusters. [Dissertation]

Frings, Jonas (2018) Structure and evolution of simulated dwarf galaxies and Milky Way satellites in Cold and Warm dark matter models. [Dissertation]

Gaibler, Volker (2008) Very Light Extragalactic Jets with Magnetic Fields. [Dissertation]

Gamgami, Farid (2007) Stabilitätsverhalten massereicher Population-III-Sterne. [Dissertation]

Gao, Shuang (2011) Empirical Models of the Milky Way at the North Galactic Pole based on SDSS Photometric Data. [Dissertation]

Gao, Xudong (2020) Low-mass Stellar Evolution Traced with Non-LTE Abundances. [Dissertation]

Garcia Vergara, Cristina (2016) Quasar Environments at z ~ 4. [Dissertation]

Garrido Goicovic, Felipe (2017) Infalling clouds onto supermassive black hole binaries. [Dissertation]

Geißler, Kerstin (2009) The environment of near-by stars : low-mass companions and discs. [Dissertation]

Gelsin, Alexander (2015) Galaxy Cluster Detection using Optimal Matched Filtering in Optical Bands. [Dissertation]

Gennaro, Mario (2011) Massive clusters revealed in the near infrared : Constraining the early stages of stellar evolution. [Dissertation]

Germeroth, André (2014) Wissenschaftliche Integration des Kamera-Spektrographen LUCI und Galaxienhaufenumgebungen um aktive Galaxienkerne. [Dissertation]

Gerner, Thomas (2014) Chemical characterization of the early evolutionary phases of high-mass star-forming regions. [Dissertation]

Giacchè, Simone (2016) Electron and positron acceleration at pulsar wind termination shocks. [Dissertation]

Girichidis, Philipp (2012) Importance of the initial conditions for star formation. [Dissertation]

Glaschke, Patrick (2006) Studying the Formation of Protoplanets : A new Hybrid Code for Planetesimal Dynamics. [Dissertation]

Golombek, Irina (2008) Numerical Simulations of Magnetic Fields and Cosmic Rays in Galaxy Clusters. [Dissertation]

Golubov, Oleksiy (2012) Modelling the Milky Way Disc. [Dissertation]

González López, Jorge (2015) Investigating the Interstellar Medium Conditions of Star Formation in High Redshift Galaxies by studying Dust Emission and Emission lines. [Dissertation]

Grassi, Alessandra (2013) Baryon acoustic oscillations and primordial non-Gaussianities with weak lensing. [Dissertation]

Greif, Thomas H. (2009) The Formation of the First Galaxies. [Dissertation]

Grootes, Meiert Willem (2013) The Evolution of Spiral Galaxies in the Group Environment. [Dissertation]

Gutcke, Thales Nion Ada (2018) The quenching of star formation in galaxies. [Dissertation]

Haan, Sebastian (2008) Feeding Black Holes : Gas Dynamics from the Outer Disk to the Very Nucleus in AGN Galaxies. [Dissertation]

Hahn, Joachim (2014) Supernova Remnants with H.E.S.S.: Systematic Analysis and Population Synthesis. [Dissertation]

Hajdu, Gergely (2019) Stucture of the obscured Galactic disk with pulsating variables. [Dissertation]

Hanson, Richard James (2017) Mapping 3D Extinction and Structures in the Milky Way. [Dissertation]

Hansson, Karl Simon Alexander (2012) The dependence of present-day galaxy properties on environment and mass. [Dissertation]

Haschke, Raoul (2012) Structure, Abundances, and Reddening of the Magellanic Clouds from its Variable Stars. [Dissertation]

Hauser, Marcus (2011) The Automatic Telescope for Optical Monitoring. [Dissertation]

Haydon, Daniel Thomas (2020) Visualising the Synthetic Universe. [Dissertation]

Hegde, Siddharth (2015) Remote Detection of Life in Extreme Exoplanetary Environments. [Dissertation]

Heinzeller, Dominikus (2008) Black hole accretion disks : sources of viscosity and signatures of super-Eddington accretion. [Dissertation]

Hempel, Matthias (2010) Hot and Dense Matter in Compact Stars - From Nuclei to Quarks. [Dissertation]

Hendricks, Benjamin Thomas (2015) Reading the Chemical Evolution of Stellar Populations in Dwarf Galaxies. [Dissertation]

Henke, Stephan-Markus (2013) Modellierung der thermischen Entwicklung von Asteroiden unter Berücksichtigung geochronologischer Daten aus Meteoriten. [Dissertation]

Hennemann, Martin (2008) Multiwavelength observations of massive star-forming regions selected in the far-infrared. [Dissertation]

Herbst, Ulrich (2009) Über die AGB-Entwicklung metallfreier und extrem metallarmer Sterne mittlerer Masse. [Dissertation]

Hernitschek, Nina (2017) Astrophysical Modeling of Time-Domain Surveys. [Dissertation]

Herpich, Jakob (2017) On the Physical Origin of Radial Surface Density Profiles in Disk Galaxies. [Dissertation]

Hillert, Andreas (2014) GRASP - Development of an event reconstruction method using a Gamma Ray Air Shower Parameterisation and application to gamma-ray sources with H.E.S.S. [Dissertation]

Hiß, Hector (2019) Measuring the Thermal State of the Intergalactic Medium. [Dissertation]

Hnatic, Slavomir (2007) Very High Energy Radiation From Binary System PSR B1259-63/SS 2883. [Dissertation]

Hoecker, Maximilian (2016) Clustering von großen hochdimensionalen und unsicheren Datensätzen in der Astronomie. [Dissertation]

Holmes, Rory (2012) The Near-Infrared Imaging Channel for the Euclid Dark Energy Mission : Development of Critical Opto-Mechanical Components and an Instrument Calibration Concept. [Dissertation]

Horst, Hannes (2007) The Mid-Infrared - hard X-ray correlation in Active Galactic Nuclei. [Dissertation]

Hygate, Alexander Philip Stuart (2020) The Physics of Cloud-scale Star Formation and Feedback Across Cosmic Time. [Dissertation]

Häußler, Boris (2006) Galaxy Evolution in the last 9 Billion Years. [Dissertation]

Ibanez-Mejia, Juan Camilo (2016) Formation and Evolution of Molecular Clouds in a Turbulent Interstellar Medium. [Dissertation]

Jacob, Svenja (2018) Cosmic ray feedback in galaxy formation and a numerical model for turbulence. [Dissertation]

Janson, Markus (2008) Direct imaging searches for substellar companions to nearby stars. [Dissertation]

Janz, Joachim (2012) The puzzling nature of dwarf-sized gas poor disk galaxies. [Dissertation]

Jardin-Blicq, Armelle (2019) The TeV γ-ray emission of the Galactic Plane. HAWC and H.E.S.S. observations of the Galactic Plane and detailed study of the region surrounding 2HWC J1928+177. [Dissertation]

Jaura, Ondrej (2020) Study of radiation feedback during formation of Population III stars in primordial minihalos. [Dissertation]

Jesseit, Roland (2004) The Orbital Structure of Galaxies and Dark Matter Halos in N-Body Simulations. [Dissertation]

Jimenez Donaire, Maria Jesus (2017) Dense Gas and the Insterstellar Medium in Nearby Galaxies: the interplay between dense gas and the galactic environment. [Dissertation]

Johansen, Anders (2007) Numerical models of the early stages of planet formation. [Dissertation]

Joshi, Vikas (2019) Reconstruction and Analysis of Highest Energy γ-Rays and its Application to Pulsar Wind Nebulae. [Dissertation]

Jäger, Mathias (2013) Evolution of galaxies studied by the COMBO-17+4 survey. [Dissertation]

Kacharov, Nikolay M. (2015) Chemical abundances and kinematic properties of Galactic globular clusters. [Dissertation]

Kalinova Dimitrova, Veselina (2014) Mass Distributions of Galaxies from SAURON and CALIFA Stellar Kinematic Maps. [Dissertation]

Kaliwoda, Hans Gunter (2008) Chemische Entwicklung metallarmer Objekte während der protostellaren Phase. [Dissertation]

Kaminski, Adrian (2013) The Search for Extrasolar Planets by the Means of High Precision Astrometry with the Dual-Feed Interferometer PRIMA. [Dissertation]

Kannan, Rahul Vasudev Nair (2014) Hydrodynamic simulations of galaxy formation in a cosmological context. [Dissertation]

Kapala, Maria Julia (2015) A Herschel Space Observatory View of the Andromeda Galaxy. [Dissertation]

Karim, Alexander (2011) Star Formation in the COSMOS Field : A radio view on the build-up of stellar mass over 12 billion years. [Dissertation]

Katsoulakos, Grigorios (2019) Nonthermal Processes Near Supermassive Black Holes. [Dissertation]

Keil, Bernhard Wolfram (2009) Astro-GRIPS, the General Relativistic Implicit Parallel Solver for Astrophysical Fluid Flows. [Dissertation]

Khan, Fazeel Mahmood (2012) Dynamics and Evolution of Supermassive Black Holes in Merging Galaxies. [Dissertation]

Khawaja, Nozair Ashraf (2017) Organic compounds in Saturn's E-ring and its compositional profile in the vicinity of Rhea. [Dissertation]

Khrykin, Ilya Sergeevich (2016) Understanding the Sources of He II Reionization. [Dissertation]

King, Johannes (2018) Hochenergetische Gammastrahlung aus dem Galaktischen Zentrum. [Dissertation]

Klein, Fabian (2018) Simulations of an accretion disk surrounding a supermassive black hole and its interaction with a nuclear star cluster. [Dissertation]

Klement, Rainer Johannes (2008) Stellar Phase-Space Structure and Dynamics in the Solar Neighborhood. [Dissertation]

Knežević, Sladjana (2014) An Integral View of Shocks. [Dissertation]

Konstandin, Lukas (2014) Understanding the statistical properties of supersonic turbulence in hydrodynamical simulations. [Dissertation]

Koposov, Sergey (2009) Understanding the Milky Way Halo through Large Surveys. [Dissertation]

Kopytova, Taisiya G. (2016) Characterization of stellar and sub-stellar atmospheres. [Dissertation]

Kovalev, Mikhail (2019) NLTE analysis of the Gaia-ESO spectroscopic survey. [Dissertation]

Kovács, Zoltán (2005) Test of the Infrared Wide-Field Camera OMEGA2000 and its Application for an Extragalactic Survey. [Dissertation]

Krieger, Nico (2020) Zooming into the Blast Furnace - A close Look into the Molecular Gas in the NGC253 Starburst with ALMA. [Dissertation]

Kudryavtseva, Natalia Sergeevna (2012) Micro-arcsecond astrometry of exoplanet host stars and starburst clusters. [Dissertation]

Kuiper, Rolf Gerd (2009) Modeling the formation of massive stars. [Dissertation]

Könnig, Frank (2017) Cosmological Viability of Theories with Massive Spin-2 Fields. [Dissertation]

Kügler, Sven Dennis (2015) On the application of machine learning approaches in astronomy: Exploring novel representations of high-dimensional and complex astronomical data. [Dissertation]

Külebi, Baybars (2010) Constraints on the Origins of Magnetic White Dwarfs. [Dissertation]

Lamm, Markus (2003) Angular Momentum Evolution of Young Stars. [Dissertation]

Lefa, Eva (2003) Non-thermal Radiation Processes in Relativistic Outflows from AGN. [Dissertation]

Leier, Dominik (2011) On the Distribution of Luminous and Dark Matter in Strong Lensing Galaxies. [Dissertation]

Leslie, Sarah Katherine (2019) The cosmic evolution of star-forming galaxies. [Dissertation]

Leung, Ying Chi (2019) Constraining the nature of dark matter in galaxies with multi-tracer dynamical models. [Dissertation]

Lianou, Sofia (2011) The interacting M81 group of galaxies. [Dissertation]

Lieder, Stefan (2014) Fossil Groups in the course of Galaxy Evolution. [Dissertation]

Lippok, Nils (2014) Earliest Phases of Star Formation - Physical and Chemical Properties of Prestellar Cores. [Dissertation]

Littek, Carsten (2018) Kinetic Field Theory: Momentum-Density Correlations and Fuzzy Dark Matter. [Dissertation]

Liu, Lei (2013) A Multi-Phase Chemodynamic Galaxy Formation Model. [Dissertation]

Liu, Ruoyu (2015) Constraining sources of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays and shear acceleration mechanism of particles in relativistic jets. [Dissertation]

Lobo Gomes, Aiara (2015) Planet-disk interactions in non-isothermal disks. [Dissertation]

Lu, Chia-Chun (2013) An advanced direction reconstruction technique and application to the observation with H.E.S.S. [Dissertation]

Ludwig, Johannes (2014) A Survey of Dwarfs and Tidal Debris around Nearby Massive Galaxies – Deep Imaging with Medium-Sized Telescopes. [Dissertation]

Läsker, Ronald (2013) Supermassive Black Holes and their Host Galaxies - Fundamental Scaling Relations. [Dissertation]

Lüttjohann, Ekaterina (2011) Chemische und mineralogische Entwicklung Protoplanetarer Scheiben. [Dissertation]

Machado de Pinho, Ana Marta (2020) Assessing deviations to the ΛCDM model: the importance of model-independent approaches. [Dissertation]

Maintz, Monika (2003) Be binary stars with hot, compact companions. [Dissertation]

Majer, Charles Ludwig (2014) Joint reconstruction of the mass distributions of galaxy clusters from gravitational lensing and thermal gas. [Dissertation]

Malygin, Mykola G. (2016) Gas Opacity in Planet and Star Formation. [Dissertation]

Maneschg, Werner (2011) Low-energy solar neutrino spectroscopy with Borexino : Towards the detection of the solar pep and CNO neutrino flux. [Dissertation]

Manger, Natascha (2019) High Resolution Simulations of Structure Formation in Turbulent Protoplanetary Disks: A Case Study of the Vertical Shear Instability. [Dissertation]

Manjavacas, Elena (2015) Physical Characterization of Brown Dwarfs. [Dissertation]

Marleau, Gabriel-Dominique (2016) The post-formation entropy of gas giants: Radiative properties of the accretion shock and constraints from observations. [Dissertation]

Maseda, Michael Vincent (2015) Starbursting Dwarf Galaxies at z > 1 : a near-infrared spectroscopic study. [Dissertation]

Mazzucchelli, Chiara (2018) The Physical Properties and Cosmic Environments of Quasars in the First Gyr of the Universe. [Dissertation]

Melchior, Peter (2010) Shapelets for gravitational lensing and galaxy morphology studies. [Dissertation]

Merten, Julian (2010) Gravitational lensing : an advanced method to recover the mass distribution of galaxy clusters. [Dissertation]

Metanomski, Agnès D.F. (1998) Optical study of F, G and K stars in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey. [Dissertation]

Meyer, Eva (2010) High Precision Astrometry with Adaptive Optics aided Imaging. [Dissertation]

Meyer, Hagen Thilo (2012) The progenitors of early-type dwarf galaxies in the Virgo cluster. [Dissertation]

Meyer, Sven (2015) Evolution of linear perturbations in Lemaître-Tolman-Bondi models and effects on light propagation. [Dissertation]

Michel, Aron (2019) Modeling of Silicon Burning during late stages of Stellar Evolution. [Dissertation]

Mignone, Claudia (2009) Model-Independent Reconstruction of the Expansion Rate of the Universe Through Combination of Different Cosmological Probes. [Dissertation]

Mitchell, Alison Mairi Wallace (2016) Optical Efficiency Calibration for Inhomogeneous IACT Arrays and a Detailed Study of the Highly Extended Pulsar Wind Nebula HESS J1825-137. [Dissertation]

Mochol, Iwona (2012) Nonlinear waves in Poynting-flux dominated outflows. [Dissertation]

Moetazedian, Reza (2016) Impact of cosmological satellite galaxies on the dynamics of the Milky Way disc. [Dissertation]

Mohler-Fischer, Maren (2013) Search for extrasolar planets around young stars in the presence of stellar activity. [Dissertation]

Molaverdikhani, Karan (2020) Characterization of Planetary Atmospheres. [Dissertation]

Molina Hernandez, Faviola Zuhé (2013) Statistical Analysis of Simulated Molecular Clouds. [Dissertation]

Mollière, Paul Maurice (2017) Modeling of Exoplanet Atmospheres. [Dissertation]

Morales, Gustavo (2018) Stellar Tidal Streams as Cosmological Diagnostics: Comparing data and simulations at low galactic scales. [Dissertation]

More, Surhud Shrikant (2009) Galaxy-Dark Matter Connection : Insights from Satellite Kinematics. [Dissertation]

Moster, Benjamin Philipp (2010) Hydrodynamic Simulations of Cosmological Galaxy Merger Trees. [Dissertation]

Moyano D'Angelo, Maximiliano Leonardo (2011) A search for transiting extrasolar planets with the LAIWO instrument. [Dissertation]

Müller, Andreas (2004) Black Hole Astrophysics : Magnetohydrodynamics on the Kerr Geometry. [Dissertation]

Müller, André (2012) Characterization of Herbig Ae/Be stars and PRIMA FSU-A as a fringe tracker for MIDI. [Dissertation]

Nardin, Alberto (2015) On the Stäckel potential approximation in the extended solar neighbourhood. [Dissertation]

Natale, Giovanni (2010) Dust emission and star formation in the Stephan's Quintet compact group of galaxies. [Dissertation]

Neumayer, Nadine (2006) The nucleus of Centaurus A. [Dissertation]

Nicol, Marie-Hélène (2009) Investigation of the stellar population in galaxies since z=2 by NIR photometry. [Dissertation]

Nikolov, Nikolay Krasimirov (2011) A Photometric Study of Transiting Extrasolar Planets. [Dissertation]

O'Sullivan, Jamie (2009) Molecular Cooling and Emissions in Large Scale Simulations of Protostellar Jets. [Dissertation]

Ohlmann, Sebastian Thomas (2016) Hydrodynamics of the Common Envelope Phase in Binary Stellar Evolution. [Dissertation]

Ordenes Briceño, Yasna (2018) Unveiling the Architecture of the Fornax Galaxy Cluster with its Different Stellar Systems. [Dissertation]

Ortiz Álvarez, Mauricio (2017) Planets around giant stars: Two close-in transiting planets and one S-type planet in an eccentric binary system. [Dissertation]

Panamarev, Taras (2019) Dynamical interaction of supermassive black holes with the surrounding stellar system. [Dissertation]

Pang, Xiaoying (2012) A comprehensive study of the young star cluster HD 97950 in NGC 3603. [Dissertation]

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