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Items where Subject is "580 Botanical sciences"

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Reuscher, Stefan (2012) Functional characterization of the Arabidopsis thaliana gene Cysteine Three Histidine 2. [Dissertation]

Ahmad, Nisar (2013) Impact of drought stress on the sulfur assimilation pathway in Zea mays. [Dissertation]

Betzin, Anja (2015) The Laurel Forest: An Example for Biodiversity Hotspots threatened by Human Impact and Global Change. [Dissertation]

Brugman, Rik (2020) Quantification of calcium signatures in roots of Arabidopsis thaliana. [Dissertation]

Denninger, Philipp (2018) Timing of polar protein accumulation and signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana. [Dissertation]

Ding, Liza Paola (2016) The Evolutionary Dynamics of Genes and Genomes: Copy Number Variation of the Chalcone Synthase Gene in the Context of Brassicaceae Evolution. [Dissertation]

Fischer, Tobias (2018) Klima- und Vegetationsdynamik während des Marinen Isotopenstadiums 19 in Tenaghi Philippon (nordöstliches Griechenland). [Dissertation]

Golfier, Philippe Michael (2018) Transcriptional regulation of secondary cell wall biosynthesis in Miscanthus sinensis. [Dissertation]

Gromes, Roland (2007) Post-translational regulation and evolution of plant gamma-glutamate cysteine ligase. [Dissertation]

Jordon-Thaden, Ingrid (2009) Species and Genetic Diversity of Draba : Phylogeny and Phylogeography. [Dissertation]

Mau, Martin (2013) Identification, molecular analysis and phylogeographic distribution of the chimeric UPGRADE-2 gene, a candidate for the initiation of unreduced pollen formation in apomictic Boechera (Brassicaceae). [Dissertation]

Merz, Patrick Roman (2014) Die Untersuchung der Erkennung von Plasmopara viticola durch VRP1 Rezeptoren und der Regulation der Pathogenabwehr durch die Transkriptionsfaktoren VvWRKY33 und VvERF5 in der Weinrebe (Vitis sp.). [Dissertation]

Miotk, Andrej Peter (2015) Das WUSCHEL abhängige transkriptionelle Netzwerk und der molekulare Regulationsmechanismus in der pflanzlichen Stammzellkontrolle. [Dissertation]

Niemes, Silke (2009) Funktionelle Charakterisierung des Retromer-vermittelten Proteintransports in Pflanzen. [Dissertation]

Oliva, Michele (2013) Identification and functional characterization of novel genes contributing to iron homeostasis of Arabidopsis thaliana. [Dissertation]

Pellino, Marco (2015) Gene expression analysis and transcriptome evolution in apomicts: a case study in Boechera and Ranunculus. [Dissertation]

Schmickl, Roswitha Elisabeth (2009) Reticulate evolution in glacial refuge areas : the genus Arabidopsis in the eastern Austrian Danube Valley (Wachau). [Dissertation]

Schmidt, Vanessa Aphaia Fiona (2022) Polarization of a small GTPase at the plasma membrane of the root hair initiation domain. [Dissertation]

Schürholz, Anne-Kathrin (2019) Spatio-temporal control of cell wall propterties and signalling networks in Arabidopsis meristems. [Dissertation]

Schüßler, Christina (2020) No Tertiary relicts? A biogeographical study on the Macaronesian laurel forest species in Daucus (Apiaceae), Geranium (Geraniaceae), Gesnouinia (Urticaceae), Phyllis (Rubiaceae), Semele (Asparagaceae) and Visnea (Pentaphylacaceae). [Dissertation]

Stratmann, Rolf (2007) Pektin Methylesterasen (PMEs) und PME- Inhibitor (PMEI)-verwandte Proteine im Maispollen : Genexpression, subzelluläre Lokalisation und funktionelle Charakterisierung. [Dissertation]

Tonn, Nina (2021) SUPPRESSOR OF MAX2 1-LIKE3 (SMXL3), SMXL4 and SMXL5 establish post-embryonic phloem development in Arabidopsis thaliana. [Dissertation]

Walden, John Brevoort (2020) Unraveling the mysteries of the plant cell wall: A characterization of three novel proteins related to cell wall signaling. [Dissertation]

Wallner, Eva-Sophie (2018) Early events in phloem formation: Exploring the molecular network of SMXL3/4/5. [Dissertation]

Yang, Yingxue (2018) Post-translational regulation of redox-sensitive glutamylcysteine ligase (GCL) - revisited. [Dissertation]

Yu, Xiulian (2017) The role of dorsoventral cell type boundaries in controlling Arabidopsis leaf development. [Dissertation]

Zhang, Wan (2020) Regulatory functions of two R2R3-MYB transcriptional repressors in Miscanthus phenylpropanoid pathway: Impact on the lignification process. [Dissertation]

Master's thesis

Offermann, Michael (2013) Peradeniya, Pflanzer und die Presse. Die Zusammenarbeit der botanischen Gärten und der Pflanzer bei der Bekämpfung des Kaffeerosts auf Ceylon Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts. [Master's thesis]


Huang, Li-Jun ; Li, Ning ; Thurow, Corinna ; Wirtz, Markus ; Hell, Rüdiger ; Gatz, Christiane (2016) Ectopically expressed glutaredoxin ROXY19 negatively regulates the detoxification pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana. BMC Plant Biology, 16 (200). pp. 1-12. ISSN 1471-2229

Lopez, Lua ; Barreiro, Rodolfo ; Fischer, Markus ; Koch, Marcus A. (2015) Mining microsatellite markers from public expressed sequence tags databases for the study of threatened plants. BMC Genomics, 16 (781). pp. 1-14. ISSN 1471-2164

Mondragón-Palomino, Mariana ; Hiese, Luisa ; Härter, Andrea ; Koch, Marcus A ; Theißen, Günter (2009) Positive selection and ancient duplications in the evolution of class B floral homeotic genes of orchids and grasses. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 9 (81). pp. 1-26. ISSN 1471-2148


Franzke, Andreas (2011) Bionik-Ausstellung : „Was die Technik von Pflanzen lernen kann – Bionik in Botanischen Gärten“. [Audio]

Koch, Marcus (2009) Botanischer Garten: die lebende Bibliothek : sein Direktor Marcus Koch im Interview. [Audio]

Lohmann, Jan (2010) „Wuschel-Gen“ : Stammzellen von Pflanzen können alle Organe und Zelltypen immer wieder neu bilden. [Audio]


Eitel, Bernhard ; Koch, Marcus (2015) 100 Jahre Botanischer Garten in Heidelberg. [Video]

Koch, Marcus (2011) Bionik im Botanischen Garten der Uni Heidelberg : eine Ausstellung zeigt, was die Technik von der Natur lernen kann. [Video]

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