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Items where Subject is "600 Technology (Applied sciences)"

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Aeschbach-Hertig, Werner (2014) SODIS - Sauberes Trinkwasser für alle. [Audio]

Altenstein, Georg (2014) A Novel Collimator Concept for Fast Rotational IMRT. [Dissertation]

Armbruster, Tim (2013) SPADIC - a Self-Triggered Detector Readout ASIC with Multi-Channel Amplification and Digitization. [Dissertation]


Bartzsch, Stefan (2014) Microbeam Radiation Therapy – physical and biological aspects of a new cancer therapy and development of a treatment planning system. [Dissertation]

Beckedahl, Markus (2014) Die digitale Gesellschaft - Netzpolitik, Bürgerrechte und die Machtfrage. [Video]

Behl, Nicolas Gerhard Roland (2015) Ein neuer Compressed-Sensing-basierter Rekonstruktionsalgorithmus mit einem angepassten Lexikon für die 23Na-Magnetresonanztomographie. [Dissertation]

Bernardo Faura, Marti (2013) Emerging properties of signaling networks in cancer: a data-derived modeling approach. [Dissertation]

Best, Gerrit (2014) Entwicklung eines hochauflösenden Ophthalmoskops mit strukturierter Beleuchtung und Beiträge zur Verbesserung der zugrundeliegenden Mikroskopiemethode. [Dissertation]

Bochterle, Jörg (2013) Nanoantennenverstärkte Infrarotspektroskopie von Molekülen. [Dissertation]

Breithaupt, Mathies (2015) On Simulations of Spin Interactions Applied for the Volumetric T1 Quantification by in vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging at Ultra High Field. [Dissertation]




Domsch, Sebastian (2013) Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging at High Spatiotemporal Resolution using EPI Combined with Different k-Space Undersampling Techniques at 3 Tesla. [Dissertation]

Duan, Huiying (2015) Trust Building and Managing in Service-oriented Environment. [Dissertation]

Dudaš, Dorotea (2013) Vortex Extraction Of Vector Fields. [Dissertation]


Esparza García, José Domingo (2015) 3D Reconstruction for Optimal Representation of Surroundings in Automotive HMIs, Based on Fisheye Multi-Camera Systems. [Dissertation]


Friedmann, Simon (2013) A New Approach to Learning in Neuromorphic Hardware. [Dissertation]

Fuchs, Monica Andrea (2014) Anwendung von Komplexen mit N2O2-Chelaten auf Cyanoacrylat- und Malonat-Basis in der katalytischen Synthese organischer Carbonate aus Epoxiden und CO2. [Dissertation]

Fuhrmeister, Jessica (2016) The role of hepatic Growth Arrest and DNA Damage-inducible 45 beta (GADD45β) in adaptive metabolic control. [Dissertation]


Ganzinger, Matthias (2015) Datenintegration in biomedizinischen Forschungsverbünden auf Basis von serviceorientierten Architekturen. [Dissertation]

Gnahm, Christine (2014) Entwicklung eines iterativen Rekonstruktionsalgorithmus mit Einbeziehung anatomischen Vorwissens für die 23Na-Magnetresonanztomographie. [Dissertation]

Görke, Steffen (2015) Einfluss von Entfaltung und Aggregation auf den 1H-Magnetisierungstransfer zwischen Proteinen und freiem Wasser. [Dissertation]


Hartmann, Bernadette (2013) A Novel Approach to Ion Spectroscopy of Therapeutic Ion Beams Using a Pixelated Semiconductor Detector. [Dissertation]

Henrich, Matthias Benjamin (2014) The Potential of Semiconductor Lasers for STED Nanoscopy. [Dissertation]

Herten, Dirk-Peter (2014) Neue Mikroskopiemethoden im Kampf gegen HIV. [Video]

Hock, Matthias (2014) Modern Semiconductor Technologies for Neuromorphic Hardware. [Dissertation]

Hofmann, Tobias Wolfgang (2013) Applying microdroplets as label-free sensors for reactions inside the droplets. [Dissertation]

Höfler, Daniela (2013) HPV16 RNA patterns as diagnostic marker for cervical cancer precursor lesions: Validation by newly developed high-throughput RT-qPCR. [Dissertation]


Janiesch, Jan-Willi (2015) Development of Droplet-Based Microfluidics for Synthetic Biology Applications. [Dissertation]


Kannengießer, Stefanie (2013) Optimization of the Synthesis of Ac-225-labelled DOTA-Radioimmunoconjugates for Targeted Alpha Therapy, based on Investigations on the Complexation of Trivalent Actinides by DOTA. [Dissertation]

Kienle, Eike Christoph (2014) Secrets to finding the ideal mate: New insights into parameters that govern successful Adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector evolution. [Dissertation]

Klein, Katharina (2012) Untersuchung von Adhäsionscharakteristika mittels physikalischer Messungen zur Selektion von Tumorzellen. [Dissertation]

Korzowski, Andreas (2015) Echo-planare 31P-NMR-spektroskopische Bildgebung in vivo bei 7T. [Dissertation]

Kraus, Kim Melanie (2014) Dose Delivery Study for a Novel Compact Proton Accelerator. [Dissertation]

Krämer, Philipp (2014) Entwicklung von Methoden zur schnellen 3D Messung der T1- und T2- Relaxationszeiten in-vivo mit Steady-State Bildgebung bei 3 Tesla. [Dissertation]

Kröger, Thorben (2014) Learning-based Segmentation for Connectomics. [Dissertation] (Unpublished)


Lopez Perez, Ramon (2015) Doppelstrangbruch-Induktion und DNA-Schadensantwort nach 12C-Ionen und Photonenstrahlung in U87 Glioblastomzellen. [Dissertation]


Maleschlijski, Stojan (2014) Behavior of barnacle larvae during surface exploration studied by stereoscopy. [Dissertation]

Migdoll, Alexander Michael (2013) Identifizierung und Charakterisierung von prognostischen Markern und potentiell tumorrelevanten Proteinen im pankreatischen duktalen Adenokarzinom. [Dissertation]

Mohamed, Tawheed Hashim Abdel-Razik (2014) In-situ and ex-situ studies of barnacle proteinaceous cements settled at earlier time points using μ-Raman spectroscopy and synchrotron based X-ray microprobe fluorescence techniques. [Dissertation]

Mombaur, Katja (2013) Exoskelette. [Audio]

Mombaur, Katja (2013) Lauflerntraining für Roboter. [Audio]

Mombaur, Katja (2014) Wie Roboter das Laufen lernen. [Video]


Pfaffenberger, Asja (2013) Dose Calculation Algorithms for Radiation Therapy with an MRI-Integrated Radiation Device. [Dissertation]

Pohl, Verena (2013) Aufnahme von Albumin-Konjugaten in humane Tumor-Zelllinien. [Dissertation]


Ritzert, Michael (2014) Development and Test of a High Performance Multi Channel Readout System on a Chip with Application in PET/MR. [Dissertation]

Rohrmann, Sabine (2013) Nahrungsergänzungsmittel – wichtig für gesundes Altern? [Video]


Sander, Anika (2015) Entwicklung und Untersuchung U-230 markierter Antikörper. [Dissertation]

Schiegg, Martin Josef (2015) Multi-Target Tracking with Probabilistic Graphical Models. [Dissertation]

Schmidlin Fajardo Silva, Raul (2013) Contract Testing for Reliable Embedded Systems. [Dissertation]

Schulz, Richard (2013) Emerging Technologies for Aging and Disability. [Video]

Schürmann, Felix (2014) Wettlauf ums Gehirn? - Das Europäische Human Brain Project (10. Marsilius-Vorlesung). [Video]

Sellner, Stefan (2013) Simulations, Optimizations, and Microdosimetric Measurements of Beam Quality for Heavy-Ion Tumor Therapy. A charged (particle) issue. [Dissertation]

Sieber, Gabrielle (2013) Ernährung: Herausforderung bei Demenz im häuslichen Umfeld. [Video]

Sproten, Alec Niklas (2013) Developmental Neuroeconomics: Lifespan Changes in Economic Decision Making. [Dissertation]

Steindorf, Karen (2013) Bewegung und Krebs: die Bedeutung eines körperlich aktiven Lebensstils. [Video]


Tham, Marius (2016) The role of stromal Wnt/Beta-catenin and epidermal Ras-Raf-MEK-ERK MAPK signaling in human squamous cell carcinoma. [Dissertation]

Thil, Christophe Jan (2014) XNAP: A Novel Two-Dimensional X-Ray Detector for Time Resolved Synchrotron Applications. [Dissertation]

Titze, Benjamin (2013) Techniques to prevent sample surface charging and reduce beam damage effects for SBEM imaging. [Dissertation]


Villarín Pildaín, Lilian (2012) Alcohol drinking pattern analysis - an in silico tool to model and predict addictive behaviors. [Dissertation]


Wagenblaß, Katja (2013) Der Einfluß von LXR auf die Entwicklung der diabetischen Nephropathie. [Dissertation]

Wetscherek, Andreas (2013) Magnetic Resonance Diffusion Weighted Imaging: Flow Compensated Intravoxel Incoherent Motion Imaging as a Tool to Probe Microvasculature. [Dissertation]

Wolf, Markus (2014) E-Mail in der Psychotherapie – Entwicklung und Evaluation eines E-Mail basierten Nachsorgeprogramms für die stationäre Psychotherapie. [Dissertation]


Zimmer, Fabian (2014) Development of Arterial Spin Labeling Techniques for Quantitative Perfusion Measurements at 3 Tesla. [Dissertation]

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