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Items where Division is "The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy > Dekanat der Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie" and Year is 2013

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Abuillan, Wasim (2013) Fine-Structures, Lateral Correlation and Diffusion of Membrane-Associated Proteins on Biological Membrane Surfaces. [Dissertation]

Albertsson, Tobias (2013) Deuterium fractionation in the interstellar medium. [Dissertation]


Bach, Michael (2013) Hochaufgelöste diffusionsgewichtete Magnetresonanztomographie: Effekte bei Messung, Rekonstruktion und Auswertung der Diffusionscharakteristik. [Dissertation]

Berger, Moritz C. (2013) Relaxometrische und echopfadgefilterte neurofunktionelle Kernspintomographie. [Dissertation]

Boley, Paul Andrew (2013) High-resolution studies of circumstellar material around massive young stellar objects. [Dissertation]

Brachtendorf, Lorenz (2013) Detection of Protons and Carbon Ions with Depth using Al2O3:C,Mg-based Fluorescent Nuclear Track Detectors. [Bachelor thesis]


Capranico, Federica (2013) Statistics of Intrinsic alignments and Weak Lensing. [Dissertation]

Cavaletto, Stefano Michele (2013) Quantum control of x-ray spectra. [Dissertation]

Chang, Yu-Yen (2013) Galaxy Shapes through Cosmic Time : Intrinsic Structure of Early-type Galaxies at High Redshift. [Dissertation]


Dittrich, Karsten (2013) Numerical Simulations of Planetesimal Formation in Protoplanetary Disks. [Dissertation]

Dopcke, Gustavo (2013) On the physics of the low metallicity IMF. [Dissertation]


Espinoza Bornscheuer, Ignacio Guillermo (2013) Computer simulation of the radiation response of hypoxic tumours. [Dissertation]


Fedotova, Svetlana (2013) Experimental characterization of the Hitrap Cooler trap with highly charged ions. [Dissertation]

Frindt, Nicole Ursula Hannelore (2013) Development and implementation of electrostatic Zach phase plates for phase contrast transmission electron microscopy. [Dissertation]


Geese, Marc (2013) Image Sensor Nonuniformity Correction by a Scene-Based Maximum Likelihood Approach. [Dissertation]

Grassi, Alessandra (2013) Baryon acoustic oscillations and primordial non-Gaussianities with weak lensing. [Dissertation]

Grootes, Meiert Willem (2013) The Evolution of Spiral Galaxies in the Group Environment. [Dissertation]

Gulfam, Qurrat-ul-Ain (2013) Creation, applications and detection of entanglement in quantum optical systems. [Dissertation]


Hagel, Valentin (2013) Struktur-Funktions-Korrelationen in PEG-DA- und Hyaluronsaeure-Hydrogelen. [Dissertation]

Hartmann, Bernadette (2013) A Novel Approach to Ion Spectroscopy of Therapeutic Ion Beams Using a Pixelated Semiconductor Detector. [Dissertation]

Horvát, Emöke-Ágnes (2013) Modelling and inferring connections in complex networks. [Dissertation]


Kafexhiu, Ervin (2013) Radiation signatures of nuclear reactions in very hot astrophysical plasmas. [Dissertation]

Kaminski, Adrian (2013) The Search for Extrasolar Planets by the Means of High Precision Astrometry with the Dual-Feed Interferometer PRIMA. [Dissertation]

Kausler, Bernhard (2013) Tracking-by-Assignment as a Probabilistic Graphical Model with Applications in Developmental Biology. [Dissertation]

Kurz, Anton (2013) Characterization and Application of Photon-Statistics in Single-Molecule Measurements for Quantitative Studies of Fluorescently Labeled Samples. [Dissertation]


Lauer, Florian (2013) Investigations of a fluorescent nuclear track detector for use in therapeutic ion beams. [Master's thesis]

Liao, Wen-Te (2013) Coherent Control of Nuclei and X-Rays. [Dissertation]

Lindemann, Sebastian (2013) Intrinsic 85Kr and 222Rn Backgrounds in the XENON Dark Matter Search. [Dissertation]

Lu, Chia-Chun (2013) An advanced direction reconstruction technique and application to the observation with H.E.S.S. [Dissertation]

Läsker, Ronald (2013) Supermassive Black Holes and their Host Galaxies - Fundamental Scaling Relations. [Dissertation]


Maier, Timo (2013) Zelluläre Aktinstrukturen: Mikrorheologische Charakterisierung von Aktinnetzwerken auf Säulensubstraten und Aufbau eines freitragenden Aktin-Membran Komplexes. [Dissertation]

Merkel, Philipp M. (2013) Different aspects of the interplay between light and the large-scale structure of the Universe. [Dissertation]

Micic, Milica (2013) Molecular cloud formation with self-consistent thermal and chemical treatment of the gas. [Dissertation]

Molina Hernandez, Faviola Zuhé (2013) Statistical Analysis of Simulated Molecular Clouds. [Dissertation]


Pfaffenberger, Asja (2013) Dose Calculation Algorithms for Radiation Therapy with an MRI-Integrated Radiation Device. [Dissertation]

Pinilla Ortiz, Paola Andrea (2013) Testing models of dust evolution in protoplanetary disk with millimeter observations. [Dissertation]

Prosekin, Anton (2013) Propagation and radiation of ultrarelativistic particles in magnetic fields in different astrophysical environments. [Dissertation]


Schubert, Sebastian (2013) LineRESOLFT microscopy. [Dissertation]

Seifried, Daniel Jürgen (2013) Magnetic fields during the early phase of massive star formation. [Dissertation]


Tackenberg, Jochen (2013) Early stages of high-mass star formation. [Dissertation]


Valente, Ana (2013) On the cross-correlation between weak gravitational lensing and the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect. [Dissertation]


Weber, Marc (2013) Gentle Neutron Signals and Noble Background in the XENON100 Dark Matter Search Experiment. [Dissertation]

Windmark, Fredrik (2013) Planetesimal formation by dust coagulation. [Dissertation]

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