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Items where Division is "The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy > Dekanat der Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie" and Year is 2019

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Number of items: 51.


Alfaro Cuello, Mayte (2019) The Nucleus of the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy: M54. [Dissertation]

Amadei, Federico (2019) The physics of complex, biological interfaces and its role in the homeostatic regulation of the human gastrointestinal tract. [Dissertation]

Arand, Frederick (2019) Morphological Analysis, Digital Modeling, and Mechanical Simulation of Carbon Foam. [Dissertation]


Baehr, Hans-Paul Frederick (2019) Formation Criteria and Initial Constraints on Objects Formed in Gravitationally Unstable Disks. [Dissertation]

Bilous, Pavlo (2019) Towards a nuclear clock with the 229Th isomeric transition. [Dissertation]

Brems, Stefan Sebastian (2019) Stellar Imaging and Spectroscopy for the Discovery of Extrasolar Planets. [Dissertation]

Buder, Sven (2019) Spectroscopic Analysis and Chemodynamic Exploration of the Milky Way with Million-Star Surveys. [Dissertation]

Bustamante Jaramillo, Sebastian (2019) Modelling supermassive black hole spins and the metallicity evolution of merging galaxies in a cosmological context. [Dissertation]


Chauke, Priscilla (2019) Determining Properties of LEGA-C Galaxies through Spectral Star-formation History Reconstruction. [Dissertation]

Chung, Khanlian (2019) Adaptive Cone-Beam Scan-Trajektorien für interventionelle Anwendungen. [Dissertation]


D'Isanto, Antonio (2019) Probabilistic photometric redshift estimation in massive digital sky surveys via machine learning. [Dissertation]

Dobrodey, Stepan (2019) Charge-exchange studies of bare and hydrogen-like low-Z ions in the X-ray and extreme-ultraviolet ranges inside an electron beam ion trap. [Dissertation]

Dolde, Kai (2019) 4D magnetic resonance imaging applications towards MR-guided proton therapy of pancreatic cancer. [Dissertation]

Dolde, Kai ; Zhang, Ye ; Chaudhri, Naved ; Dávid, Christian ; Kachelrieß, Marc ; Lomax, Antony John ; Naumann, Patrick ; Saito, Nami ; Weber, Damien Charles ; Pfaffenberger, Asja (2019) 4DMRI-based investigation on the interplay effect for pencil beam scanning proton therapy of pancreatic cancer patients. Radiation Oncology, 14 (30). pp. 1-13. ISSN 1748-717X

Donath, Axel (2019) The Galactic Gamma-Ray Source Population between 10 GeV and 50 TeV. [Dissertation]


Eilers, Anna-Christina (2019) Unravelling 13 Billion Years of Cosmic History with Spectroscopic Studies: From the Milky Way to the Epoch of Reionization. [Dissertation]


Filianin, Pavel (2019) Measurements of low decay energies of beta-processes using Penning traps. [Dissertation]

Flassbeck, Sebastian (2019) On the Simultaneous Quantification of Flow Velocities and Relaxation Constants Through Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting. [Dissertation]

Fröhlich, Benjamin (2019) Haemoglobinopathies and the Protection Against Severe Malaria: Probing Cytoadhesion and Mechanics of Plasmodium falciparum Infected Erythrocytes. [Dissertation]


Hahn, Andreas (2019) Moving Metal Artifact Reduction and Intrinsic Gating for Cone-Beam CT Scans of the Thorax Region. [Dissertation]

Hajdu, Gergely (2019) Stucture of the obscured Galactic disk with pulsating variables. [Dissertation]

Handrack, Josefine (2019) MR-based treatment planning for proton therapy. [Dissertation]

Hiß, Hector (2019) Measuring the Thermal State of the Intergalactic Medium. [Dissertation]

Hubertus, Simon Ralph (2019) Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping to Measure the Local Tissue Oxygenation. [Dissertation]


Jardin-Blicq, Armelle (2019) The TeV γ-ray emission of the Galactic Plane. HAWC and H.E.S.S. observations of the Galactic Plane and detailed study of the region surrounding 2HWC J1928+177. [Dissertation]

Joshi, Vikas (2019) Reconstruction and Analysis of Highest Energy γ-Rays and its Application to Pulsar Wind Nebulae. [Dissertation]


Katsoulakos, Grigorios (2019) Nonthermal Processes Near Supermassive Black Holes. [Dissertation]

Kirchner, Thomas (2019) Real-time blood oxygenation tomography with multispectral photoacoustics. [Dissertation]

Kovalev, Mikhail (2019) NLTE analysis of the Gaia-ESO spectroscopic survey. [Dissertation]


Leslie, Sarah Katherine (2019) The cosmic evolution of star-forming galaxies. [Dissertation]

Leung, Ying Chi (2019) Constraining the nature of dark matter in galaxies with multi-tracer dynamical models. [Dissertation]

Lilleengen, Sophia (2019) Accreted Globular Clusters in External Galaxies: Why Adaptive Dynamics won’t work. [Master's thesis]

Liu, Yifan (2019) Two-Color Pump-Probe Experiments on O_2 and N_2 at the Free-Electron Laser in Hamburg. [Dissertation]


Maier, Joscha (2019) Artifact Correction and Real-Time Scatter Estimation for X-Ray Computed Tomography in Industrial Metrology. [Dissertation]

Manger, Natascha (2019) High Resolution Simulations of Structure Formation in Turbulent Protoplanetary Disks: A Case Study of the Vertical Shear Instability. [Dissertation]

Michel, Niklas (2019) Relativistic theory of nuclear structure effects in heavy atomic systems. [Dissertation]


Nickerson, Brenden Scott (2019) Towards coherent control of the 229Th isomeric transition in VUV-transparent crystals. [Dissertation]


Panamarev, Taras (2019) Dynamical interaction of supermassive black holes with the surrounding stellar system. [Dissertation]

Platscher, Moritz Ernst Lothar (2019) Phenomenology of Massive Spin-2 Fields. [Dissertation]


Roca Catala, Christian (2019) Optimization of the simulation framework in the Stereo Experiment to characterize the detector response and optical properties of the liquid scintillators. [Dissertation]


Samland, Matthias Severin (2019) High-Contrast Imaging Characterization of Exoplanets. [Dissertation]

Saurabh, Sunny (2019) Collision studies with internally cold ion beams and merged electron beams in a cryogenic storage ring. [Dissertation]

Schmidt, Tobias Marius (2019) Constraints on Quasar Emission Properties from the HeII and HI Transverse Proximity Effect. [Dissertation]

Shabani, Faiezeh (2019) A Study of Spiral Structures and Lopsidedness in LEGUS Disk Galaxies. [Dissertation]


Tala Pinto, Marcelo Said (2019) Perspectives of the Radial Velocity Method: Physical Modeling of the Wavelength Solution & Exoplanetary Detections around Giant Stars. [Dissertation]

Tomičić, Neven (2019) Probing the cold phase of the interstellar medium and star formation in nearby galaxies. [Dissertation]


Weigel, Andreas (2019) Detection Electronics Design and First Observation of Bound-Electron Spin Transitions at the ALPHATRAP g-Factor Experiment. [Dissertation]

Wollenberg, Katharina Margaretha Johanna (2019) Diversity of Population III Star Formation : influence of rotation, turbulence, and magnetic fields on the fragmentation behavior of Population III protostellar disks and implications for the later evolution of the star-forming environment. [Dissertation]


Yen, Steffi Xiang-Ting (2019) Peering into the Milky Way disk: Gaia's Perspective of our Galaxy's Open Clusters. [Dissertation]


Zhuang, Yulong (2019) Diversity of Galactic Stellar Metallicity Gradients and their Origins. [Dissertation]

Zimmermann, Ferdinand (2019) Relaxation-Compensated Amide Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer MRI of the Human Breast. [Dissertation]

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