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Items where Division is "The Faculty of Bio Sciences > Dean's Office of the Faculty of Bio Sciences" and Year is 2014

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Number of items: 77.


Amberkar, Sandeep (2014) Integrative bioinformatics analyses of genome-wide RNAi screens. [Dissertation]

Anandhakrishnan, Madhankumar (2014) Structural and Functional Studies on Acyl-CoA Carboxylases of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. [Dissertation]

Azizi, Hossein (2014) Identification and Pluripotency of Mouse Spermatogonial Stem Cells. [Dissertation]


Ballikaya, Seda (2014) Activin Receptor Type 2 A (ACVR2A)-dependent Proteomic and Glycomic Alterations in a Microsatellite Unstable (MSI) Colorectal Cancer Cell Line Model System. [Dissertation]

Barra, Melanie Marianne (2014) Transcription factor 7 limits regulatory T cell generation and influences peripheral T cell subsets. [Dissertation]

Binder, Janos (2014) Integration and visualization of scientific big data to aid systems biology research. [Dissertation]


Chen, Jingyan (2014) Functional Comparison of HIV-1 Vpu Alleles Derived from Elite Controller and Chronic Progressor Patients. [Dissertation]

Christians, Arne (2014) Funktionelle Charakterisierung des putativen Tumorsuppressors "Epithelial Membrane Protein 3". [Dissertation]

Chung, Shan-Hua (2014) Mechanisms of STIM1-mediated endoplasmic reticulum-plasma membrane (ER-PM) contact formation. [Dissertation]

Clementi, Stefano (2014) Genetic rat manipulation as an efficient model to unravel the role of Nogo-A and Staufen 2 proteins in cognitive processes. [Dissertation]


Deil, Sophia (2014) New insights into PEXEL-mediated protein export in Plasmodium falciparum: The role of N-terminal acetylation. [Dissertation]


Eich, Julia (2014) p53 and p73 in neurogenesis of the adult zebrafish Danio rerio. [Dissertation]

Eimanifar, Amin (2014) Molecular phylogeography and population genetics of the brine shrimp Artemia (Crustacea, Branchiopoda, Anostraca). [Dissertation]

Eschricht, Sabine (2014) Die Rolle der Angiogenese in der pathologischen und physiologischen Myokardhypertrophie. [Dissertation]


Fabian, Jasmin (2014) Impact of HBV and HCV Infection on TGF-beta signaling. [Dissertation]

Faulstich, Franziska (2014) Generation and evaluation of chimeric particles consisting of HPV16 L1 and p16INK4a for second generation HPV vaccines. [Dissertation]

Filzmayer, Christina Annette Heidi (2014) Einfluss von natürlichen und modifizierten Interferonen auf die Hepatitis B und Delta Virus Infektion und Effekte der viralen Replikation auf die angeborene Immunantwort. [Dissertation]

Fischer, Fathema (2014) Pathophysiologische Mechanismen hereditärer Formen von Vorhofflimmern. [Dissertation]

Friedel, Myriam (2014) The Impact of Galectin-8 on Interactions of Multiple Myeloma Cells with Endothelial Cells. [Dissertation]

Förster, Franziska (2014) Local assessment of water and sediment quality as prerequisite for integrated water management strategies in Jordan. [Dissertation]


Galach, Marta (2014) Molecular mechanisms involved in epithelial differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells. [Dissertation]

Ge, Lihao (2014) The serine/threonine kinase AKT switches between functional modes of the vesicle release machinery. [Dissertation]

Goepfrich, Anja Aloysia (2014) Impact of Endocannabinoid Signaling on Cognitive Processing throughout Adolescence and Adulthood. [Dissertation]

Guida, Claudia (2014) An RNAi screen identifies TLR2/6 as mediators of a novel inflammatory pathway for rapid hepcidin-independent hypoferremia. [Dissertation]


Hammer, Katharina (2014) Engineering of oncolytic adenoviruses for delivery by mesenchymal stem cells to pancreatic cancer. [Dissertation]

Hartinger, Eva-Maria (2014) Cell Cycle and Proliferative Activity of Human Colon Cancer Initiating Cells. [Dissertation]

Hayer, Stefanie Nicole (2014) Neuronal Activity-Dependent Transcriptional Regulation of the Synaptic Cell Adhesion Molecules Lrrtm1 and Lrrtm2. [Dissertation]

Heide, Michael (2014) Die genetische Regulation der Entwicklung des kaudalen Hypothalamus. [Dissertation]

Hemmati, Shayda (2014) Identification and characterization of novel regulatory genes of post-embryonic hematopoiesis. [Dissertation]

Hermann, Robert (2014) Regulation of Neural Progenitor Proliferation by ANKHD1. [Dissertation]

Hertrich, Nadine (2014) Proteolytic processing of the merozoite surface protein 1 from Plasmodium falciparum: Implications on its structure and function during invasion. [Dissertation]


Kaczorowski, Adam (2014) Specific transfer of oncolytic adenoviruses by mesenchymal stem cells for the elimination of pancreatic tumour stem cells. [Dissertation]

Kellner, Julian (2014) Structural and functional studies on the human DEAD-box helicase DDX1. [Dissertation]

Khandelwal, Nisit (2014) Identification of novel tumor-associated immune modulators using a high-throughput RNAi screen. [Dissertation]

Kienle, Eike Christoph (2014) Secrets to finding the ideal mate: New insights into parameters that govern successful Adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector evolution. [Dissertation]

Klein, Cornelia Andrea (2014) The role of ZC3H32 in Trypanosoma brucei. [Dissertation]

Klein, Felix Alexander (2014) Interaction and differential analysis of genomic high-throughput technologies. [Dissertation]

Kogosov, Vlada (2014) Novel interaction partners of cutaneous HPV types and their role in skin cancer. [Dissertation]

Krembel, Anna Katharina (2014) Adaptation and methylation kinetics in Escherichia coli chemotaxis. [Dissertation]

Kumar, Sumit (2014) Molecular Dissection of Mouse Wnt3a-Frizzled8 Interaction Reveals Essential and Modulatory Determinants of Wnt Signaling Activity. [Dissertation]


Labsch, Sabrina Daniela (2014) Untersuchung von Krebsstammzelleigenschaften im Prostatakarzinom und im Pankreaskarzinom. [Dissertation]

Li, Shi-Bin (2014) D4 Dopamine Receptor-Mediated Modulation of Hippocampal Synaptic Efficacy and Network Activity in Behaving Mice. [Dissertation]

Liesche, Clarissa (2014) Spatio-temporal protease activity and cell death induced by Natural Killer cells and soluble CD95L. [Dissertation]

Lu, Kun-Hui (2014) On the Regulation of T Cell­‐dependent Immune Responses. [Dissertation]

Lueong, Smiths Sengkwawoh (2014) Trypanosoma brucei: Protein Expression Microarrays and Circulating miRNA during Infection. [Dissertation]


Male, Gary (2014) Insights into the Architecture of Transcription Factor IIIC. [Dissertation]

Manikas, Rizos-Georgios (2014) Nug1 is a potassium-stimulated GTPase affecting the association of early 60S assembly factors in ribosome biogenesis. [Dissertation]

Matveeva, Anna (2014) Pericentric heterochromatin specificity, propagation and memory effect in mouse fibroblast. [Dissertation]

Meister, Michael (2014) The role of Dickkopf-3 in tissue mediated immune modulation. [Dissertation]

Merz, Patrick Roman (2014) Die Untersuchung der Erkennung von Plasmopara viticola durch VRP1 Rezeptoren und der Regulation der Pathogenabwehr durch die Transkriptionsfaktoren VvWRKY33 und VvERF5 in der Weinrebe (Vitis sp.). [Dissertation]

Miller, Matthias (2014) Towards the Generation of novel Natural Killer Cell-based Immunotherapies against Melanoma. [Dissertation]


Nanguneri, Siddharth (2014) Localization of Subcellular Structures with Super Resolution Light Microscopy on Thin Sections of Nervous Tissue. [Dissertation]

Netter, Petra (2014) Investigation of Natural Killer cell detachment from tumor cells - Characterizing the termination of the activating Natural Killer cell immunological synapse. [Dissertation]


Oppel, Felix (2014) Clonal Dymanics and Phenotypic Plasticity within the Pancreatic Tumor Initiating Compartment. [Dissertation]


Paolini, Alessio (2014) Cell behaviors influencing the mode of cell division of retinal progenitors: a role for the Zebrafish Anillin protein. [Dissertation]

Pods, Jurgis Jonas (2014) Electrodiffusion Models of Axon and Extracellular Space Using the Poisson-Nernst-Planck Equations. [Dissertation]

Pyl, Paul-Theodor (2014) Method development for comparative cancer genomics. [Dissertation]


Quandt, Jasmin (2014) Common mutations in the tumor suppressor p53 & the oncogene Kras as targets for long peptide anti-cancer vaccination. [Dissertation]


Reinhardt, Robert (2014) Cell intrinsic control of stem cell features in the retina. [Dissertation]

Remus, Martina (2014) Nbn is essential for hair follicle maintenance and prevention of psoriasis. [Dissertation]

Rimbach, Katharina (2014) Inhibition of innate immune activation by modifications in bacterial RNA. [Dissertation]

Roy, Sanchari (2014) Analysis of miR-30b as a Regulator of tsO45-G Anterograde Trafficking. [Dissertation]


Schmeiser, Verena (2014) Regulated by the interplay of multiple CLASP domains, the localization of the TOGL2 domain to microtubules drives spindle formation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. [Dissertation]

Schulze, Anna (2014) Data-driven modeling of T cell activation. [Dissertation]

Schumacher, Theresa (2014) A cancer immunotherapy approach targeting mutant isocitrate dehydrogenase 1. [Dissertation]

Shukla, Kirti (2014) Regulation of NF-κB signaling and cell cycle progression by microRNA-30c-2-3p in breast cancer. [Dissertation]

Srinivasan, Harish (2014) Antibody microarray as a proteomic tool for effective diagnosis and prediction of prognosis in cancer. [Dissertation]

Sujer, Stefanie (2014) Lipopolysaccharide-induced activation of haematopoietic stem cells in vivo. [Dissertation]

Syafrizayanti, (2014) Production of personalized protein microarrays : optimized production of protein microarrays and the establishment of processes for the representation of protein conformations that occur in individual patients. [Dissertation]


Urra Quiroz, Francisco José (2014) Giant Synapse in Thalamic Relay Cells. [Dissertation]

Uslu, Veli Vural (2014) Functions of the Distant Non-Coding Regions in Controlling c-Myc Expression. [Dissertation]


Wagner, Corinna (2014) Characterizing mitochondrial function and structure – Mitochondrial regulation of apoptosis and visualization of mitochondria - endoplasmic reticulum interactions. [Dissertation]

Walter, Sabrina (2014) GDF 15 deficiency induces a progressive Schwann cell loss in vivo and regulates their survival and migration in vitro. [Dissertation]

Wang, Ying (2014) Spatiotemporal regulation of formin-like 2 by protein kinase C in invasive motility. [Dissertation]

Weber, Lisa (2014) Characterization of Schizosachharomyces pombe Sup11p, a protein involved in beta-1,6-glucan biosynthesis. [Dissertation]


Zacherl, Sonja (2014) A Role for ATP1A1 in Unconventional Secretion of Fibroblast Growth Factor 2. [Dissertation]

Zhang, Ling (2014) CKAMP44 interacts with AMPARs via different protein domains and modulates neuronal morphogenesis. [Dissertation]

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