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Items where Division is "The Faculty of Bio Sciences > Dean's Office of the Faculty of Bio Sciences" and Year is 2016

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Number of items: 86.


Aderhold, Patrick (2016) On the Structure and Function of the COPI coat protein complex Coatomer. [Dissertation]

Affram, Yvonne (2016) Intracellular DNA Levels of Drug Resistant and Drug Sensitive Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infections and its Correlation with Disease Progression Markers in a Population of Africans. [Dissertation]

Amaravadi, Mohanachary (2016) Identification of pathogenic virus sequences in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. [Dissertation]


Bajorat, Jörg (2016) Vitamin D3-upregulated protein 1 (VDUP1), a crucial regulator of the redox equilibrium, controls aging of Drosophila. [Dissertation]

Banderas, Alvaro (2016) Population-parameter sensing in the mating system of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. [Dissertation]

Bane, Kartik (2016) Coronin regulates motility in malaria parasites. [Dissertation]

Bender, Noemi (2016) Molecular Mechanisms of Macrophage Activation Induced by the Synergistic Effects of Low Dose Irradiation and Adoptive T Cell Therapy. [Dissertation]

Benz, Alexander (2016) miR-19b - ein essentieller Regulator der Länge und Form des ventrikulären Aktionspotentials im Zebrafisch. [Dissertation]

Beuke, Katharina (2016) TNF-induced NF-κB Signal Transduction in the Liver. [Dissertation]

Beyerle, Jolantha (2016) Assessment of mRNA, protein levels and activities of xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes in colon and rectal mucosa of colorectal cancer patients. [Dissertation]

Bischof, Johanna (2016) The molecular mechanism of surface contraction waves in the starfish oocyte. [Dissertation]

Bitzer, Julia (2016) Molecular characterization of the breast cancer associated antigen NY-BR-1. [Dissertation]

Blattner, Carolin (2016) The Role of CCR5 in the Recruitment of MDSC to the Tumor Microenvironment. [Dissertation]

Bogatyrova, Olga (2016) Mutations in regulators of the epigenome and their effects on the DNA methylome. [Dissertation]

Boni, Andrea (2016) Inner nuclear membrane protein targeting studied by quantitative live cell imaging and RNAi screening. [Dissertation]

Brinkmann, Eva-Maria (2016) Secreted frizzled-related protein 2 (sFRP2) redirects non-canonical Wnt signaling from Fz7 to Ror2 during vertebrate gastrulation. [Dissertation]

Broccoli, Laura (2016) Cross-talk of the Corticotropin Releasing Hormone Receptor Subtype 1 with the Dopamine System: Functional Evidence on Emotional Responses to stress and Alcohol Dependence. [Dissertation]

Burgos Espadinha, Daniel António (2016) Exploring combined treatment strategies to target quiescent chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) stem cells. [Dissertation]


Deghou, Samy Lyes (2016) Integration and analysis of large scale data in chemical biology. [Dissertation]

Delacher, Michael (2016) Transcriptional Control of Regulatoy T cells. [Dissertation]

Dieckmann, Anna Katharina (2016) Systems Biological Analysis of Signal Transduction in Telomere Length Maintenance. [Dissertation]

Ding, Liza Paola (2016) The Evolutionary Dynamics of Genes and Genomes: Copy Number Variation of the Chalcone Synthase Gene in the Context of Brassicaceae Evolution. [Dissertation]

Dollt, Claudia (2016) Expression and Processing of Lyve-1 in Macrophages. [Dissertation]

Drainas, Alexandros Panagiotis (2016) CRISPR/Cas9-Based Approaches for Investigating Mechanisms of Oncogene Activation and Tumor Suppression. [Dissertation]


Fehrenbach, Sabrina (2016) Loss of tumorigenicity by transdifferentiation:from squamous cell carcinoma to melanocyte-like cells. [Dissertation]

Fernandes, Priyanka Noel (2016) Differences in antigen presentation between sporozoite and parasitised-erythrocyte infections uncovers divergent mechanisms in the development of experimental cerebral malaria. [Dissertation]

Fischer, Miriam (2016) Cross-talk between two-component systems in Escherichia coli. [Dissertation]

Fuhrmeister, Jessica (2016) The role of hepatic Growth Arrest and DNA Damage-inducible 45 beta (GADD45β) in adaptive metabolic control. [Dissertation]


Gao, Liang (2016) Contribution of CD95 to the activation of innate immune response. [Dissertation]

Goganau, Ioana (2016) Electrical stimulation and activity for axonal regeneration. [Dissertation]


Große, Stefanie (2016) Small but increasingly mighty: New insights into Adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsid biology and implications for AAV vector optimization. [Dissertation]

Günther, Matthias (2016) The role of co-receptor CD8 in ligand discrimination and T cell activation – insights from data-driven mathematical modeling. [Dissertation]


Hemstedt, Thekla Joana (2016) Nuclear calcium regulates dendrite maintenance, memory formation and fear extinction. [Dissertation]

Himmelreich, Nastassja (2016) Analyse der Signaltransduktion während der frühen Embryogenese in einem Xenopus laevis- Modell zu ‚PMM2-CDG‘. [Dissertation]


Kaminska, Ewa (2016) Post-translational modifications of RINT1 (RAD50-interacting protein 1). [Dissertation]

Kang, Jun Hee (2016) Precise mapping of disordered regions of nucleoporins in situ. [Dissertation]

Kerner, Philip Alexander (2016) MSQBAT - A Software Suite for LC-MS Protein Quantification. [Dissertation]

Kirsch, Nadine Stephanie (2016) Analysis of novel Wnt pathway components acting at the receptor level. [Dissertation]

Koltai, Mihaly (2016) Quantitative analysis of microbial sensing and motility. [Dissertation]

Kosaloglu, Zeynep (2016) Combining Immunomics and Genomics for the Analysis of the Microenvironment of Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases. [Dissertation]

Kriegel, Anne (2016) Vacuolar acidification relies on the combined activity of endomembrane proton pumps. [Dissertation]

Kumar, Rahul (2016) Functional characterization of the interaction of Paraxial protocadherin (PAPC) and Nemo like kinase1 (Nlk1) during Xenopus gastrulation. [Dissertation]

Kumar, Rajesh (2016) Recognition and Targeting of Prion Aggregates to the Insoluble Protein Deposit (IPOD) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. [Dissertation]


Lamas Murua, Miguel (2016) Characterization of HIV-1 Nef and Vpu function with a focus on T cell polarity. [Dissertation]

Lehmann, Kathrin (2016) Fluoreszenz-Einzelmolekül-Studien zur Dynamik von Mononukleosomen. [Dissertation]

Leung, Yeung-Yeung (2016) Functional conservation of the AKT kinase action on the synaptic vesicle release machinery between Drosophila and rat. [Dissertation]

Liebers, Reinhard Kai (2016) Dnmt2 in RNA methylation, RNA inheritance, and environmental responses in the mouse. [Dissertation]

Lou, Pak Kin (2016) Post-transcriptional regulation of adult central nervous system axonal regeneration by Cpeb1. [Dissertation]


Matern, Andreas (2016) Flavin uptake and metabolism in Listeria monocytogenes and FMN riboswitches as targets for riboflavin analogs. [Dissertation]

Moliner Cubel, Sonia (2016) Role of Plasmodium falciparum transporters in drug resistance. [Dissertation]

Musunda, Blessing (2016) Dissecting the physiological roles of dithiolic glutaredoxins in Trypanosoma brucei. [Dissertation]

Mössenböck, Karin (2016) A Story in Brown and White Regulation of Metabolic Homeostasis by Brown Adipose tissue. [Dissertation]


Nayak, Sushma (2016) Mechanisms of Chromosomal Instability in Glioblastoma. [Dissertation]

Neubert, Patrick (2016) The transcription factor SOX11 is a potential tumor suppressor in myxoid liposarcomas: Analysis of function, target genes and mutation. [Dissertation]

Nguyen, Minh T. N. (2016) Influence of Post-translational Modifications on Hsp90 Activity and Function. [Dissertation]


Oubraham, Lila (2016) Nuclease-mediated gene manipulation of factors implicated in zebrafish neurogenesis. [Dissertation]


Paleske, Lisa von (2016) Identification of a novel enhancer region 1.7 Mb downstream of the c-myc gene controlling its expression in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. [Dissertation]

Pelzer, Patric (2016) A Paleocortico-Thalamo-Cortical Circuit Operating Giant Synapses. [Dissertation]

Petretich, Massimo (2016) Importance of Chromosomal Architecture to Organize Promoter-Enhancer Long-Range Interactions in c-Myc locus. [Dissertation]


Pryszlak, Anna Marta (2016) Functional Crosstalk between Human Papillomaviruses and Lentiviruses. [Dissertation]

Pudenz, Maria (2016) Impact of soy isoflavones on DNA methylation in rat mammary glands - Dose-response aspects, critical time windows, and influence on carcinogenesis. [Dissertation]


Ramanathan, Nirupama (2016) Monitoring the response of cells and organisms to different chemical cues using microfluidics. [Dissertation]

Reith, Maike (2016) Role of RAGE in melanoma development, growth, and progression. [Dissertation]

Ritterhoff, Tobias (2016) Multitasking of the RanBP2 complex - Protein SUMOylation and export complex disassembly. [Dissertation]

Rocker, Andrea (2016) Epsilon/Zeta Toxin-Antitoxin Systems in Gram-negative Bacteria. [Dissertation]

Rudneva, Vasilisa (2016) Computational approaches for identifying somatic intergenic mutations of relevance in cancer. [Dissertation]


Sauer, Madeleine (2016) Interaction of the host immune system with tumor cells in human papillomavirus associated diseases. [Dissertation]

Schellhaas, René (2016) Towards a mechanistic understanding of telomere loop structures in S. cerevisiae. [Dissertation]

Schifani, Christin (2016) Robustness of a neurodevelopmental animal model of schizophrenia: combining immune stimulation with glutamatergic insult. [Dissertation]

Schilling, Ramon (2016) Identification of novel molecular components in Ripoptosome-mediated signaling pathways. [Dissertation]

Schlüter, Annabelle (2016) The localization, regulation and function of synaptopodin and the cisternal organelle in the axon initial segment during murine visual system development. [Dissertation]

Scholz, Philipp Andreas (2016) Etablierung eines organotypischen Hautmodells zur Rolle der humanen epidermalen Stammzellen in der Wundheilung in vitro. [Dissertation]

Schröder, Sabrina (2016) Functional Analysis of Sam68 during Forebrain and Oligodendrocyte development. [Dissertation]

Sharma, Ashwini Kumar (2016) Computational Analysis of Metabolic Reprogramming in Tumors. [Dissertation]

Simon, Anika Elke Maria (2016) Untersuchung des Einflusses von Peroxiredoxin 1 auf die Migration von Gliomzellen als möglichen neuen Therapieansatz. [Dissertation]

Stengel, Daniel (2016) Development and validation of a neurotoxicological test battery for neurotoxicity risk assessment. [Dissertation]

Stojic, Aleksandar (2016) Characterisation of axonal degeneration during autoimune optic neuritis. [Dissertation]


Tham, Marius (2016) The role of stromal Wnt/Beta-catenin and epidermal Ras-Raf-MEK-ERK MAPK signaling in human squamous cell carcinoma. [Dissertation]


Uhrig, Stefanie (2016) The involvement of central L-type calcium channel subtypes CaV1.2 and CaV1.3 in alcohol dependence and comorbid mental disorders. [Dissertation]


Vargel, Özge (2016) Understanding The Endothelial to Hematopoietic Transition In Mouse Development. [Dissertation]


Wang, Jing (2016) Intracellular and extracellular death regulation: identification of molecules for apoptosis and necroptosis regulation in malignant melanoma. [Dissertation]

Wiedenmann, Tanja (2016) Die Bedeutung der renalen Proteincarbonylierung bei Diabetes mellitus: Altersabhängige Modulation der Glutathionperoxidase-Aktivität im Mausmodell der diabetischen Nephropathie. [Dissertation]


Zappe, Maren (2016) Die Rolle des Transkriptionsfaktors NFAT5 bei Bluthochdruck-induzierten arteriellen Remodellierungsprozessen. [Dissertation]

Zimmermann, Philipp Konstantin (2016) Genome‐wide detection of induced DNA double strand breaks. [Dissertation]

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