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Items where Division is "The Faculty of Bio Sciences > Dean's Office of the Faculty of Bio Sciences" and Year is 2017

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Abolfathi, Mohsen (2017) Recurrent mutations, expression analysis and functional characterization of cohesin subunits in myelodysplastic syndromes and acute myeloid leukemia. [Dissertation]

Ali Khan, Asrar (2017) Comparative secretome study of brown adipocytes and the role of ITIH4 in adipose biology. [Dissertation]

Balwierz, Aleksandra Karolina (2017) ERBB2 as a driver of an invasive phenotype of cells grown in 3D culture and an important regulator of oncogenic miRNAs' expression in breast cancer. [Dissertation]

Bellvis Zambrano, Pablo (2017) Role of histone variant H3.3 in neurogenesis and gliomagenesis. [Dissertation]

Bencun, Maja (2017) Ribosome Profiling of EBV-infected cells. [Dissertation]

Bernhardt, Stephan (2017) The Proteomic Landscape of Breast Cancer Metabolism. [Dissertation]

Beyer, Konrad (2017) Collective motion and adhesin dynamics of Plasmodium sporozoites. [Dissertation]

Blatnik, Renata (2017) Development of mass spectrometry methodology for direct identification of viral epitopes from MHC I molecules. [Dissertation]

Bojcevski, Jovana (2017) Calcium-mediated mechanisms of retinal ganglion cell degeneration during autoimmune optic neuritis. [Dissertation]

Butt, Julia Anna (2017) Seroepidemiology of Streptococcus gallolyticus subspecies gallolyticus and Fusobacterium nucleatum with colorectal cancer. [Dissertation]

Cai, Yin (2017) Mapping the Dynamic Protein Network of Dividing Cells in Space and Time. [Dissertation]

Caroti, Francesca (2017) Evolution of the extraembryonic tissue in flies: from Megaselia abdita to Drosophila melanogaster. [Dissertation]

Danner, Maria (2017) Marker-free T cell phenotyping - towards a label-free diagnostic and prognostic platform. [Dissertation]

Das, Krishna (2017) Generation of a transplantable murine tumor model expressing the human breast cancer associated tumor antigen NY-BR-1 in HLA-DRB1*0401-transgenic mice. [Dissertation]

Didrihsone, Ieva (2017) S100A1 from Damaged Cardiomyocytes Elicits a Chemoattractant Cardiac Fibroblast Phenotype. [Dissertation]

Dimitrov, Bianca (2017) Klinische, molekularbiologische und biochemische Charakterisierung eines neuen Patientendefekts im „ATPase H+-transporting accessory protein 1“ (ATP6AP1)-Gen. [Dissertation]

Duishoev, Nurlanbek (2017) Characterization of the Role of RPGRIP1 in Microtubule Dynamics and Golgi Organization. [Dissertation]

Dumitru, Ionut Gabriel (2017) SGZ adult neurogenesis is regulated by Diazepam Binding Inhibitor. [Dissertation]

Dvornikov, Dmytro (2017) Trаnsfоrmіng Grоwth Fаctоr betа sіgnаlіng іn lung cаncer: mоleculаr аlterаtіоns, bіоmаrkers аnd nоvel regulаtоrу mechаnіsms reveаled bу mаthemаtіcаl mоdelіng. [Dissertation]

Ehrhardt, Katharina (2017) Redox-active 3-benzyl-menadiones as new antimalarial agents: Studies on structure-activity relationships, antiparasitic potency and mechanism of action. [Dissertation]

Falckenhayn, Cassandra (2017) The Methylome of the Marbled Crayfish Procambarus virginalis. [Dissertation]

Figueroa Vazquez, Vianihuini (2017) Functional characterizations of BRAF mutations in multiple myeloma. [Dissertation]

Flórez Amaya, Andrés Felipe (2017) MYCN modulates the restriction point and ferroptosis in Neuroblastoma. [Dissertation]

Frankish, Jamie Ian (2017) Characterisation of the Regulation and Dynamics of the RIG-I Signalling Network. [Dissertation]

Gaillochet, Christophe (2017) HECATE factors control cell fate transitions and organ patterning in Arabidopsis thaliana. [Dissertation]

Ganeva, Iva (2017) Molecular Mechanism Underlying Dissociation of the Coat of COPI Vesicles. [Dissertation]

Geschwill, Pascal (2017) Cellular and Network Mechanisms Underlying the Switch Between Hippocampal Oscillatory States. [Dissertation]

Goyal, Ashish (2017) CRISPR/Cas9-mediated interrogation of a sense-antisense pair involved in the DNA damage response. [Dissertation]

Gramm, Vera (2017) Einfluss des viralen E2 Proteins auf die Upstream Regulatory Region des humanen Papillomavirus 11 im transgenen Mausmodell. [Dissertation]

Grees, Mareike (2017) Improved dendritic cell vaccination for combined melanoma immune therapy. [Dissertation]

Grünow, Jennifer (2017) Regulation of submaxillary gland androgen regulated protein 3A by estrogen-dependent signaling as a prognostic biomarker in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. [Dissertation]

Hasel, Eva Mareike (2017) Egfr-signaling in Oryzias latipes - Characterization of inducible oncogene gain-of-function and receptor loss-of-function Medaka lines. [Dissertation]

Hashemi, Hamidreza (2017) Point Mutations in Nonstructural Coding Sequences of Rat H-1 Parvovirus and Consequences for Virus Fitness. [Dissertation]

Heilmann, Katharina (2017) Epigenetic characterization of the C3(1) SV40T mouse model of human breast cancer. [Dissertation]

Hentzschel, Franziska (2017) The RNAi-Competent Malaria Parasite: A Novel Strategy to Knock Down Plasmodium Genes via Non-Canonical RNAi. [Dissertation]


Herrmannsdörfer, Frank (2017) Exploring the Limits of Single Molecule Localization Microscopy using Realistic Simulations with a Focus on Presynaptic Nerve Terminals. [Dissertation]

Heumann, Tina (2017) Characterization of the novel pericyte receptors S1PR3 and PTGER2. [Dissertation]

Horn, Sebastian (2017) Caspase-10 is a negative regulator of caspase-8-mediated cell death with gene inductive properties. [Dissertation]

Huang, Zhiqin (2017) High-confidence fusion gene detection in different tumor entities & biomarker discovery in breast cancer. [Dissertation]

Hörtzsch, Jan Niklas (2017) A Single Pair of Neurons Defines a Neuropeptide-Dependent Aversive Memory Channel in Drosophila melanogaster. [Dissertation]

Hübert, Christine (2017) Einsatz von Erwinia tasmaniensis und Bacillus amyloliquefaciens als bakterielle Antagonisten zur biologischen Kontrolle des Feuerbrands. [Dissertation]

Hüllein, Jennifer (2017) Identification of Burkitt lymphoma vulnerabilities using RNAi. [Dissertation]

Jethwa, Alexander (2017) Identification of regulators of mutant p53 accumulation in lymphoma using RNA interference. [Dissertation]

Jäkel, Cornelia (2017) Genome-wide genetic and epigenetic analyses of pancreatic acinar cell carcinomas reveal aberrations in genome stability and cell cycle control. [Dissertation]

Jäschke, Anja (2017) Analysis of the human immune response against the Merozoite Surface Protein (MSP)-1 from Plasmodium falciparum – a malaria vaccine candidate. [Dissertation]

Kaduthanam, Sajo (2017) The role of microRNAs in prognosis and therapy resistance of lung adenocarcinoma. [Dissertation]

Kloos, Bianca (2017) Mechanismen der Pasteurella multocida Toxin vermittelten Modulation des Osteoimmunsystems. [Dissertation]

Klöss, Volker (2017) Cooperation of innate immune cells during Hepatitis C virus infection. [Dissertation]

Knieß, Robert André (2017) Analysis of replicative aging in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using fluorescence activated cell sorting. [Dissertation]

Konjik, Valentino (2017) RosB from Streptomyces davawensis is the key enzyme of roseoflavin biosynthesis. [Dissertation]

Krüger, Falco (2017) Vacuole biogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana. [Dissertation]

Kuri Rodríguez, Paola Sofía (2017) Teleost fish models for the in vivo study of inflammasome signaling. [Dissertation]

La Porta, Silvia (2017) Endothelial Tie1 regulates tumor angiogenesis, vascular abnormalization and metastatic dissemination. [Dissertation]

Li, Ying (2017) Unravelling multiple clock mechanisms in vertebrates. [Dissertation]

Liu, Lizhen (2017) The Functions of EP300 in Activated Pancreatic Stellate Cells and the Drug Resistance Problem in Pancreatic Cancer. [Dissertation]

Lowy, Camille (2017) Tenascin C interacts with integrin receptors to promote breast cancer metastasis to the lungs. [Dissertation]

Lujan Miralles, Pablo (2017) New roles for the phosphatase PRL-3 in epithelial architecture maintenance and endocytosis. [Dissertation]

Mackmull, Marie-Therese (2017) The landscape of the nucleocytoplasmic transport system and cell-type specific variations of the nuclear pore complex. [Dissertation]

Mathur, Aastha (2017) Role of cytoskeleton in morphological changes of blood platelets. [Dissertation]

Maurer, Jana (2017) VEGFD Downregulation in Hippocampal Area CA1: Effects on Dendritic Morphology of Pyramidal Neurons and Network Activity. [Dissertation]

Mongis, Cyril (2017) Towards simplified image analysis workflows. [Dissertation]

Montalbano, Antonino (2017) Identification and functional characterization of genetic modifiers for SHOX deficiency. [Dissertation]

Mugo, Elisha Muchunga (2017) The role of RBP10, a key post-transcriptional regulator in the development of Trypanosoma brucei. [Dissertation]

Muthinja, Julianne Mendi (2017) Dissecting the role of Plasmodium sporozoite curvature in gliding motility. [Dissertation]

Möller, Eva Katharina (2017) Modulation of the Wnt pathway at single-cell level uncovers diverging functional domains in the ciliary marginal zone of medaka. [Dissertation]

Müller, Bettina (2017) Die Rolle des BK-Kanals bei der dysfunktionalen Regulation des Gefäßtonus bei Diabetes und seine Aktivitätssteuerung durch Calciumtransportprozesse sowie ATP- und spannungsabhängige Kaliumkanäle. [Dissertation]


Oles, Malgorzata Elzbieta (2017) Pharmacogenomics of Primary Blood Cancer Cells. [Dissertation]

Pankert, Teresa (2017) A 3’-UTR sequence element modifies chromatin and regulates alternative splicing. [Dissertation]

Paternoga, Helge (2017) Ribosome assembly factors Nsa2 and Rsa4 connect the ATPase Rea1 to the maturing catalytic center of the large subunit. [Dissertation]

Pelka, Katharina Elisabeth (2017) The applicability of the Fish Embryo Toxicity Test (FET) for the testing of chemical substances with particular reference to a possible barrier function of the chorion. [Dissertation]

Pfalz, Birgit (2017) Comparing bacterial gene networks based on high-throughput phenomics. [Dissertation]

Pollmann, Julia (2017) Of Natural Killer cells and Hepatitis C Virus. [Dissertation]

Quintas Glasner de Medeiros, Gustavo (2017) Deep tissue light-sheet microscopy. [Dissertation]

Rogell, Birgit (2017) Exploring the biology of RNPs: specific capture of RNPs using antisense locked nucleic acids. [Dissertation]

Rohwedder, Carolin (2017) Generation of a shut-off system for Adeno-associated viral gene transfer vectors. [Dissertation]

Ryl, Tatsiana (2017) MYCN, proliferative heterogeneity and treatment response in neuroblastoma. [Dissertation]

Sabouri Khameneh, Haniyeh (2017) Hyperforin induces senescence in endothelial and tumor cells. [Dissertation]

Saraswati, Supriya (2017) The role of Asap1 in physiology and tumor metastasis. [Dissertation]

Scherr, Anna-Lena (2017) The role of anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 proteins for colorectal cancer development and progression. [Dissertation]

Schiklenk, Christoph (2017) Characterization of Schizosaccharomyces pombe chromosome condensation factor Zas1. [Dissertation]

Schroeder, Lea (2017) Human papillomavirus-driven neck lymph node metastases from oropharyngeal or unknown primary squamous cell carcinoma. [Dissertation]

Schult, Philipp (2017) Functional Dissection of the Hepatitis C Virus Non-Structural Proteins and miR-122 in Viral Replication and Translation. [Dissertation]

Schulze, Wiebke Manuela (2017) Mutually Exclusive CBC and CBC-ARS2 Containing Complexes Coordinate the Fate of RNA Polymerase II Transcripts. [Dissertation]

Sefrin, Julian Peter (2017) Sensitization of tumor cells for T cell mediated eradication through targeted delivery of virus-derived immunogenic peptide epitopes. [Dissertation]

Sharma, Abhishek (2017) Role of CHRAC14 and histone methyltransferase Su(var)3-9 in facilitating ectopic loading of CENP-A. [Dissertation]

Simeonova, Ina Krasimirova (2017) Generation of Defined Astrocytic Phenotypes from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells for Transplantation after Spinal Cord Injury. [Dissertation]

Singer, Mirko (2017) Timed genome editing and sporozoite formation in Plasmodium berghei. [Dissertation]

Stank, Antonia (2017) Computational Studies on the Relation Between Macromolecular Dynamics and Protein Binding and Function. [Dissertation]

Stoeck, Ina Karen (2017) The role of cellular lipid homeostasis in the hepatitis C virus replication cycle. [Dissertation]

Suchanek, Verena Maria (2017) Role of Motility and its Regulation in Escherichia coli Biofilm formation. [Dissertation]

Sultan, Cheryl Sophia (2017) Functional association of a single nucleotide polymorphism in the human CD40 gene with the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. [Dissertation]

Sutcliffe, Grant (2017) Stochastic dynamics and delta-band oscillations in clustered spiking networks. [Dissertation]

Svara, Fabian Nicolas (2017) Volume Electron Microscopic Analyses in the Larval Zebrafish. [Dissertation]

Theiß, Martin (2017) Die Rolle des Mikrotubuli-assoziierten Proteins 1B (MAP1B) bei der axonalen Navigation in der embryonalen Retina. [Dissertation]


Vegesna, Naga Venkata Gayathri (2017) Molecular regulation of de novo Golgi biogenesis. [Dissertation]

Veinalde, Rūta (2017) Unraveling Determinants of Efficacy in Measles Immunovirotherapy. [Dissertation]

Wan, Shan (2017) Impact of the cell polarity protein Scribble on liver cancer formation and progression. [Dissertation]

Wiehle, Laura (2017) TET-dependent DNA methylation patterns in mammalian development and disease. [Dissertation]

Wolanski, Julia Caroline (2017) Regulatory Functions of the DAP Kinase Family in Antiviral RIG-I Signalling. [Dissertation]

Wolf, Eva Maria (2017) The evolutionary history of Cochlearia L. : Cytogenetics, phylogenomics and metabolomics of a cold relic in a warming world. [Dissertation]

Wollny, Damian (2017) Single cell analysis uncovers clonal heterogeneity in the adult exocrine pancreas. [Dissertation]

Xiang, Wanqing (2017) Structure and Dynamics of Replication Domains in Single Chromosome Territories of Interphase Nuclei. [Dissertation]

Ye, Fei (2017) Cell-type Dependent Changes of Protein Post-translational Modifications in The Ageing Human Bone Marrow Proteome. [Dissertation]

Zhang, Lei (2017) Construction of infectious full-length cDNA clones of apple viruses and plant viral vector development. [Dissertation]

Zhang, Yuanfeng (2017) Role of Transcription Factor Foxb1 in Oligodendrocyte Development. [Dissertation]

Zimmer, Jana (2017) The role of SOCS1 in the cell nucleus - Regulation of local immunity in the lung? [Dissertation]

da Costa Pereira de Carvalho, Ricardo Bruno (2017) Quantitative analysis of centriolar satellites and control of ciliogenesis by centrosome associated kinases. [Dissertation]

Özcan, Mine (2017) Models for Immune Response and Immune Evasion in MSI Cancer and Lynch Syndrome. [Dissertation]


Roncaglia, Paola ; van Dam, Teunis J. P. ; Christie, Karen R. ; Nacheva, Lora ; Toedt, Grischa ; Huynen, Martijn A. ; Huntley, Rachael P. ; Gibson, Toby J. ; Lomax, Jane (2017) The Gene Ontology of eukaryotic cilia and flagella. Cilia, 6 (10). pp. 1-13. ISSN 2046-2530

Universität Heidelberg (2017) Investigating the genetic and epigenetic basis of big biological questions with the new crayfish model Procambarus virginalis.

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