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Items where Division is "The Faculty of Bio Sciences > Dean's Office of the Faculty of Bio Sciences" and Year is 2021

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Bartsch, Ilka Maria (2021) Dynamics of the human T cell response to repeated immunization with irradiated malaria parasites. [Dissertation]

Becker, Jonas Philipp (2021) Pharmacological modification of RNA surveillance in microsatellite-unstable colorectal cancer. [Dissertation]

Berthet, Béatrice (2021) Stem cell niche ontogeny during lateral root development in Arabidopsis thaliana. [Dissertation]

Bertolini, Matilde (2021) Profiling interactions of proximal nascent chains reveals a general co-translational mechanism of protein complex assembly. [Dissertation]

Bretscher, Clemens (2021) The SAT Protein of the Minute Virus of Mice Induces the Lysis of the Cell through the Formation of Viroporin-like Structures. [Dissertation]

Britta, Kais (2021) The distribution of different fluorescence dyes in the egg and embryo of the zebrafish (Danio rerio). [Master's thesis]

Brosig, Annika Nicole (2021) The RNA interactome of pediatric T-cell leukemia: Identification of alterations in the RNA-bound proteome of T-ALL in the process of leukemogenesis and treatment with the HDAC inhibitor Vorinostat. [Dissertation]

Böhler, Svenja (2021) The fathead minnow embryo as a model for the development of alternative testing methods in ecotoxicology. [Master's thesis]

Büchler-Schäff, Marleen (2021) Investigation into hematopoietic stem cell function in the context of developmental specification and stress hematopoiesis. [Dissertation]


Cao, Rui (2021) Evaluation of a prophylactic L2-based vaccine in the pre-clinical model Mastomys coucha and establishment of an in vitro infection model for the cutaneous papillomavirus MnPV. [Dissertation]

Cassella, Lucia (2021) Landscape and functions of RNA localization in the Drosophila follicular epithelium. [Dissertation]

Chatterjee, Anupriya (2021) The role of Tie-2 and protein O-GlcNAcylation in Ang-2 regulation in NDPK-B deficiency - a vasoregressive model. [Dissertation]

Cichon, Frederik (2021) Identification of Myeloid Cell Targets for Cancer Immunotherapy. [Dissertation]


Di Ponzio, Chiara (2021) Optimization of strategies for overcoming therapy resistance in pancreatic cancer chemotherapy by mathematical modelling. [Dissertation]

Dinkelacker, Maria (2021) Chromosomal clustering of tissue restricted antigens. [Dissertation]

Druce, Megan Claire (2021) The Impact of Ageing, Replication and Stress on Genome Stability in Hematopoietic Stem Cells. [Dissertation]


Fenzl, Kai (2021) Disome selective profiling identifies nascent chain dimerization as a prevalent co-translational assembly mechanism in human cells. [Dissertation]

Ferreira, Tiago (2021) Characterisation of Oncolytic H-1 Parvovirus Cell Entry Pathways. [Dissertation]

Francois Martín del Campo, Liliana (2021) Novel mode of action of the branched-chain amino acid transaminase BCAT1 in glioblastoma. [Dissertation]

Friedrich, Mona Soledad (2021) Understanding and Exploiting MYCN Addiction in High-Risk Neuroblastoma Using the Example of CDK13. [Dissertation]


Giannakouri, Evangelia (2021) Bone Marrow Angiopoietin/Tie signaling in the control of hematopoietic stem cells. [Dissertation]

Gräßer, Ines (2021) Towards optimizing combination therapy in ALK-positive neuroblastoma. [Dissertation]

Gücüm, Sevinc (2021) Modeling hypo-N-glycosylation in medaka, Oryzias latipes, to decipher mechanisms of Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation. [Dissertation]


Haubrich, Kevin (2021) RNA binding regulates TRIM25-mediated RIG-I ubiquitination. [Dissertation]

Heilig, Ann Kathrin (2021) Molecular and cellular mechanisms of myotome dorsalization in the medaka embryo. [Dissertation]

Hellfeld, Rebecca von (2021) Die Anwendbarkeit des Zebrabärblings-Embryos (Danio rerio) als Modelorganismus in der Teratogenitätsforschung. [Dissertation]

Hempelmann, Alexander (2021) Structural Studies of Variant Surface Glycoproteins on the Trypanosoma Surface. [Dissertation]

Herbst, Sophie Alessa (2021) Systematic analysis of cell-intrinsic and extrinsic factors in chronic lymphocytic leukemia to understand functional consequences for drug response and clinical outcome. [Dissertation]

Hollmann, Nele Merret (2021) Structure and dynamics of Upstream of N Ras and their influence on RNA binding and translation regulation. [Dissertation]


Jolly, Adrien (2021) An Investigation of the role of the microenvironment in haematopoiesis and T cell development. [Dissertation]


Kilian, Michael (2021) Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II Antigen Responses as Drivers of Brain Tumor Immunity. [Dissertation]

Kim, Jeong Yoon (2021) ECM-mediated intercellular adhesion prompts cellular position-sensing to pattern the embryo. [Dissertation]

Konstantinidis, Dimitrios (2021) Directed Evolution of Costly Metabolic Traits: use of microbial communities and metabolic modelling. [Dissertation]

Kurzawa, Nils (2021) Computational methods for thermal stability proteomics. [Dissertation]


Litke, Christian (2021) Role of epigenetic mechanisms in structural and functional plasticity in the CNS: focus on spinal sensitization. [Dissertation]

Llaó Cid, Laura (2021) Characterization of the T-cell landscape and its functional role in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. [Dissertation]


Mahmoud Aly Mohamed, Abdelrahman (2021) Deciphering the Immune Evolution Landscape of Multiple Myeloma Long-Term Survivors Using Single Cell Genomics. [Dissertation]

Masson, Charlène (2021) The EBV M81 BGLF4 protein modulates infectious events by regulating gp350 protein expression. [Dissertation]

Maurer, Margot (2021) Functional and anatomical interactions between olfactory and trigeminal signalling. [Dissertation]

Mayakonda Thippeswamy, Anand (2021) Epigenetic blueprint of human thymopoiesis and adult T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. [Dissertation]

Merkel, Fabian (2021) Structure of the condensin holo complex. [Dissertation]

Monogarov, German (2021) Proteomic characterisation of mutant RAS signalling and oncogene-cooperating activity of wild-type p53. [Dissertation]

Morgado de Andrade, Carolina (2021) Host and parasite factors of Plasmodium falciparum asymptomatic persistence during the dry season. [Dissertation]

Mändl, Julia (2021) The Growth Differentiation Factor 15 – a Novel Cellular Target Gene for Oncogenic Human Papillomaviruses. [Dissertation]


Neukirch, Lasse (2021) Evaluation of antigen-displaying adeno-associated virus-like particles (AAVLPs) as future candidates for personalized cancer vaccination. [Dissertation]


Oedegaard Fougner, Oeyvind (2021) A method to image the 3D structure of human genes in single cells with 10 kb resolution. [Dissertation]


Palanisamy, Navaneethan (2021) Molecular insights on the DNA-binding activity by the Escherichia coli Min CD proteins. [Dissertation]

Prakash, Abaya (2021) Molecular characterization of the recruitment machinery for amyloid aggregates to the Insoluble Protein Deposit (IPOD) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. [Dissertation]


Revia, Steffie (2021) KDM6A is an epigenetic gatekeeper of mTORC1 signaling in cancer. [Dissertation]

Roßmanith, Martin (2021) Characterization and modulation of neuronal ensembles involved in reward learning. [Dissertation]

Russo, Luigi (2021) Molecular characterization of in vitro specification towards neural fate from primitive streak cells. [Dissertation]


Sahm, Renè (2021) In Vitro Analysis of HIV-1 Proteolytic Maturation Kinetics. [Dissertation]

Sanchez, Paul Gerald Layague (2021) Entrainment of coupled, phase-shifted signaling oscillations in the presomitic mesoderm. [Dissertation]

Schlamp, Theresa (2021) Investigating the impact of cell wall dynamics on secondary growth regulation. [Dissertation]

Schweinfurth, Daniela (2021) Characterisation of Protein-Very Long Chain Fatty Acid-Containing Sphingolipid Interactions. [Dissertation]

Siauciunaite, Rima (2021) Linking circadian clock with metabolism. [Dissertation]

Sieber-Frank, Julia (2021) Characterisation of anti-cancer properties of synthetic flavaglines and preparation of their preclinical evaluation. [Dissertation]

Singh, Sanjana (2021) Single-population transcriptomics as a method to identify a network regulating Golgi structure. [Dissertation]

Sommerkamp, Alexander Constantin (2021) Molecular comparison, preclinical modeling and improved diagnostics of pediatric low-grade gliomas. [Dissertation]

Sorrentino, Antonio (2021) A screening for novel immune modulators identifies SIK3 kinase as a regulator of tumor resistance to T cell attack. [Dissertation]

Stadler, Mira (2021) Inflammatory cytokines influence fatty acid metabolism in hepatocytes. [Dissertation]


Thakre, Neha (2021) Inferring Characteristics Of Malaria Infection Of Two Plasmodium Strains In Mice. [Dissertation]

Tonn, Nina (2021) SUPPRESSOR OF MAX2 1-LIKE3 (SMXL3), SMXL4 and SMXL5 establish post-embryonic phloem development in Arabidopsis thaliana. [Dissertation]

Truckenmüller, Felicia Maria (2021) Dysregulated MicroRNAs in Biliary Tract Cancer and Characterization of the Target Tumor Suppressor FHL1. [Dissertation]


Usai, Katrin (2021) Emotional learning and its impact on back pain chronicity. [Dissertation]


Valinciute, Gintvile (2021) Targeting MYC in high risk medulloblastoma. [Dissertation]

Velten, Jessica (2021) Molecular Determinants of Synaptic Specificity at the Single Cell Level. [Dissertation]

Vibe, Carina Beatrice (2021) The temperature response of the medaka segmentation clock and its link to robustness in embryonic patterning. [Dissertation]

Vlasiuk, Anastasiia (2021) Retinal circuit as computational unit for visual information processing. [Dissertation]


Walch, Philipp Darius Konstantin (2021) Dissecting the host-pathogen interface during Salmonella infection. [Dissertation]

Williams, Felix Preston (2021) Structure and RNA-binding preferences of the C-terminal domains of TRIM2 and TRIM3. [Dissertation]

Wolf, Lucie Magdalena (2021) Ubiquitin-dependent regulation of the WNT cargo protein EVI/WLS. [Dissertation]


Zauser, Martin (2021) Communication in Plants: Analysis and Modeling of Calcium Signatures in Arabidopsis thaliana. [Dissertation]

Zhang, Jingye (2021) Development of Genetically Encoded Near-Infrared Fluorescent Light-up Aptamers for Live-Cell RNA Imaging. [Dissertation]

Zhao, Xiyan (2021) Role of COPI paralogous proteins during pluripotent cells differentiation into neurons. [Dissertation]

Zhuang, Linhan (2021) Regulation of tumor suppressor p53 under hypoxia in human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV16)-positive cervical cancer cells. [Dissertation]

Zickgraf, Franziska Maria (2021) SPDEF is a mediator of tumorigenicity in SSEA1- tumor-initiating cells in high grade serous ovarian cancer. [Dissertation]

Ziegler, Bérénice Dorothea (2021) A Wnt-specific astacin proteinase restricts head organizer formation in Hydra. [Dissertation]

Ziegler, Tobias (2021) Identification and characterization of genes involved in stilbene biosynthesis and modification in Vitis vinifera. [Dissertation]

Zirngibl, Katharina (2021) Adaptability of metabolic networks in evolution and disease. [Dissertation]

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