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Items where Subject is "004 Data processing Computer science"

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Abelein, Ulrike (2015) User-Developer Communication in Large-Scale IT Projects. [Dissertation]

Abkai, Ciamak ; Hesser, Jürgen (2009) Real-Time Physiological Simulation and Modeling toward Dependable Patient Monitoring Systems. [Conference Item]

Abu Alhaija, Hassan (2021) Deep-learning based image synthesis with geometric models. [Dissertation]

Ackermann, Franziska ; Enderle, Petra ; Fratz, Matthias ; Kushnarenko, Vladimir ; Scharon, Daniel ; Schmücker, Pia ; Waldvogel, Marcel ; Wesner, Stefan (2017) SARA-Service: Langzeitverfügbarkeit und Publikation von Softwareartefakten. [Conference Item]

Aguilera, Alvaro ; Brand, Ortrun ; Dierkes, Jens ; Erven, Judith ; Ludwig, Jens ; Müller-Pfefferkorn, Ralph ; Schubert, Paul ; Sutter, Paul (2019) Serviceverzeichnis Forschungsdaten. [Conference Item]

Al-Shabibi, Ali (2011) MultiPaths Revisited - A novel approach using OpenFlow-enabled devices. [Dissertation]

Albert, Marvin (2021) A spatial normalization framework to quantify signaling receptor activity and function during embryonic development. [Dissertation]

Albrecht, Conrad (2013) On a Numerical Framework for Functional Renormalization of Quantum Statistical Physics. [Dissertation]

Albrecht, Marco ; Stichel, Damian ; Müller, Benedikt ; Merkle, Ruth ; Sticht, Carsten ; Gretz, Norbert ; Klingmüller, Ursula ; Breuhahn, Kai ; Matthäus, Franziska (2017) TTCA: an R package for the identification of differentially expressed genes in time course microarray data. BMC Bioinformatics, 18 (33). pp. 1-11. ISSN 1471-2105

Alekozai, Emal M. (2013) Enhanced Multiscale Sampling of the Cel7A-Cellulose Interaction. [Dissertation]

Alexopoulos, Alexander (2017) Multi-Agent Pursuit of a Faster Evader with Application to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. [Dissertation]

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (2021) MoMaF: Science Data Center für Molekulare Materialforschung. [Conference Item]

Anders, Michael (2020) Comprehensive and Targeted Access to and Visualization of Decision Knowledge. [Master's thesis]

Antić, Borislav (2014) Latent Structured Models for Video Understanding. [Dissertation]

Apel, Jochen ; Baumann, Martin ; Bollendorf, Nadine ; Maylein, Leonhard ; Wlotzka, Martin (2017) CS-FDP: Community-spezifische Forschungsdatenpublikation. [Conference Item]

Apel, Jochen ; Föhles, Nils ; Kratzke, Jonas (2017) Forschungsdatenmanagement: Workshop. [Other]

Arendt, Thorsten ; Koutsou, Achilleas ; Mittal, Deepti ; Sehara, Keisuke ; Schuppner, Rike-Benjamin ; Larkum, Matthew ; Colomb, Julien ; Wachtler, Thomas (2021) Konzepte und Dienste für die Homogenisierung und das Management von Dateistrukturen in neurowissenschaftlichen Verbundprojekten. [Conference Item]

Armbruster, Tim (2013) SPADIC - a Self-Triggered Detector Readout ASIC with Multi-Channel Amplification and Digitization. [Dissertation]

Armiti, Ayser (2015) Geometric Graphs: Matching, Similarity, and Indexing. [Dissertation]

Armoush, Ashraf ; Kowalewski, Stefan (2009) Safety Recommendations for Safety-Critical Design Patterns. [Conference Item]

Arnold, Matthias (2021) Multilingual research projects: Challenges for making use of standards, authority files, and character recognition. [Preprint]

Arnold, Matthias ; Rudolph, Henrike (2021) Network Data in the Early Chinese Periodicals Online Database (ECPO). Journal of Historical Network Research, 5. pp. 288-302. ISSN 2535-8863

Arnold, Matthias ; Decker, Eric ; Volkmann, Armin (2017) Digital Humanities Strategies in Transcultural Studies. [Working paper]

Arnold, Matthias ; Hessel, Lena (2019) Transforming data silos into knowledge: Early Chinese Periodicals Online (ECPO). [Conference Item]

Arnold, Matthias ; Lecher, Hanno ; Vogt, Sebastian (2019) OpenDACHS: a Citation Repository for the Sustainable Archiving of Cited Online Sources. [Conference Item]

Atanasov, Deyan (2009) Design and Implementation of a System for Data Traffic Management in a Real-Time Processing Farm Operated at 1 MHz. [Dissertation]

Atkinson, Colin ; Barth, Florian ; Falcone, Giovanni (2009) Measuring the Dependability of Dynamic Systems using Test Sheets. [Conference Item]

Auer, Maximilian (2016) Numerical treatment of localized fields in rigorous diffraction theory and its application to light absorption in structured layers. [Dissertation]

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (2021) DATA CENTER 4 SCIENCE: Disziplinspezifische und disziplinübergreifende Forschungsdateninfrastrukturen und abgestimmte Bearbeitung von Querschnittsthemen in Baden-Württemberg. [Conference Item]

Azmi, Elnaz ; Hassler, Sibylle ; Mälicke, Mirke ; Meyer, Jörg ; Strobl, Marcus ; Zehe, Erwin (2017) V-FOR-WaTer - Virtuelle Forschungsumgebung für die Wasser- und terrestrische Umweltforschung. [Conference Item]


Bach, Felix ; Ulrich, Robert (2019) bwDIM - Data In Motion. [Conference Item]

Bach, Felix ; Ulrich, Robert (2017) bwDIM – Data In Motion. [Conference Item]

Bachl, Fabian Elias (2015) Bayesian Hierarchical Models for Remote Assessment of Atmospheric Dust. [Dissertation]

Bailoni, Alberto (2021) Deep Learning for Graph-Based Image Instance Segmentation. [Dissertation]

Bakibayev, Timur (2010) Weak Completeness Notions for Exponential Time. [Dissertation]

Bakulina, Alena (2016) Automated ultrasound calibration solution for the Ultrasound Fracture Analysis Scanning System. [Dissertation]

Baldus, Ilona Beatrice (2013) Mechanochemistry of Disulfide Bonds in Proteins. [Dissertation]

Ballhausen, Hendrik ; von Maltitz, Marcel ; Niyazi, Maximilian ; Kaul, David ; Belka, Claus ; Carle, Georg (2019) Secure Multiparty Computation in Clinical Research and Digital Health. [Conference Item]

Banerji, Anashua (2013) A quantitative analysis of hepcidin promoter regulation using mathematical modelling techniques to reveal principles underlying systemic iron homeostasis. [Dissertation]

Barth, Jochen (2012) Die UB in 3D oder: wie kommt der Benutzer zum Buch? B.I.T-Online (2).

Bartolein, Christian ; Wagner, Achim ; Jipp, Meike ; Badreddin, Essameddin (2009) Dependable System Design for Assistance Systems for Electrically Powered Wheelchairs. [Conference Item]

Bartusch, Felix ; Gieschke, Rafael ; Kombrink, Stefan ; Krüger, Jens ; Mocken, Susanne ; Rechert, Klaus ; Stobbe, Oleg ; Udod, Kyryll ; Walter, Thomas ; Wesner, Stefan ; Zharkov, Oleg (2019) CiTAR – Citing and Archiving Research. [Conference Item]

Bastian, Ulrich (2013) Kontrollsoftware für Raumsonde Gaia wird von der Universität Heidelberg entwickelt. [Audio]

Baumann, Martin ; Effinger, Maria ; Eller, Dirk ; Heuveline, Vincent ; Kempf, Christian ; Loos, Lukas ; Maylein, Leonhard ; Peltzer, Jörg ; Pfeiffer, Michelle ; Probst, Veit ; Schultes, Kilian ; Thomas, Binu ; Volkmann, Armin ; Zipf, Alexander (2017) heiMAP: Virtueller Kartentisch. [Conference Item]

Baumann, Martin ; Eller, Dirk ; Heuveline, Vincent ; Khan, Mohammed Rizwan ; Loos, Lukas ; Maylein, Leonhard ; Peltzer, Jörg ; Pfeiffer, Michelle ; Scherbaum, Benjamin ; Schultes, Kilian ; Santana, Amon Veiga ; Volkmann, Armin ; Zia, Mohammed ; Zipf, Alexander (2019) heiMAP – Virtual Research Environment for collaborative spatio-temporal research in the Humanities. [Conference Item]

Baumann, Martin ; Mattes, Oliver ; Richling, Sabine ; Siebler, Sven ; Balz, Alexander (2019) SDS@hd – Scientific Data Storage. [Conference Item]

Bayer, Paul Victor (2018) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 1: First Steps. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor (2018) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 2: Cone Unwrapping. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor (2018) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 3: Sphere Unwrapping. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor (2018) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 4: Pottery Profiles. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor (2018) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 5: Profile Cuts. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor (2019) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 8: GigaMesh on Windows + Point Cloud Rendering. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor ; Karl, Stephan ; Mara, Hubert ; Márton, András (2018) Advanced documentation methods in studying Corinthian black-figure vase painting. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor ; Kunkel, Selina ; Mara, Hubert (2020) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 10: Geodesic Distance & Voronoi Cells (Sabouroff head). [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor ; Mara, Hubert (2019) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 6: Screenshot Rendering. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor ; Mara, Hubert (2019) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 7: Color Creation for Rapid Hill Shading. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor ; Özer, Serap (2019) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 9: Unpacking a Cuneiform Tablet. [Video]


Becker, Florian (2009) Variational Correlation and Decomposition Methods for Particle Image Velocimetry. [Dissertation]

Beckers, Maximilian (2020) Statistical Inference of cryo-EM Maps. [Dissertation]

Beier, Florian (2012) Entwicklung eines neurochirurgischen Trainingssimulators für intrakranielle Eingriffe. [Dissertation]

Beier, Thorsten (2018) Multicut Algorithms for Neurite Segmentation. [Dissertation]

Benedict, Domnic Savio (2007) Tracking Biped Motion in Pervasive Environment. [Dissertation]

Berg, Stuart ; Kutra, Dominik ; Kroeger, Thorben ; Straehle, Christoph N. ; Kausler, Bernhard X. ; Haubold, Carsten ; Schiegg, Martin ; Ales, Janez ; Beier, Thorsten ; Rudy, Markus ; Eren, Kemal ; Cervantes, Jaime I ; Xu, Buote ; Beuttenmueller, Fynn ; Wolny, Adrian ; Zhang, Chong ; Koethe, Ullrich ; Hamprecht, Fred A. ; Kreshuk, Anna (2019) ilastik: interactive machine learning for (bio)image analysis. Nature Methods, 2019 (16). pp. 1-9. ISSN 1548-7105 (Online-Ausg.), 1548-7091 (Druck-Ausg.)

Bernardo Faura, Marti (2013) Emerging properties of signaling networks in cancer: a data-derived modeling approach. [Dissertation]

Beyer, Andreas (2016) Data Fusion of Surface Meshes and Volumetric Representations. [Dissertation]

Biardzki, Christoph (2008) Analyzing Metadata Performance in Distributed File Systems. [Dissertation]

Bigga, Alexander ; Brändle, Martin ; Bölter, Ronny ; Decker, Constanze ; España, Maria ; Eilbacher, Gerhard ; Flasko, Matthias ; Krabbes, Frank ; Leugers-Scherzberg, August H. ; Mühlhölzer, Marianna ; Müller, Dennis ; Münch, Philip ; Niers, Tom ; Nüst, Daniel ; Pachzelt, Adrian ; Plich, Maximilian ; Steffen, Ronald ; Thoden, Klaus ; Varachkina, Hanna ; Warner, Paul ; Weiher, Nils ; Wolf, Daniela ; Withanage, Dulip (2020) OJS Software Workshop Report. [Conference Item]

Binder, Janos (2014) Integration and visualization of scientific big data to aid systems biology research. [Dissertation]

Binnig, Carsten (2008) Generating Meaningful Test Databases. [Dissertation]

Leibniz Institut für Psychologie (2021) PsyCuraDat: The development of a user-friendly curation standard for psychological research data. [Conference Item]

Blessing, André ; Bönisch, Thomas ; Buck, Nina ; Ganzenmüller, Andreas ; Hein, Pascal ; Hess, Jan ; Holz, Alexander ; Jung, Kerstin ; Kaminski, Andreas ; Kamzelak, Roland S. ; Werner Kramski, Heinz ; Kuhn, Jonas ; Kushnarenko, Volodymyr ; Schembera, Björn ; Ulrich, Mona ; Schlesinger, Claus-Michael ; Viehhauser, Gabriel (2021) SDC4Lit - Science Data Center for Literature. [Conference Item]

Bogacz, Bartosz ; Gertz, Michael ; Mara, Hubert (2015) Cuneiform Character Similarity Using Graph Representations. [Conference Item]

Bogacz, Bartosz Ryszard (2018) Analyzing Handwritten and Transcribed Symbols in Disparate Corpora. [Dissertation]

Bohne-Lang, Andreas (2018) Übersichtsplan der PC-Belegung auf der Webseite einer Bibliothek. ABI Technik, 38 (2). pp. 192-195. ISSN 2191-4664 (Online-Ausg.), 0720-6763 (Druck-Ausg.)

Borner, Lars (2009) Integrationstest : Testprozess, Testfokus und Integrationsreihenfolge. [Dissertation]

Borner, Lars ; Fraikin, Falk ; Hamburg, Matthias ; Jungmayr, Stefan ; Schönknecht, Andreas (2006) Fehlerhäufigkeiten in objektorientierten Systemen: Basisauswertung einer Online-Umfrage. [Other]

Bougatf, Nina (2021) Entwicklung eines service-orientierten und workflow-basierten Verfahrens zur automatisierten patientenübergreifenden Analyse von radioonkologischen Bild- und Bestrahlungsplanungsdaten. [Dissertation]

Brattoli, Biagio (2021) Visual Similarity Using Limited Supervision. [Dissertation]

Breitenreicher, Dirk (2010) Model-Based Multiple 3D Object Recognition in Range Data. [Dissertation]

Breitwieser, Oliver Julien (2021) Learning by Tooling: Novel Neuromorphic Learning Strategies in Reproducible Software Environments. [Dissertation]

Brilmayer Bakti, Barbara Sophia (2020) Rainwater Harvesting in Rural Jordan: A GIS and remote sensing-based analysis of ancient and modern adaptations to water scarcity in a changing environment. [Dissertation]

Buchholz, Jan (2016) Evaluation of single photon avalanche diode arrays for imaging fluorescence correlation spectroscopy : FPGA-based data readout and fast correlation analysis on CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs. [Dissertation]

Buchholz-Chebbi, Ina ; Arnold, Matthias (2019) Nepal Heritage Documentation Project. [Conference Item]

Buck, Jasmin Anna (2018) Generierung individueller, bedarfsgerechter Sichten auf die Daten einer elektronischen Gesundheitsakte. [Dissertation]

Börschinger, Benjamin (2018) Exploring Issues in Lexical Acquisition Using Bayesian Modeling. [Dissertation]

Büch, Lutz (2020) Metric Selection and Metric Learning for Matching Tasks. [Dissertation]

Büch, Lutz (2021) [Pi 0 1] Classes Boundedness and Degrees. [Master's thesis]

Büchler, Uta (2021) Visual Representation Learning with Minimal Supervision. [Dissertation]

Büttner, David (2007) Benchmarking of Non-Blocking Input/Output on Compute Clusters. [Bachelor thesis]


Cai, Jie (2012) Coreference Resolution via Hypergraph Partitioning. [Dissertation]

Cao, Han (2022) Dimensional reconstruction of psychotic disorders through multi-task learning. [Dissertation]

Cenati, Chiara ; Tom, Elliot ; Cristina, De la Escosura Balbás ; Petra, Heřmánková ; Jonathan, Prag ; Vincent, Razanajao ; Nadine, Riegler ; Franziska, Weise (2020) Report on the fourth workshop held in Hamburg, February 19 - 21, 2020 (Arbeitsbereich Alte Geschichte, Universität Hamburg). [Conference Item]

Chen, Junfang (2020) Biologically informed risk scoring in schizophrenia based on genome-wide omics data. [Dissertation]

Chidtavong, Lathsamy (2016) Analysis, Modeling and Generation of Traditional Lao Woven Textile. [Dissertation]

Cielo, Salvatore (2015) Numerical Models of AGN Jet Feedback. [Dissertation]

Clormann, Jochen (2019) DecXtract: Dokumentation und Nutzung von Entscheidungswissen in JIRA-Issue-Kommentaren. [Master's thesis]

Cocking, Cara (2008) Solutions to Facility Location–Network Design Problems. [Dissertation]

Colombo, Tommaso (2018) Optimising the data-collection time of a large-scale data-acquisition system. [Dissertation]

Curdt, Constanze ; Dierkes, Jens ; Depping, Ralf ; Kloppenburg, Sonja ; Linne, Monika ; Riese, Maria ; Röder, Matthias ; Schenk, Jasmin ; Valencia-S., Monica ; Winkelmann, Volker (2019) Das Konzept für ein FDM-Kompetenznetzwerk an der Universität zu Köln. [Conference Item]


D'Isanto, Antonio (2019) Probabilistic photometric redshift estimation in massive digital sky surveys via machine learning. [Dissertation]

Damasceno Costa, Diego Elias (2019) Benchmark-driven Software Performance Optimization. [Dissertation]

Daub, Johannes (2021) Tool Support for the Automatic Analysis of Natural Language User Statements. [Master's thesis]

Debatin, Maurice (2016) Accurate Low-Dose Iterative CT Reconstruction from Few Projections using Sparse and Non-Local Regularization Functions. [Dissertation]

Debus, Charlotte Christiane (2016) Integrative multimodal image analysis using physical models for characterization of brain tumors in radiotherapy. [Dissertation]

Deisenroth, Christian ; Narchi, Jonas ; Schickhardt, Christoph (2019) Implementing a Data Sharing Agreement within a biomedical research consortium. [Conference Item]

Dekker, Vincent (2019) Das Computational Science Lab (CSL). [Conference Item]

Delater, Alexander (2013) Tracing Requirements and Source Code During Software Development. [Dissertation]

Dencker, Tobias (2021) Beyond Supervised Learning: Exploring Alternative Forms of Supervision for Visual Recognition. [Dissertation]

Denitiu, Andreea-Marieta (2016) Variational Methods for Discrete Tomography. [Dissertation]

Desana, Mattia (2018) Sum-Product Graphical Models: a Graphical Model Perspective on Sum-Product Networks. [Dissertation]

Diebold, Maximilian (2016) Light-Field Imaging and Heterogeneous Light Fields. [Dissertation]

Dolle, Dirk-Dominik (2012) Application of motif scoring algorithms for enhancer prediction in distantly related species. [Dissertation]

Dong, Zhen (2017) Diagnosing Software Configuration Errors via Static Analysis. [Dissertation]

Dorn, Sabrina (2019) Context-sensitive imaging for single, dual and multi energy computed tomography. [Dissertation]

Duato, Jose ; Silla, Federico ; Yalamanchili, Sudhakar ; Holden, Brian ; Miranda, Paul ; Underhill, Jeff ; Cavalli, Mario ; Brüning, Ulrich (2009) Extending HyperTransport Protocol for Improved Scalability.

Dudaš, Dorotea (2013) Vortex Extraction Of Vector Fields. [Dissertation]


Eckert, Karin ; Klammt, Anne ; Klein, Elisabeth ; Steinkamp, Jörg ; Vieten, Anne (2019) Das Kompetenzteam Forschungsdaten an der JGU – Ein kooperatives Angebot. [Conference Item]

Eger, Steffen (2007) Computer Simulation of Language Evolution. [Master's thesis]

Eigenstetter, Angela (2015) Learning Mid-Level Representations for Visual Recognition. [Dissertation]

Esparza García, José Domingo (2015) 3D Reconstruction for Optimal Representation of Surroundings in Automotive HMIs, Based on Fisheye Multi-Camera Systems. [Dissertation]


Fahlke, Jorrit (2014) Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Parallel Simulation of Ground-Penetrating Radar in 3D. [Dissertation]

Fangerau, Jens (2015) Interactive Similarity Analysis for 3D+t Cell Trajectory Data. [Dissertation]

Fay, Andreas (2010) Entwurf eines agilen Requirements Engineering Vorgehens mit Fokus auf Gebrauchstauglichkeit für das Allianz Business System. [Bachelor thesis]

Faßhauer, Elke (2014) Investigation of Relativistic Effects in Electronic Decay Processes in Small and Large Noble Gas Clusters by Ab Initio and New Simulation Approaches. [Dissertation]

Feizabadi, Parvin Sadat (2019) Strategies to Address Data Sparseness in Implicit Semantic Role Labeling. [Dissertation]

Feraudi-Gruénais, Francisca (2020) Statement of Intent on the Handling of Unpublished Inscriptions. pp. 1-2.

Feraudi-Gruénais, Francisca ; Grieshaber, Frank (2018) Empfehlungen für eine offene kollaborative Plattform für die antike Epigraphik - / Recommendation for an open collaborative platform for ancient epigraphy - [Other]

Feuchter, Dirk (2008) Geometrie- und Gittererzeugung für anisotrope Schichtengebiete. [Dissertation]

Fieres, Johannes (2006) A Method for Image Classification Using Low-Precision Analog Computing Arrays. [Dissertation]

Fischer, Markus (2011) Entwicklung und UNICASE-Umsetzung eines Konzepts für die Integration der Modellierung von persönlichen Werten als Ziele in den Softwareentwicklungsprozess. [Master's thesis]

Flatow, Florian (2016) Feature-based Vector Field Representation and Comparison. [Dissertation]

Teledyne Dalsa, Universität Heidelberg, Robert Bosch GmbH (2013) Using an n-zone TDI camera for acquisition of multiple images with different illuminations in a single scan.

Forbriger, Markus ; Mara, Hubert ; Rieck, Bastian ; Siart, Christoph ; Wagener, Olaf (2013) Der „Gesprengte Turm“ am Heidelberger Schloss Untersuchung eines Kulturdenkmals mithilfe hoch auflösender terrestrischer Laserscans. Denkmalpflege in Baden-Württemberg - Nachrichtenblatt der Landesdenkmalpflege, 3/2013. pp. 165-168.

Franke, Robert (2012) Hochintegriertes Kamerasystem für die Multifrequenz-Lumineszenzabklingzeitbildgewinnung. [Dissertation]

Fratz, Matthias ; Kombrink, Stefan ; Kushnarenko, Volodymyr ; Rapp, Franziska ; Scharon, Daniel ; Schmücker, Pia ; Waldvogel, Marcel ; Wesner, Stefan (2019) SARA: Open Source Projekt zur langfristigen Verfügbarkeit und Zitierbarkeit von Software. [Conference Item]

Fuchs, Patrick (2021) Efficient and Accurate Segmentation of Defects in Industrial CT Scans. [Dissertation]


Gabrys, Hubert (2020) Machine learning using radiomics and dosiomics for normal tissue complication probability modeling of radiation-induced xerostomia. [Dissertation]

Ganzinger, Matthias (2015) Datenintegration in biomedizinischen Forschungsverbünden auf Basis von serviceorientierten Architekturen. [Dissertation]

Gao, Wenxue (2012) Active Buffer Development in CBM Experiment. [Dissertation]

Garbe, C.S. (2007) Measuring and Modeling Fluid Dynamic Processes using Digital Image Sequence Analysis. [Habilitation]


Gatzmann, Fanny (2019) DNA methylation in the marbled crayfish Procambarus virginalis. [Dissertation]

Gebhart, Fabian ; Apel, Jochen ; Baumann, Martin ; Fest, Jeromin ; Scherbaum, Benjamin ; Maylein, Leonhard ; Schwesinger, Georg (2019) CS-FDP: Community-spezifische Forschungsdatenpublikation - Projekt im Rahmen der E-Science-Initiative Baden-Württemberg. [Conference Item]

Gebhart, Fabian ; Kröger, Jan ; Wedlich-Zachodin, Kerstin ; Tristram, Frank (2019) Koordiniertes Forschungsdatenmanagement in Baden-Württemberg: Die Projekte bwFDM-Info und bw2FDM. [Conference Item]

Geiß, Johanna (2006) Latent Semantic Indexing and Information Retrieval-A quest with BosSE. [Master's thesis]

Universität Potsdam, Institut für Informatik und Computational Science (2021) Transparently Safeguarding Good Research Data Management with the Lean Process Assessment Model. [Conference Item]

Ghanavati, Mohammadreza (2019) Automated Fault Localization in Large Java Applications. [Dissertation]

Gipp, Markus (2012) Online- und Offline-Prozessierung von biologischen Zellbildern auf FPGAs und GPUs. [Dissertation]

Glodeck, Daniel Dieter (2018) Entwicklung von Regularisierungsverfahren und zusammengesetzten Ähnlichkeitsmaßen für die multimodale Bildregistrierung in der medizinischen Physik. [Dissertation]

Goch, Caspar Jonas (2014) Expanding Graph Theoretical Indices to Include Medical Knowledge - An Assessment of Classification Accuracy in the Case of Autism Spectrum Disorders. [Dissertation]

Godinez, William J. (2013) Probabilistic Tracking and Behavior Identification of Fluorescent Particles. [Dissertation]

Gosch, Christian (2009) Contour Methods for View Point Tracking. [Dissertation]

Greiner, Matthias (2019) Platform to Assist Medical Experts in Training, Application, and Control of Machine Learning Models Using Patient Data from a Clinical Information System. [Master's thesis]

Gröhl, Janek Matthias (2021) Data-driven Quantitative Photoacoustic Imaging. [Dissertation]

Grünhagen, Andreas (2006) The XL Web Service Language : Concepts and Implementation. [Dissertation]

Grützmann, Andreas (2009) Reconstruction of moving surfaces of revolution from sparse 3-D measurements using a stereo camera and structured light. [Dissertation]

Göpferich, Manuel (2022) Single cell 3'UTR analysis identifies changes in alternative polyadenylation throughout neuronal differentiation and in autism. [Dissertation]

Güssefeld, Burkhard (2020) Acquisition, Modeling, and Augmentation of Reflectance for Synthetic Optical Flow Reference Data. [Dissertation]


Haag, Martin (1999) Plattformunabhängige, adaptive Lehr-/Lernsysteme für die medizinische Aus- und Weiterbildung. [Dissertation]

Hahn, Artur (2021) Artificial magnetic resonance contrasts based on microvascular geometry: A numerical basis. [Dissertation]

Hahn, Thomas (2010) Planung und Durchführung eines Software Engineering Projektes am Beispiel eines Internetportals aus dem Bereich Sport. [Master's thesis]

Hahn, Uli ; Hermann, Sibylle ; Enderle, Petra ; Fritze, Florian ; Gärtner, Markus ; Kushnarenko, Volodymyr (2017) RePlay-DH - Realisierung einer Plattform und begleitender Dienste zum Forschungsdatenmanagement für die Fachcommunity - Digital Humanities. [Conference Item]

Universität Tübingen, Universität Freiburg (2021) bwSFS - Storage for Science: Stand und Entwicklungen eines verteilten FDM-Systems. [Conference Item]

Haja, Andreas (2008) Graph-based Spatial Motion Tracking Using Affine-covariant Regions. [Dissertation]

Handel, Holger (2009) Algorithms for Building High-Accurate Optical Tracking Systems. [Dissertation]

Hanslovsky, Philipp (2019) Isotropic Reconstruction of Neural Morphology from Large Non-Isotropic 3D Electron Microscopy. [Dissertation]

Harmsen, Silvia ; Jungblut, Daniel ; Krömker, Susanne (2007) Seljuk Muqarnas along the Silk Road. [Preprint]

Hartung, Matthias (2016) Distributional Semantic Models of Attribute Meaning in Adjectives and Nouns. [Dissertation]

Haubold, Carsten (2017) Scalable Inference for Multi-Target Tracking of Proliferating Cells. [Dissertation]

Haug, Florian (2010) Ansichtsbasierte 6 DoF Objekterkennung mit lokalen kovarianten Regionen. [Dissertation]

Haußmann, Manuel (2021) Bayesian Neural Networks for Probabilistic Machine Learning. [Dissertation]

Hebgen, Michael ; Kredel, Heinz ; Lang, Stefan (2009) Der Supercomputer am Universitätsrechenzentrum Heidelberg. [Video]

Heim, Eric (2018) Large-scale medical image annotation with quality-controlled crowdsourcing. [Dissertation]

Heimann, Felix (2013) An Unfitted Higher-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Incompressible Two-Phase Flow with Moving Contact Lines. [Dissertation]

Heinrich, Robert (2013) Aligning Business Process Quality and Information System Quality. [Dissertation]

Heinzerling, Benjamin (2019) Aspects of Coherence for Entity Analysis. [Dissertation]

Hellenbrand, Markus (2013) A Raspberry Pi controlling neuromorphic hardware. [Bachelor thesis]

Herfort, Benjamin (2018) Understanding MapSwipe: Analysing Data Quality of Crowdsourced Classifications on Human Settlements. [Master's thesis]

Hering, Jan (2016) Robust Motion and Distortion Correction of Diffusion-Weighted MR Images. [Dissertation]

Hernitschek, Nina (2017) Astrophysical Modeling of Time-Domain Surveys. [Dissertation]

Herrmann, Maximilian Michael (2021) Modellierung des troposphärischen Ozonabbaus im arktischen Frühling. [Dissertation]

Hesse, Tom-Michael (2020) Supporting Software Development by an Integrated Documentation Model for Decisions. [Dissertation]

Heß, Philipp (2016) Scrum and Self-Control : How a team-based software development methodology can support team members' self-control. [Dissertation]

Hieber, Felix (2015) Translation-based Ranking in Cross-Language Information Retrieval. [Dissertation]

Hildenbrandt, Achim (2015) The Target Visitation Problem. [Dissertation]

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