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Items where Subject is "600 Technology (Applied sciences)"

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Abdelhaq, Hamed (2016) Localized Events in Social Media Streams: Detection, Tracking, and Recommendation. [Dissertation]

Aeschbach-Hertig, Werner (2014) SODIS - Sauberes Trinkwasser für alle. [Audio]

Albert, Marvin (2021) A spatial normalization framework to quantify signaling receptor activity and function during embryonic development. [Dissertation]

Altenstein, Georg (2014) A Novel Collimator Concept for Fast Rotational IMRT. [Dissertation]

Aricó, Giulia (2016) Ion Spectroscopy for improvement of the Physical Beam Model for Therapy Planning in Ion Beam Therapy. [Dissertation]

Armbruster, Tim (2013) SPADIC - a Self-Triggered Detector Readout ASIC with Multi-Channel Amplification and Digitization. [Dissertation]

Arns, Anna Maria (2017) Towards clinical implementation of ultrafast combined kV-MV cone-beam CT for IGRT of lung tumors within breath-hold: evaluation of dosimetry and registration accuracy based on phantom studies. [Dissertation]


Bailoni, Alberto (2021) Deep Learning for Graph-Based Image Instance Segmentation. [Dissertation]

Bartzsch, Stefan (2014) Microbeam Radiation Therapy – physical and biological aspects of a new cancer therapy and development of a treatment planning system. [Dissertation]

Bayer, Paul Victor (2018) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 3: Sphere Unwrapping. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor (2018) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 4: Pottery Profiles. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor (2018) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 5: Profile Cuts. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor (2019) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 8: GigaMesh on Windows + Point Cloud Rendering. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor ; Karl, Stephan ; Mara, Hubert ; Márton, András (2018) Advanced documentation methods in studying Corinthian black-figure vase painting. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor ; Kunkel, Selina ; Mara, Hubert (2020) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 10: Geodesic Distance & Voronoi Cells (Sabouroff head). [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor ; Mara, Hubert (2019) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 6: Screenshot Rendering. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor ; Mara, Hubert (2019) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 7: Color Creation for Rapid Hill Shading. [Video]

Bayer, Paul Victor ; Özer, Serap (2019) GigaMesh Software Framework Tutorial 9: Unpacking a Cuneiform Tablet. [Video]

Beckedahl, Markus (2014) Die digitale Gesellschaft - Netzpolitik, Bürgerrechte und die Machtfrage. [Video]

Becker, Anja (2017) Influence of photobiomodulation with blue light on the metabolism, proliferation and gene expression of human keratinocytes. [Dissertation]

Becker, Robert (2019) Brain networks in pharmacological fMRI of NMDA antagonists. [Dissertation]

Behl, Nicolas Gerhard Roland (2015) Ein neuer Compressed-Sensing-basierter Rekonstruktionsalgorithmus mit einem angepassten Lexikon für die 23Na-Magnetresonanztomographie. [Dissertation]

Bennan, Amit Ben Antony (2022) Combined Photon - Carbon ion Radiotherapy Treatment Planning. [Dissertation]

Berg, Stuart ; Kutra, Dominik ; Kroeger, Thorben ; Straehle, Christoph N. ; Kausler, Bernhard X. ; Haubold, Carsten ; Schiegg, Martin ; Ales, Janez ; Beier, Thorsten ; Rudy, Markus ; Eren, Kemal ; Cervantes, Jaime I ; Xu, Buote ; Beuttenmueller, Fynn ; Wolny, Adrian ; Zhang, Chong ; Koethe, Ullrich ; Hamprecht, Fred A. ; Kreshuk, Anna (2019) ilastik: interactive machine learning for (bio)image analysis. Nature Methods, 2019 (16). pp. 1-9. ISSN 1548-7105 (Online-Ausg.), 1548-7091 (Druck-Ausg.)

Bergermann, Fabian Manuel (2016) Massively parallelized STED nanoscopy. [Dissertation]

Bernardo Faura, Marti (2013) Emerging properties of signaling networks in cancer: a data-derived modeling approach. [Dissertation]

Best, Gerrit (2014) Entwicklung eines hochauflösenden Ophthalmoskops mit strukturierter Beleuchtung und Beiträge zur Verbesserung der zugrundeliegenden Mikroskopiemethode. [Dissertation]

Bochterle, Jörg (2013) Nanoantennenverstärkte Infrarotspektroskopie von Molekülen. [Dissertation]

Bockhacker, Markus Manfred Silvester (2018) Verlaufs-Beobachtung, Fall- und Migrationsanalyse einer Femurhals-erhaltenden Kurzschaft-Hüftendoprothese. [Dissertation]

Bonsack, Maria (2020) Identification and biological validation of HPV16 E6/E7-derived T cell target epitopes and their use for performance assessment of MHC class I binding predictors. [Dissertation]

Bozza, Matthias (2018) The development of a novel S/MAR DNA vector platform for the stable, persistent and safe genetic engineering of dividing cells. [Dissertation]

Breithaupt, Mathies (2015) On Simulations of Spin Interactions Applied for the Volumetric T1 Quantification by in vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging at Ultra High Field. [Dissertation]

Breitling, Johannes Sebastian (2020) MR-based protein imaging of the human brain by means of dualCEST. [Dissertation]

Breunig, Marcus (2018) Entwicklung eines Verfahrens zur nachhaltigen Gewinnung von Basischemikalien und Treibstoffkomponenten aus Lignin und Lignocellulose durch heterogen katalysierte Hydrogenolyse. [Dissertation]

Brohmann, Maximilian (2021) Investigation and Modification of Charge Transport in Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube Networks. [Dissertation]

Buchauer, Lisa Franziska (2018) Heterogeneous Populations in B Cell Memory Responses and Glioblastoma Growth. [Dissertation]



Chauhan, Aparna (2021) Impact of photobiomodulation on human skin melanocytes. [Dissertation]

Chen, Huangshan (2018) A Silicon Photomultiplier Readout ASIC for the Mu3e Experiment. [Dissertation]

Chen, Jianfeng (2016) Energiemanagement in der chinesischen Immobilienwirtschaft - Die öffentliche Verwaltung als Energiemanager des chinesischen Gebäudesektors mit einem strategischen und integrierten Energiemanagementsystem zur Förderung energieeffizienter Maßnahmen durch ein Energiemanagementunternehmen in Form der Staatsholdinggesellschaft. [Dissertation]

Chung, Khanlian (2019) Adaptive Cone-Beam Scan-Trajektorien für interventionelle Anwendungen. [Dissertation]


Danner, Maria (2017) Marker-free T cell phenotyping - towards a label-free diagnostic and prognostic platform. [Dissertation]

Debatin, Maurice (2016) Accurate Low-Dose Iterative CT Reconstruction from Few Projections using Sparse and Non-Local Regularization Functions. [Dissertation]

Debus, Charlotte Christiane (2016) Integrative multimodal image analysis using physical models for characterization of brain tumors in radiotherapy. [Dissertation]

Dold, Dominik (2020) Harnessing function from form: towards bio-inspired artificial intelligence in neuronal substrates. [Dissertation]

Domsch, Sebastian (2013) Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging at High Spatiotemporal Resolution using EPI Combined with Different k-Space Undersampling Techniques at 3 Tesla. [Dissertation]

Dorn, Sabrina (2019) Context-sensitive imaging for single, dual and multi energy computed tomography. [Dissertation]

Dorsch, Stefan (2020) Measurement of isocenter accuracy and image distortion in magnetic resonance-guided radiotherapy. [Dissertation]

Duan, Huiying (2015) Trust Building and Managing in Service-oriented Environment. [Dissertation]

Dudaš, Dorotea (2013) Vortex Extraction Of Vector Fields. [Dissertation]

Dutzi, Ilona Beate (2018) Optimierung der stationären geriatrischen Rehabilitation bei Demenz. [Dissertation]


Ehret, Sonja ; Putze, Felix ; Miller-Teynor, Heike ; Kruse, Andreas ; Schultz, Tanja (2016) Technikbasiertes Spiel von Tagespflegebesuchern mit und ohne Demenz: Effekte, Heuristiken und Korrelate. [Preprint]

Elter, Alina Sophie (2022) Development of end-to-end tests for online adaptive magnetic resonance-guided radiotherapy. [Dissertation]

Engelhardt, Jan Peter (2020) Vergleich des Gelenkknorpels von jungen und alten Schweinen vor und nach tribologischer Beanspruchung. [Dissertation]

Erich, Katrin (2019) Investigation of Cancerous Tissues by MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging - Imaging of proteolytic activity in frozen tissue and standardised on-tissue digestion. [Dissertation]

Erikci, Saliha (2020) Environementally Sensitive Hyaluronan Hydrogel Adjustable by Physical and Chemical Cross-links for Biomedical Applications. [Dissertation]

Esparza García, José Domingo (2015) 3D Reconstruction for Optimal Representation of Surroundings in Automotive HMIs, Based on Fisheye Multi-Camera Systems. [Dissertation]


Fakhiri, Julia (2019) With small viruses come giant responsibilities - Next-generation parvoviral vectors for human gene therapy with extended packaging capacity and enhanced safety profile. [Dissertation]

Flassbeck, Sebastian (2019) On the Simultaneous Quantification of Flow Velocities and Relaxation Constants Through Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting. [Dissertation]

Floß, Teresa (2021) Quantitative Parameter der CT-Perfusion und MRT-Perfusion im Vergleich – eine prospektive Studie bei neu diagnostiziertem Rektumkarzinom. [Dissertation]

Friedmann, Simon (2013) A New Approach to Learning in Neuromorphic Hardware. [Dissertation]

Friedrich, Florian (2021) Schnelle MR-Bildgebung und Tumortracking für die MR-geführte Strahlentherapie. [Dissertation]

Fuchs, Monica Andrea (2014) Anwendung von Komplexen mit N2O2-Chelaten auf Cyanoacrylat- und Malonat-Basis in der katalytischen Synthese organischer Carbonate aus Epoxiden und CO2. [Dissertation]

Fuhrmeister, Jessica (2016) The role of hepatic Growth Arrest and DNA Damage-inducible 45 beta (GADD45β) in adaptive metabolic control. [Dissertation]

Fuqua, Timothy Jessen (2021) The Evolutionary Landscape of a Developmental Enhancer. [Dissertation]


Ganzinger, Matthias (2015) Datenintegration in biomedizinischen Forschungsverbünden auf Basis von serviceorientierten Architekturen. [Dissertation]

Ganß, Lennard (2018) Oncogenic potential of HPV E6 and E7 and evaluation of treatment strategies inhibiting their effects. [Dissertation]

Geist, Felix (2020) Identification of predictors of patient survival with TSPAN8 as a mediator of tumor aggressiveness in clear cell renal cell carcinoma. [Dissertation]

Glaser, Philipp (2021) Uncertainty Quantification for Complex Engineering Systems. [Dissertation]

Gnahm, Christine (2014) Entwicklung eines iterativen Rekonstruktionsalgorithmus mit Einbeziehung anatomischen Vorwissens für die 23Na-Magnetresonanztomographie. [Dissertation]

Gold, Andreas W. ; Perplies, Clara ; Rast, Eilin ; Bozorgmehr, Kayvan ; Biddle, Louise (2021) Gesundheitliche Versorgung von geflüchteten Menschen – eine Erhebung unter Sozialarbeiter*innen in Baden-Württemberg. [Working paper]

Golla, Alena-Kathrin (2022) Optimized Training Pipeline for Deep Learning Applications in Medical Image Processing. [Dissertation]

Grees, Mareike (2017) Improved dendritic cell vaccination for combined melanoma immune therapy. [Dissertation]

Große, Stefanie (2016) Small but increasingly mighty: New insights into Adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsid biology and implications for AAV vector optimization. [Dissertation]

Görke, Steffen (2015) Einfluss von Entfaltung und Aggregation auf den 1H-Magnetisierungstransfer zwischen Proteinen und freiem Wasser. [Dissertation]


Hahn, Andreas (2019) Moving Metal Artifact Reduction and Intrinsic Gating for Cone-Beam CT Scans of the Thorax Region. [Dissertation]

Hahnel, Wojciech (2021) Extraction of DNA from difficult samples with an automatable portable system for early detection of intestinal cancer. [Dissertation]

Haller, Barbara (2019) The Reconstitution of Eukaryotic Architecture and Motility via Microfluidic Technology. [Dissertation]

Hartmann, Bernadette (2013) A Novel Approach to Ion Spectroscopy of Therapeutic Ion Beams Using a Pixelated Semiconductor Detector. [Dissertation]

Haumann, Henning Conrad (2020) Evaluierung relevanter Einflussfaktoren auf die Tumordetektion mittels Software-basierter MRT/TRUS-Fusionsbiopsie unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Erfahrung des Untersuchers. [Dissertation]

Henrich, Matthias Benjamin (2014) The Potential of Semiconductor Lasers for STED Nanoscopy. [Dissertation]

Herbst, Konrad (2021) Scalable approaches for gene tagging and genome walking sequencing. [Dissertation]

Herten, Dirk-Peter (2014) Neue Mikroskopiemethoden im Kampf gegen HIV. [Video]

Hock, Matthias (2014) Modern Semiconductor Technologies for Neuromorphic Hardware. [Dissertation]

Hofmann, Tobias Wolfgang (2013) Applying microdroplets as label-free sensors for reactions inside the droplets. [Dissertation]

Hoyer, Patrick (2018) RESOLFT Light-sheet Microscopy. [Dissertation]

Hubertus, Simon Ralph (2019) Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping to Measure the Local Tissue Oxygenation. [Dissertation]

Härtig, Martin Matthias (2019) Motion Management for Carbon Ion Therapy at the Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy Center. [Dissertation]

Höfler, Daniela (2013) HPV16 RNA patterns as diagnostic marker for cervical cancer precursor lesions: Validation by newly developed high-throughput RT-qPCR. [Dissertation]

Höss, Angelika (2020) Risikomanagement von Medizinprodukten aus Eigenherstellung am Beispiel der Heidelberger Ionenstrahl-Therapie Anlage. [Dissertation]


Janiesch, Jan-Willi (2015) Development of Droplet-Based Microfluidics for Synthetic Biology Applications. [Dissertation]

Janke, Florian (2022) Genome-wide epigenomic analyses of cell-free DNA from anaplastic lymphoma kinase-rearranged non-small cell lung cancer patients. [Dissertation]

John, David Nicholas (2021) Uncertainty quantification for an electric motor inverse problem - tackling the model discrepancy challenge. [Dissertation]

Jähne, Bernd ; Krispin, Karsten ; Siedelmann, Hendrik (2016) 20 Jahre Bildverarbeitungsforum an der Uni Heidelberg - Bilder müssen für den Computer verständlich gemacht werden. [Video]


Kannengießer, Stefanie (2013) Optimization of the Synthesis of Ac-225-labelled DOTA-Radioimmunoconjugates for Targeted Alpha Therapy, based on Investigations on the Complexation of Trivalent Actinides by DOTA. [Dissertation]

Kara, Kerim (2021) Adaptive Collision Avoidance System for Contemporary Therapy Suites. [Dissertation]

Keller, Sabrina ; Arnold, Christine ; Behnisch, Wolfgang ; Ober, Michael (2020) Entwicklung eines Standards zur Kombination relevanter Medikamente bei Studienprotokollen von soliden Tumoren. [Other]

Kienle, Eike Christoph (2014) Secrets to finding the ideal mate: New insights into parameters that govern successful Adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector evolution. [Dissertation]

Klapczynski, Anna Sophie (2019) Influence of photobiomodulation with blue light on the metabolism, proliferation and gene expression of human fibroblasts. [Dissertation]

Klein, Valerie Susanne (2022) Modeling and measuring cardiac magnetostimulation. [Dissertation]

Klein, Katharina (2012) Untersuchung von Adhäsionscharakteristika mittels physikalischer Messungen zur Selektion von Tumorzellen. [Dissertation]

Klenk, Benjamin (2018) Communication Architectures for Scalable GPU-centric Computing Systems. [Dissertation]

Klewin, Sebastian (2019) Development of the FPGA-based Raw Data Preprocessor for the TPC Readout Upgrade in ALICE. [Dissertation]

Kolz, Alexander (2022) Auswirkungen einer Lipopolysaccharid-induzierten Sepsis auf die frühe pulmonale Fibrosierung im akuten Lungenversagen (ARDS) unter lungenprotektiver Beatmung. [Dissertation]

Korzowski, Andreas (2015) Echo-planare 31P-NMR-spektroskopische Bildgebung in vivo bei 7T. [Dissertation]

Kowalski, Alexandra (2020) Development of a quick, robust and chemically-defined differentiation protocol from human induced pluripotent stem cells towards cortical neurons to phenotype Alzheimer’s Disease. [Dissertation]

Kraus, Kim Melanie (2014) Dose Delivery Study for a Novel Compact Proton Accelerator. [Dissertation]

Kretz, Dominik (2017) Partikelbasierte Strömungssimulation im Anwendungsbereich granularer Materialien und Fluide. [Dissertation]

Kriegmair, Sarah (2022) Pro-BNP und Troponin-I als Prognosemarker bei der angeborenen Zwerchfellhernie. [Dissertation]

Krämer, Philipp (2014) Entwicklung von Methoden zur schnellen 3D Messung der T1- und T2- Relaxationszeiten in-vivo mit Steady-State Bildgebung bei 3 Tesla. [Dissertation]

Kröger, Thorben (2014) Learning-based Segmentation for Connectomics. [Dissertation]

Kuch, Natalia (2020) Influence of blue light on skin models consisting of human fibroblasts and keratinocytes. [Dissertation]

Köster, Lennart (2019) Mechanismen zur automatisierten Qualitätssicherung und Validierung der Daten in medizinischen Registern. [Dissertation]

Kümmel, Tim (2022) Entwicklung eines Mittel-Infrarot-Scanners zur schnellen Detektion und Abbildung biochemischer Substanzen in medizinischen Gewebeschnitten. [Dissertation]


Lopez Perez, Ramon (2015) Doppelstrangbruch-Induktion und DNA-Schadensantwort nach 12C-Ionen und Photonenstrahlung in U87 Glioblastomzellen. [Dissertation]

Löpprich, Martin (2017) Leitfaden zur Integration eines klinischen Registers in ein existierendes Informationssystem am Beispiel des klinischen Myelomregisters des Universitätsklinikums Heidelberg. [Dissertation]

Löw, Nikolas Immanuel (2020) Multiple Retrieval Case-based Reasoning - Klinisches Entscheidungsunterstützungssystem auf unvollständigen Datenbanken in Anwendung für das Tumorboard. [Dissertation]


Mahmoud Aly Mohamed, Abdelrahman (2021) Deciphering the Immune Evolution Landscape of Multiple Myeloma Long-Term Survivors Using Single Cell Genomics. [Dissertation]

Maleschlijski, Stojan (2014) Behavior of barnacle larvae during surface exploration studied by stereoscopy. [Dissertation]

Mann, Philipp (2017) Development and implementation of 3D-dosimetric end-to-end tests in adaptive radiation therapy of moving tumors. [Dissertation]

Manns, Paul ; Sreenivasa, Manish ; Millard, Matthew ; Mombaur, Katja (2017) Motion optimization and parameter identification for a human and lower-back exoskeleton model. IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS, 2 (3). pp. 1564-1570. ISSN 2377-3766

Marquard, Jonas (2018) Digital Light Deflection and Electro-Optical Laser Scanning for STED Nanoscopy. [Dissertation]

Marschar, Anja Maria (2016) Quantifizierung des Wasser- und Natriumgehaltes in Gehirn und Wadenmuskel mittels Magnetresonanztomographie. [Dissertation]

Meier, Karlheinz (2017) Bessere Autos mithilfe von Quantencomputern. [Audio]

Meißner, Jan-Eric (2017) Quantitative pulsed CEST MR imaging. [Dissertation]

Melke, Omar (2020) Tuberkulose in Deutschland von 1945 bis 1955 unter besonderer Beachtung der Flüchtlingsproblematik in Karlsruhe und Stuttgart. [Abstract of a medical dissertation]

Melke, Omar (2020) Tuberkulose in Deutschland von 1945 bis 1955 unter besonderer Beachtung der Flüchtlingsproblematik in Karlsruhe und Stuttgart. [Abstract of a medical dissertation]

Migdoll, Alexander Michael (2013) Identifizierung und Charakterisierung von prognostischen Markern und potentiell tumorrelevanten Proteinen im pankreatischen duktalen Adenokarzinom. [Dissertation]

Millard, Matthew ; Sreenivasa, Manish ; Mombaur, Katja (2017) Predicting the motions and forces of wearable robotic systems using optimal control. Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 4 (41).

Mohamed, Tawheed Hashim Abdel-Razik (2014) In-situ and ex-situ studies of barnacle proteinaceous cements settled at earlier time points using μ-Raman spectroscopy and synchrotron based X-ray microprobe fluorescence techniques. [Dissertation]

Mohr, Marcel (2017) Das Multiple Myelom - ein mathematisches Instrument zur Krebsprognose. [Audio]

Mombaur, Katja (2013) Exoskelette. [Audio]

Mombaur, Katja (2013) Lauflerntraining für Roboter. [Audio]

Mombaur, Katja (2014) Wie Roboter das Laufen lernen. [Video]

Mousa, Mohammed (2020) Einfluss von Schluckreflexen auf Schlaf und Atmung bei Patienten mit obstruktiver Schlafapnoe sowie Morphologie und Erkennung von Schluckmustern bei gesunden Probanden. [Dissertation]

Müller, Torsten Michael (2020) Automated sample preparation for streamlined proteomic profiling of clinical specimens. [Dissertation]


Netsch, Philipp (2019) Der Einfluss von mesenchymalen Stromazellen auf die Thrombozytenaktivierung. [Dissertation]

Neuwirth, Sarah Marie (2019) Accelerating Network Communication and I/O in Scientific High Performance Computing Environments. [Dissertation]

Nickel, Felix ; Müller, Beat ; Kenngott, Hannes Götz (2017) Der virtuelle Blick in den menschlichen Körper - wie Medizinstudenten in Heidelberg das Operieren lernen: OP-Training im Simulator. [Video]

Niesporek, Sebastian Christian (2017) Dynamische Magnetresonanztomographie des Sauerstoffisotops 17O zur Charakterisierung des zerebralen Sauerstoffumsatzes. [Dissertation]


Ollech, Dirk (2019) Optochemical control of adhesion protein complexes in living cells. [Dissertation]


Palumbo, Stefania (2020) Effects of photobiomodulation with blue light during and after adipocyte differentiation. [Dissertation]

Pfaffenberger, Asja (2013) Dose Calculation Algorithms for Radiation Therapy with an MRI-Integrated Radiation Device. [Dissertation]

Pfeiffer, Timo (2019) Retrospektive Analyse des Stellenwerts der Ösophagogastroduodenoskopie und Tracheobronchoskopie beim Staging des primären oralen Plattenepithelkarzinoms. [Abstract of a medical dissertation]

Platt, Tanja (2018) In-vivo-²³Na-Magnetresonanztomographie des Körperstamms bei 7 Tesla. [Dissertation]

Pohl, Verena (2013) Aufnahme von Albumin-Konjugaten in humane Tumor-Zelllinien. [Dissertation]

Pompecki, Anna (2021) Therapeutenwahl in der Richtlinien-Psychotherapie (RLPT) – Psychodynamische Verfahren. [Dissertation]

Portegys, Jan (2021) Establishing a regional registry of genotyped blood donors for extended match transfusions. [Dissertation]

Pöhler, Denis ; Lampel, Johannes ; Horbanski, Martin ; De Aguinaga, Alexandra (2016) Wie realitätsnah sind Messungen der PKW Abgaswerte? - Heidelberger Forscher nehmen fahrende Autos ins Visier. [Video]


Querques, Irma (2020) Mechanisms and design of Tc1/mariner transposons for genome engineering. [Dissertation]

Quintas Glasner de Medeiros, Gustavo (2017) Deep tissue light-sheet microscopy. [Dissertation]


Rank, Christopher Martin (2016) Motion-Compensated Image Reconstruction for Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging and for Simultaneous Positron Emission Tomography/MR Imaging. [Dissertation]

Rathmann, Martin (2020) Care Robotics in Aging Japan: Creating Technical Solutions for the World’s Demographic Problem? [Dissertation]

Rieger, Jan Hendrik (2019) Targets of tumor infiltrating lymphocyte reactivity in pancreatic cancer. [Dissertation]

Rink, Kristian (2016) Elektrodenstimulierte Zellaktivität in Interaktion mit biokompatiblen Chipoberflächen. [Bachelor thesis]

Rink, Kristian (2016) Signal-verstärkte multispektrale In-vivo-31P-Magnetresonanztomographie. [Dissertation]

Rink, Kristian (2016) Spectral Computed Tomography at High Photon Fluxes. [Master's thesis]

Ritzert, Michael (2014) Development and Test of a High Performance Multi Channel Readout System on a Chip with Application in PET/MR. [Dissertation]

Rohrmann, Sabine (2013) Nahrungsergänzungsmittel – wichtig für gesundes Altern? [Video]

Rother, Marcel (2019) Engineering of Aerosol-Jet Printed Carbon Nanotube Network Transistors. [Dissertation]


Sacco, Ilaria (2016) Development of highly integrated PET/MR detector modules. [Dissertation]

Sander, Anika (2015) Entwicklung und Untersuchung U-230 markierter Antikörper. [Dissertation]

Scherr, Anna-Lena (2017) The role of anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 proteins for colorectal cancer development and progression. [Dissertation]

Schiegg, Martin Josef (2015) Multi-Target Tracking with Probabilistic Graphical Models. [Dissertation]

Schmidlin Fajardo Silva, Raul (2013) Contract Testing for Reliable Embedded Systems. [Dissertation]

Schmidt, Simon (2020) On the Quantification of Fluid Mechanical Properties by Means of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. [Dissertation]

Schmude, Naja von (2017) Visual Localization with Lines. [Dissertation]

Schreiber, Korbinian (2021) Accelerated neuromorphic cybernetics. [Dissertation]

Schulz, Richard (2013) Emerging Technologies for Aging and Disability. [Video]

Schäfer, Julia Carmen (2020) Stellenwert der kombinierten CT-Pulmonalis-Angiographie und CT Herzfunktionsuntersuchung bei Patienten mit Verdacht auf akute Lungenembolie unter Verwendung eines neuartigen CT Untersuchungsprotokolls. [Dissertation]

Schürmann, Felix (2014) Wettlauf ums Gehirn? - Das Europäische Human Brain Project (10. Marsilius-Vorlesung). [Video]

Sefrin, Julian Peter (2017) Sensitization of tumor cells for T cell mediated eradication through targeted delivery of virus-derived immunogenic peptide epitopes. [Dissertation]

Sellner, Stefan (2013) Simulations, Optimizations, and Microdosimetric Measurements of Beam Quality for Heavy-Ion Tumor Therapy. A charged (particle) issue. [Dissertation]

Sharifikolouei, Elham (2020) Fabrication of metal microfibers by melt-spinning. [Dissertation]

Sieber, Gabrielle (2013) Ernährung: Herausforderung bei Demenz im häuslichen Umfeld. [Video]

Sierra Fajardo, Diego Andrés (2017) Flow Cytomorphometry for Assessment of Red Blood Cell Storage Lesion. [Dissertation]

Soleymanzadeh Gharabaghi, Negin (2022) Die Mikrodialyse zum Monitoring der Dünndarmischämie und Differenzierung einer arteriellen von einer venösen Ischämie am Schwein. [Dissertation]

Sonntag, Ivo (2020) Fluidity of functional ensembles in the infralimbic cortex of rats during reward seeking. [Dissertation]

Sproten, Alec Niklas (2013) Developmental Neuroeconomics: Lifespan Changes in Economic Decision Making. [Dissertation]

Steindorf, Karen (2013) Bewegung und Krebs: die Bedeutung eines körperlich aktiven Lebensstils. [Video]

Stenau, Esther (2018) Computer-assistierte Laparoskopie mit fluoreszierenden Markern. [Dissertation]

Steuwe, Andrea (2019) Spatially resolved quantification of radiation exposure associated with computed tomography examinations – Towards the development of virtual dosimetry. [Dissertation]

Sütterlin, Thomas (2015) Entwurf und Realisierung eines computergestützten Systems zur in silico Modellierung und Simulation von Epithelgeweben. [Dissertation]


Tham, Marius (2016) The role of stromal Wnt/Beta-catenin and epidermal Ras-Raf-MEK-ERK MAPK signaling in human squamous cell carcinoma. [Dissertation]

Theobald, Jannick Florian (2018) Entwicklung von mikrofluidischen Multi-Organ-Zellchipsystemen für die in vitro Metabolisierung und Bestimmung der Toxizität von Substanzen. [Dissertation]

Thil, Christophe Jan (2014) XNAP: A Novel Two-Dimensional X-Ray Detector for Time Resolved Synchrotron Applications. [Dissertation]

Thomas, Laurent (2021) Computer vision and data-analysis solutions for phenotypic screening of small model organisms. [Dissertation]

Thölking, Johannes Andreas (2017) Eine neue dreidimensionale Online-Dosisverifikationsmethodik in der intensitätsmodulierten Radiotherapie zur Steigerung der Patientensicherheit und Optimierung des Therapieverlaufs. [Dissertation]

Thürmer, Maximilian (2018) Modelling and performance analysis of multigigabit serial interconnects using real number based analog verification methods. [Dissertation]

Titze, Benjamin (2013) Techniques to prevent sample surface charging and reduce beam damage effects for SBEM imaging. [Dissertation]

Toader, Oana-Daniela (2016) Genetic approaches to probe spatial coding in the medial entorhinal cortex. [Dissertation]


Uhler, Rico (2022) Glyco-engineered HEK 293-F cell lines to produce therapeutic glycoproteins with human N-glycosylation and improved pharmacokinetics. [Dissertation]

Uhrig, Tanja (2020) Quantitative Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Perfusion MRI - A Phantom and in Vivo Study. [Dissertation]


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