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Jacopo Pontormo, Bildnis einer Dame im roten Kleid, um 1522/25, Frankfurt/Main, Städel

Propylaeum-DOK - Digital Repository Classical Studies is the full-text server of the Virtual Library of Classical Studies and is made available by the University Library of Heidelberg. It offers members of the academic community worldwide the opportunity to publish their texts in electronic format on the internet at no charge. All kinds of publications (like monographs, articles, lectures) in the fields of Classical Studies can be stored on "Propylaeum-DOK". The standard of these publications should not fall below that of traditional printed ones. The documents will be stored and their long-term availability guaranteed by using standardized addresses (URN) and metadata (OAIPMH). They are accessible through the German union catalogues and search engines, too.

As for now, Propylaeum-Dok provides free full-text access to 2,486 publications.

Neueste Einträge

1. Wipszycka, Ewa (1996) Études sur le christianisme dans l'Égypte de l'antiquité tardive. In: Studia ephemeridis Augustinianum, Bd. 52 (1996). Rom 1996 Volltext
2. Ostrowski, Janusz A. (1991) Personifications of rivers in Greek and Roman art. In: Prace Archeologiczne , Bd. 47 (1991). Warschau 1991 Volltext
3. Peust, Carsten (2012) The stemma of the story of Sinuhe. or: How to use an unrooted phylogenetic tree in textual criticism. In: Lingua Aegyptia, 20 (2012), pp. 209-220
4. Peust, Carsten (2006) Die Konjugation der Verben rh „wissen" und hm „nicht wissen" im Älteren Ägyptisch. In: Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur, 35 (2006), pp. 219-243
5. Peust, Carsten (2007) Zur Bedeutung und Etymologie von nzw "König". In: Göttinger Miszellen, 213 (2007), pp. 59-62
6. Peust, Carsten (2010) Zur Aussprache des Beta im Koptischen. Evidenz aus der Toponymie. In: Lingua Aegyptia, 18 (2010), pp. 209-215
7. Peust, Carsten (2008) Wie fokussiert man im Ägyptischen ein direktes Objekt? In: Zeitschrift für Ägyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde, 135 (2008), pp. 78-87
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