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Jacopo Pontormo, Bildnis einer Dame im roten Kleid, um 1522/25, Frankfurt/Main, Städel

Propylaeum-DOK - Digital Repository Classical Studies is the full-text server of the Specialized Information Service Classics and is made available by the University Library of Heidelberg. It offers members of the academic community worldwide the opportunity to publish their texts in electronic format on the internet at no charge. All kinds of publications (like monographs, articles, lectures) in the fields of Classical Studies can be stored on "Propylaeum-DOK". The standard of these publications should not fall below that of traditional printed ones. The documents will be stored and their long-term availability guaranteed by using standardized addresses (URN) and metadata (OAIPMH). They are accessible through the German union catalogues and search engines, too.

As for now, Propylaeum-Dok provides free full-text access to 5,352 publications.

Neueste Einträge

1. Assmann, Jan (2017) Politics, religion and violence: The Maccabean Wars. In: Speight, C. Allen ; Zank, Michael (Hrsgg.): Politics, religion and political theology. Dordrecht 2017, pp. 151-164 (Boston studies in philosophy, religion and public life ; 6)
[thumbnail of Assmann_Politics_Religion_2017.pdf]
2. Panagiotopoulos, Diamantis (2012) Würdezeichen auf dem Haupt. In: Buchholz, Hans-Günter (Hrsg.): Erkennungs-, Rang und Würdezeichen. Göttingen 2012, pp. 109-158 (Archaeologica Homerica ; I, Kapitel D)
[thumbnail of Panagiotopulos_Wuerdezeichen_auf_dem_Haupt_2012.pdf]
3. Schneider, Rolf Michael (1996) The barbarian in Roman art: A countermodel of Roman identity. In: Luiselli, Bruno ; Pensabene, Patrizio (Hrsgg.): The colloquia of the XIII International Congress of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences, Forlì (Italia) 8-14 September 1996. The Roman period (in the provinces and the barbaric world). Forlì 1996, pp. 19-30 (Series COLLOQUIA ; 13)
[thumbnail of Schneider_The_Barbarian_1996.pdf]
4. Hoepfner, Wolfram (1991) Bauliche Details am Pergamonaltar. In: Archäologischer Anzeiger, (1991), pp. 189-202
[thumbnail of Hoepfner_Bauliche_Details_am_Pergamonaltar_1991.pdf]
5. Hoepfner, Wolfram (1993) Zum Mausoleum von Belevi. In: Archäologischer Anzeiger, (1993), pp. 111-123
[thumbnail of Hoepfner_Zum_Mausoleum_von_Belevi_1993.pdf]
6. Panagiotopoulos, Diamantis (2017) Three new Cycladicizing figurines from Koumasa. Typological dilemmas and phenomenological challenges. In: Stampolidis, Nikolaos Chr. ; Sotirakopoulou, Peggy (Hrsgg.): Κυκλαδικά στην Κρήτη. Kυκλαδικά και κυκλαδίζοντα ειδώλια μέσα στην ανασκαφική τους συνάφεια / Cycladica in Crete. Cycladic and Cycladicizing Figurines within their Archaeological Context. Athen ; Rethymno 2017, pp. 275-290
[thumbnail of Panagiotopoulos_Three_new_Cycladicizing_figurines_2017.pdf]
7. Hoepfner, Wolfram (1994) Stützentypen in Nordwestgriechenland. In: Panepistemion Ioanninon (Hrsg.): Φηγός. τιμητικóς τóμoς για τoν καθηγητή Σωτήρη Δάκαρη. Ioannina 1994, pp. 435-441
[thumbnail of Hoepfner_Stützentypen_1994.pdf]