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Pro-reductive groups attached to irreducible representations of the General Linear Supergroup

Heidersdorf, Thorsten

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We study tensor product decompositions of representations of the General Linear Supergroup Gl(m|n). We show that the quotient of Rep(Gl(m|n),\epsilon)$ by the tensor ideal of negligible representations is the representation category of a pro-reductive supergroup G red. In the Gl(m|1)-case we show G red = Gl(m-1) \times Gl(1) \times Gl(1). In the general case we study the image of the canonical tensor functor Fmn from Deligne's interpolating category Rep (Gl m-n) to Rep(Gl(m|n),\epsilon). We determine the image of indecomposable elements under Fmn. This implies tensor product decompositions between projective modules and between certain irreducible modules, including all irreducible representations in the Gl(m|1)-case. Using techniques from Deligne's category we derive a closed formula for the tensor product of two maximally atypical irreducible Gl(2|2)-representations. We study cohomological tensor functors DS : Rep(Gl(m|m), epsilon) -> Rep(Gl(m-1|m-1)) and describe the image of an irreducible element under DS. At the end we explain how these results can be used to determine the pro-reductive group G L \hookrightarrow Gl(m|m) red corresponding to the subcategory Rep(G L, epsilon) generated by the image of an irreducible element L in Rep(Gl(m|m) red, epsilon).

Item Type: Dissertation
Supervisor: Weissauer, Prof. Dr. Rainer
Date of thesis defense: 25 July 2013
Date Deposited: 20 Aug 2013 12:20
Date: 2013
Faculties / Institutes: The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science > Department of Mathematics
Subjects: 500 Natural sciences and mathematics
510 Mathematics
Uncontrolled Keywords: Representations of the General Linear Supergroup, Tensor product decompositions, Deligne's category, Super-Tannakian categories
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