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Synthesis and Characterization of five-coordinated indium amidinates

Riahi, Yasaman

PDF, English
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Die vorliegende Arbeit befasst sich mit der Synthese und Strukturuntersuchung neuartiger Indiumamidinate von der Typ R2InX (R = R”NCR’NR”; R’ = Ph, R” = SiMe3, iPr, dipp; X = Br, Cl) mit der Koordinationsnummer 5 sowie R3In (R = Me3SiNCPhNSiMe3) mit der Koordinationsnummer 6. Durch die bereits verwendeten Synthesemethoden sollen Carbodiimiden mit Organo-Lithium-Verbindungen die entsprechenden Lithiumamidinate erhalten und mittels Transmetallierung mit InBr3 and InCl3 in Indiumamidinate überführt werden. Alle erfassten Strukturen wurden durch Kristallstrukturanalyse, NMR-Spektroskopie, sowie Elementaranalyse geprüft.

Translation of abstract (English)

The focus of this work is synthesis, characterization and exploring the reactivity of new indium amidinate compounds of the type R2InX (R = R”NCR’NR”; R’ = Ph, R” = SiMe3, iPr, dipp; X = Br, Cl) with the coordination number of five and R3In (R = Me3SiNCPhNSiMe3) with the coordination number of six. By using amidinates as chelating ligands the electron deficiency of indium atom will be resolved. Additionally, by using different substituents the study of the different synthesized indium amidinates has become possible. The selected method for the synthesis allows the carbodiimides to react with organolithium compounds to get the corresponding lithium amidinates. Afterwards the resulting lithium amidinates take part in transmetalation reactions with InBr3 and InCl3. The study of the reactivity of indium amidinate complexes including nucleophilic reactions as well as their reduction were also examined. Beside crystal structure analysis, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy as well as elemental analysis has been applied to characterize the compounds.

Item Type: Dissertation
Supervisor: Linti, Prof. Dr. Gerald
Place of Publication: Heidelberg
Date of thesis defense: 29 July 2016
Date Deposited: 09 Dec 2016 07:29
Date: 2016
Faculties / Institutes: Fakultät für Chemie und Geowissenschaften > Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
Subjects: 500 Natural sciences and mathematics
540 Chemistry and allied sciences
Controlled Keywords: Synthesis, Indium, solar cell
Uncontrolled Keywords: indium aminidates
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