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Items where Author is "Levin, Ingeborg"

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Gamnitzer, Ulrike and Karstens, Ute and Kromer, Bernd and Neubert, Rolf and Meijer, Harro and Schroeder, Hartwig and Levin, Ingeborg (2006) Carbon monoxide: A quantitative tracer for fossil fuel CO2? Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres) .

Naegler, Tobias and Levin, Ingeborg (2006) Closing the global radiocarbon budget 1945-2005. ournal of Geophysical Research, 111.

Naegler, Tobias and Ciais, Philippe and Rodgers, Keith and Levin, Ingeborg (2006) Excess radiocarbon constraints on air-sea gas exchange and the uptake of CO2 by the oceans. Geophysical Research Letters, 33.

Levin, Ingeborg and Kromer, Bernd (2004) The tropospheric 14CO2 level in mid latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere (1959-2003). Radiocarbon , 46 (3). pp. 1261-1271.

Schmidt, Martina and Graul, Rolf and Sartorius, Hartmut and Levin, Ingeborg (2003) The Schauinsland CO2 record: 30 years of continental observations and their implications for the variability of the European CO2 budget. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres .

Levin, Ingeborg and Kromer, Bernd and Schmidt, Martina and Sartorius, Hartmut (2003) A novel approach for independent budgeting of fossil fuel CO2 over Europe by 14CO2 observations. Geophys. Res. Lett., 30 (23).

Langendörfer, Uwe and Cuntz, Matthias and Ciais, Philippe and Peylin, Philippe and Bariac, Thierry and Milyukova, Irena and Kolle, Olaf and Naegler, Tobias and Levin, Ingeborg (2002) Modeling of biospheric CO2 gross fluxes via oxygen isotopes in a spruce forest canopy: a 222Rn calibrated box model approach. Tellus 54B. pp. 476-496.

Levin, Ingeborg and Born, Matthias and Cuntz, Matthias and Langendörfer, Uwe and Mantsch, Stefan and Naegler, Tobias and Schmidt, Martina and Varlagin, Andrej and Verclas, Stefan and Wagenbach, Dietmar (2002) Observations of atmospheric variability and soil exhalation rate of 222Radon at a Russian forest site: Technical approach and deployment for boundary layer studies. Tellus 54B. pp. 462-475.

Levin, Ingeborg and Ciais, Philippe and Langenfelds, Ray and Schmidt, Martina and Ramonet, Michel and Sidorov, Konstantin and Tchebakova, Nadja and Gloor, Manuel and Heimann, Martin and Schulze, Ernst-Detlef and Vygodskaya, Nathalia and Shibistova, Olga and Lloyd, Jonathan (2002) Three years of trace gas observations over the EuroSiberian domain derived from aircraft sampling – a concerted action. Tellus 54B. pp. 696-712.

Schmidt, Martina and Glatzel-Matteier, Holger and Sartorius, Hartmut and Worthy, Douglas and Levin, Ingeborg (2001) Western European N2O emissions: A top-down approach based on atmospheric observations. ournal of Geophysical Research .

Levin, Ingeborg and Hesshaimer, Vago (2000) Radiocarbon - a unique tracer of global carbon cycle dynamics.

Hesshaimer, Vago and Levin, Ingeborg (2000) Revision of the stratospheric bomb 14CO2 inventory. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres .

Levin, Ingeborg and Glatzel-Mattheier, Holger and Marik, Thomas and Cuntz, Matthias and Schmidt, Martina and Worthy, Douglas (1999) Verification of German methane emission inventories and their recent changes based on atmospheric observations. ournal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres .

Schmidt, Martina and Graul, Rolf and Sartorius, Hartmut and Levin, Ingeborg (1996) Carbon dioxide and methane in continental Europe: a climatology, and 222Radon-based emission estimates. Tellus B .

Levin, Ingeborg and Hesshaimer, Vago (1996) Refining of atmospheric transport model entries by the globally observed passive tracer distributions of 85krypton and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). ournal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres .

Maiss, Manfred and Steele, Paul and Francey, Roger and Fraser, Paul and Langenfelds, Ray and Trivett, Neil and Levin, Ingeborg (1996) Sulfur hexafluoride - A powerful new atmospheric tracer. Atmospheric Environment .

Marik, Thomas and Levin, Ingeborg (1996) A new tracer experiment to estimate the methane emissions from a dairy cow shed using sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). Global Biogeochemical Cycles .

Levin, Ingeborg and Graul, Rolf and Trivett, Neil (1995) Long-term observations of atmospheric CO2 and carbon isotopes at continental sites in Germany. Tellus B .

Maiss, Manfred and Levin, Ingeborg (1994) Global increase of SF6 observed in the atmosphere. Geophysical Research Letters .

Hesshaimer, Vago and Heimann, Martin and Levin, Ingeborg (1994) Radiocarbon evidence for a smaller oceanic carbon dioxide sink than previously believed. Nature , 370 (21). pp. 201-203.

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