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Items where Division is "The Faculty of Bio Sciences > Dean's Office of the Faculty of Bio Sciences" and Year is 2017

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Number of items: 113.


Abolfathi, Mohsen (2017) Recurrent mutations, expression analysis and functional characterization of cohesin subunits in myelodysplastic syndromes and acute myeloid leukemia. [Dissertation]

Ali Khan, Asrar (2017) Comparative secretome study of brown adipocytes and the role of ITIH4 in adipose biology. [Dissertation]


Balwierz, Aleksandra Karolina (2017) ERBB2 as a driver of an invasive phenotype of cells grown in 3D culture and an important regulator of oncogenic miRNAs' expression in breast cancer. [Dissertation]

Bellvis Zambrano, Pablo (2017) Role of histone variant H3.3 in neurogenesis and gliomagenesis. [Dissertation]

Bencun, Maja (2017) Ribosome Profiling of EBV-infected cells. [Dissertation]

Bernhardt, Stephan (2017) The Proteomic Landscape of Breast Cancer Metabolism. [Dissertation]

Beyer, Konrad (2017) Collective motion and adhesin dynamics of Plasmodium sporozoites. [Dissertation]

Blatnik, Renata (2017) Development of mass spectrometry methodology for direct identification of viral epitopes from MHC I molecules. [Dissertation]

Bojcevski, Jovana (2017) Calcium-mediated mechanisms of retinal ganglion cell degeneration during autoimmune optic neuritis. [Dissertation]

Butt, Julia Anna (2017) Seroepidemiology of Streptococcus gallolyticus subspecies gallolyticus and Fusobacterium nucleatum with colorectal cancer. [Dissertation]


Cai, Yin (2017) Mapping the Dynamic Protein Network of Dividing Cells in Space and Time. [Dissertation]

Caroti, Francesca (2017) Evolution of the extraembryonic tissue in flies: from Megaselia abdita to Drosophila melanogaster. [Dissertation]


Danner, Maria (2017) Marker-free T cell phenotyping - towards a label-free diagnostic and prognostic platform. [Dissertation]

Das, Krishna (2017) Generation of a transplantable murine tumor model expressing the human breast cancer associated tumor antigen NY-BR-1 in HLA-DRB1*0401-transgenic mice. [Dissertation]

Didrihsone, Ieva (2017) S100A1 from Damaged Cardiomyocytes Elicits a Chemoattractant Cardiac Fibroblast Phenotype. [Dissertation]

Dimitrov, Bianca (2017) Klinische, molekularbiologische und biochemische Charakterisierung eines neuen Patientendefekts im „ATPase H+-transporting accessory protein 1“ (ATP6AP1)-Gen. [Dissertation]

Duishoev, Nurlanbek (2017) Characterization of the Role of RPGRIP1 in Microtubule Dynamics and Golgi Organization. [Dissertation]

Dumitru, Ionut Gabriel (2017) SGZ adult neurogenesis is regulated by Diazepam Binding Inhibitor. [Dissertation]

Dvornikov, Dmytro (2017) Trаnsfоrmіng Grоwth Fаctоr betа sіgnаlіng іn lung cаncer: mоleculаr аlterаtіоns, bіоmаrkers аnd nоvel regulаtоrу mechаnіsms reveаled bу mаthemаtіcаl mоdelіng. [Dissertation]

da Costa Pereira de Carvalho, Ricardo Bruno (2017) Quantitative analysis of centriolar satellites and control of ciliogenesis by centrosome associated kinases. [Dissertation]


Ehrhardt, Katharina (2017) Redox-active 3-benzyl-menadiones as new antimalarial agents: Studies on structure-activity relationships, antiparasitic potency and mechanism of action. [Dissertation]


Falckenhayn, Cassandra (2017) The Methylome of the Marbled Crayfish Procambarus virginalis. [Dissertation]

Figueroa Vazquez, Vianihuini (2017) Functional characterizations of BRAF mutations in multiple myeloma. [Dissertation]

Flórez Amaya, Andrés Felipe (2017) MYCN modulates the restriction point and ferroptosis in Neuroblastoma. [Dissertation]

Frankish, Jamie Ian (2017) Characterisation of the Regulation and Dynamics of the RIG-I Signalling Network. [Dissertation]


Gaillochet, Christophe (2017) HECATE factors control cell fate transitions and organ patterning in Arabidopsis thaliana. [Dissertation]

Ganeva, Iva (2017) Molecular Mechanism Underlying Dissociation of the Coat of COPI Vesicles. [Dissertation]

Geschwill, Pascal (2017) Cellular and Network Mechanisms Underlying the Switch Between Hippocampal Oscillatory States. [Dissertation]

Goyal, Ashish (2017) CRISPR/Cas9-mediated interrogation of a sense-antisense pair involved in the DNA damage response. [Dissertation]

Gramm, Vera (2017) Einfluss des viralen E2 Proteins auf die Upstream Regulatory Region des humanen Papillomavirus 11 im transgenen Mausmodell. [Dissertation]

Grees, Mareike (2017) Improved dendritic cell vaccination for combined melanoma immune therapy. [Dissertation]

Grünow, Jennifer (2017) Regulation of submaxillary gland androgen regulated protein 3A by estrogen-dependent signaling as a prognostic biomarker in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. [Dissertation]


Hasel, Eva Mareike (2017) Egfr-signaling in Oryzias latipes - Characterization of inducible oncogene gain-of-function and receptor loss-of-function Medaka lines. [Dissertation]

Hashemi, Hamidreza (2017) Point Mutations in Nonstructural Coding Sequences of Rat H-1 Parvovirus and Consequences for Virus Fitness. [Dissertation]

Heilmann, Katharina (2017) Epigenetic characterization of the C3(1) SV40T mouse model of human breast cancer. [Dissertation]

Hentzschel, Franziska (2017) The RNAi-Competent Malaria Parasite: A Novel Strategy to Knock Down Plasmodium Genes via Non-Canonical RNAi. [Dissertation]


Herrmannsdörfer, Frank (2017) Exploring the Limits of Single Molecule Localization Microscopy using Realistic Simulations with a Focus on Presynaptic Nerve Terminals. [Dissertation]

Heumann, Tina (2017) Characterization of the novel pericyte receptors S1PR3 and PTGER2. [Dissertation]

Horn, Sebastian (2017) Caspase-10 is a negative regulator of caspase-8-mediated cell death with gene inductive properties. [Dissertation]

Huang, Zhiqin (2017) High-confidence fusion gene detection in different tumor entities & biomarker discovery in breast cancer. [Dissertation]

Hörtzsch, Jan Niklas (2017) A Single Pair of Neurons Defines a Neuropeptide-Dependent Aversive Memory Channel in Drosophila melanogaster. [Dissertation]

Hübert, Christine (2017) Einsatz von Erwinia tasmaniensis und Bacillus amyloliquefaciens als bakterielle Antagonisten zur biologischen Kontrolle des Feuerbrands. [Dissertation]

Hüllein, Jennifer (2017) Identification of Burkitt lymphoma vulnerabilities using RNAi. [Dissertation]


Jethwa, Alexander (2017) Identification of regulators of mutant p53 accumulation in lymphoma using RNA interference. [Dissertation]

Jäkel, Cornelia (2017) Genome-wide genetic and epigenetic analyses of pancreatic acinar cell carcinomas reveal aberrations in genome stability and cell cycle control. [Dissertation]

Jäschke, Anja (2017) Analysis of the human immune response against the Merozoite Surface Protein (MSP)-1 from Plasmodium falciparum – a malaria vaccine candidate. [Dissertation]


Kaduthanam, Sajo (2017) The role of microRNAs in prognosis and therapy resistance of lung adenocarcinoma. [Dissertation]

Kloos, Bianca (2017) Mechanismen der Pasteurella multocida Toxin vermittelten Modulation des Osteoimmunsystems. [Dissertation]

Klöss, Volker (2017) Cooperation of innate immune cells during Hepatitis C virus infection. [Dissertation]

Knieß, Robert André (2017) Analysis of replicative aging in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using fluorescence activated cell sorting. [Dissertation]

Konjik, Valentino (2017) RosB from Streptomyces davawensis is the key enzyme of roseoflavin biosynthesis. [Dissertation]

Krüger, Falco (2017) Vacuole biogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana. [Dissertation]

Kuri Rodríguez, Paola Sofía (2017) Teleost fish models for the in vivo study of inflammasome signaling. [Dissertation]


La Porta, Silvia (2017) Endothelial Tie1 regulates tumor angiogenesis, vascular abnormalization and metastatic dissemination. [Dissertation]

Li, Ying (2017) Unravelling multiple clock mechanisms in vertebrates. [Dissertation]

Liu, Lizhen (2017) The Functions of EP300 in Activated Pancreatic Stellate Cells and the Drug Resistance Problem in Pancreatic Cancer. [Dissertation]

Lowy, Camille (2017) Tenascin C interacts with integrin receptors to promote breast cancer metastasis to the lungs. [Dissertation]

Lujan Miralles, Pablo (2017) New roles for the phosphatase PRL-3 in epithelial architecture maintenance and endocytosis. [Dissertation]


Mackmull, Marie-Therese (2017) The landscape of the nucleocytoplasmic transport system and cell-type specific variations of the nuclear pore complex. [Dissertation]

Mathur, Aastha (2017) Role of cytoskeleton in morphological changes of blood platelets. [Dissertation]

Maurer, Jana (2017) VEGFD Downregulation in Hippocampal Area CA1: Effects on Dendritic Morphology of Pyramidal Neurons and Network Activity. [Dissertation]

Mongis, Cyril (2017) Towards simplified image analysis workflows. [Dissertation]

Montalbano, Antonino (2017) Identification and functional characterization of genetic modifiers for SHOX deficiency. [Dissertation]

Mugo, Elisha Muchunga (2017) The role of RBP10, a key post-transcriptional regulator in the development of Trypanosoma brucei. [Dissertation]

Muthinja, Julianne Mendi (2017) Dissecting the role of Plasmodium sporozoite curvature in gliding motility. [Dissertation]

Möller, Eva Katharina (2017) Modulation of the Wnt pathway at single-cell level uncovers diverging functional domains in the ciliary marginal zone of medaka. [Dissertation]

Müller, Bettina (2017) Die Rolle des BK-Kanals bei der dysfunktionalen Regulation des Gefäßtonus bei Diabetes und seine Aktivitätssteuerung durch Calciumtransportprozesse sowie ATP- und spannungsabhängige Kaliumkanäle. [Dissertation]




Oles, Malgorzata Elzbieta (2017) Pharmacogenomics of Primary Blood Cancer Cells. [Dissertation]


Pankert, Teresa (2017) A 3’-UTR sequence element modifies chromatin and regulates alternative splicing. [Dissertation]

Paternoga, Helge (2017) Ribosome assembly factors Nsa2 and Rsa4 connect the ATPase Rea1 to the maturing catalytic center of the large subunit. [Dissertation]

Pelka, Katharina Elisabeth (2017) The applicability of the Fish Embryo Toxicity Test (FET) for the testing of chemical substances with particular reference to a possible barrier function of the chorion. [Dissertation]

Pfalz, Birgit (2017) Comparing bacterial gene networks based on high-throughput phenomics. [Dissertation]

Pollmann, Julia (2017) Of Natural Killer cells and Hepatitis C Virus. [Dissertation]


Quintas Glasner de Medeiros, Gustavo (2017) Deep tissue light-sheet microscopy. [Dissertation]


Rogell, Birgit (2017) Exploring the biology of RNPs: specific capture of RNPs using antisense locked nucleic acids. [Dissertation]

Rohwedder, Carolin (2017) Generation of a shut-off system for Adeno-associated viral gene transfer vectors. [Dissertation]

Roncaglia, Paola ; van Dam, Teunis J. P. ; Christie, Karen R. ; Nacheva, Lora ; Toedt, Grischa ; Huynen, Martijn A. ; Huntley, Rachael P. ; Gibson, Toby J. ; Lomax, Jane (2017) The Gene Ontology of eukaryotic cilia and flagella. Cilia, 6 (10). pp. 1-13. ISSN 2046-2530

Ryl, Tatsiana (2017) MYCN, proliferative heterogeneity and treatment response in neuroblastoma. [Dissertation]


Sabouri Khameneh, Haniyeh (2017) Hyperforin induces senescence in endothelial and tumor cells. [Dissertation]

Saraswati, Supriya (2017) The role of Asap1 in physiology and tumor metastasis. [Dissertation]

Scherr, Anna-Lena (2017) The role of anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 proteins for colorectal cancer development and progression. [Dissertation]

Schiklenk, Christoph (2017) Characterization of Schizosaccharomyces pombe chromosome condensation factor Zas1. [Dissertation]

Schroeder, Lea (2017) Human papillomavirus-driven neck lymph node metastases from oropharyngeal or unknown primary squamous cell carcinoma. [Dissertation]

Schult, Philipp (2017) Functional Dissection of the Hepatitis C Virus Non-Structural Proteins and miR-122 in Viral Replication and Translation. [Dissertation]

Schulze, Wiebke Manuela (2017) Mutually Exclusive CBC and CBC-ARS2 Containing Complexes Coordinate the Fate of RNA Polymerase II Transcripts. [Dissertation]

Sefrin, Julian Peter (2017) Sensitization of tumor cells for T cell mediated eradication through targeted delivery of virus-derived immunogenic peptide epitopes. [Dissertation]

Sharma, Abhishek (2017) Role of CHRAC14 and histone methyltransferase Su(var)3-9 in facilitating ectopic loading of CENP-A. [Dissertation]

Simeonova, Ina Krasimirova (2017) Generation of Defined Astrocytic Phenotypes from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells for Transplantation after Spinal Cord Injury. [Dissertation]

Singer, Mirko (2017) Timed genome editing and sporozoite formation in Plasmodium berghei. [Dissertation]

Stank, Antonia (2017) Computational Studies on the Relation Between Macromolecular Dynamics and Protein Binding and Function. [Dissertation]

Stoeck, Ina Karen (2017) The role of cellular lipid homeostasis in the hepatitis C virus replication cycle. [Dissertation]

Suchanek, Verena Maria (2017) Role of Motility and its Regulation in Escherichia coli Biofilm formation. [Dissertation]

Sultan, Cheryl Sophia (2017) Functional association of a single nucleotide polymorphism in the human CD40 gene with the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. [Dissertation]

Sutcliffe, Grant (2017) Stochastic dynamics and delta-band oscillations in clustered spiking networks. [Dissertation]

Svara, Fabian Nicolas (2017) Volume Electron Microscopic Analyses in the Larval Zebrafish. [Dissertation]


Theiß, Martin (2017) Die Rolle des Mikrotubuli-assoziierten Proteins 1B (MAP1B) bei der axonalen Navigation in der embryonalen Retina. [Dissertation]



Vegesna, Naga Venkata Gayathri (2017) Molecular regulation of de novo Golgi biogenesis. [Dissertation]

Veinalde, Rūta (2017) Unraveling Determinants of Efficacy in Measles Immunovirotherapy. [Dissertation]

Universität Heidelberg (2017) Investigating the genetic and epigenetic basis of big biological questions with the new crayfish model Procambarus virginalis.


Wan, Shan (2017) Impact of the cell polarity protein Scribble on liver cancer formation and progression. [Dissertation]

Wiehle, Laura (2017) TET-dependent DNA methylation patterns in mammalian development and disease. [Dissertation]

Wolanski, Julia Caroline (2017) Regulatory Functions of the DAP Kinase Family in Antiviral RIG-I Signalling. [Dissertation]

Wolf, Eva Maria (2017) The evolutionary history of Cochlearia L. : Cytogenetics, phylogenomics and metabolomics of a cold relic in a warming world. [Dissertation]

Wollny, Damian (2017) Single cell analysis uncovers clonal heterogeneity in the adult exocrine pancreas. [Dissertation]


Xiang, Wanqing (2017) Structure and Dynamics of Replication Domains in Single Chromosome Territories of Interphase Nuclei. [Dissertation]


Ye, Fei (2017) Cell-type Dependent Changes of Protein Post-translational Modifications in The Ageing Human Bone Marrow Proteome. [Dissertation]


Zhang, Lei (2017) Construction of infectious full-length cDNA clones of apple viruses and plant viral vector development. [Dissertation]

Zhang, Yuanfeng (2017) Role of Transcription Factor Foxb1 in Oligodendrocyte Development. [Dissertation]

Zimmer, Jana (2017) The role of SOCS1 in the cell nucleus - Regulation of local immunity in the lung? [Dissertation]


Özcan, Mine (2017) Models for Immune Response and Immune Evasion in MSI Cancer and Lynch Syndrome. [Dissertation]

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