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Number of items: 68.


Arnold, Matthias ; Krämer, Hans Martin ; Lecher, Hanno ; Scholz, Jan ; Stille, Max ; Vogt, Sebastian (2020) Moglichkeiten und Grenzen der Videoannotation mit - Forschung, Lehre und institutionelles Repositorium. [Preprint]


Bangerth, Wolfgang ; Kanschat, Guido ; Hartmann, Ralf (2006) deal.II -- a General Purpose Object Oriented Finite Element Library. [Preprint]

Bauer, Axel W. (1989) Internationale Bibliographie zur Geschichte der Pathologie und der Pathologischen Anatomie. [Preprint]

Besier, Michael (2010) Goal-Oriented Adaptivity in Space-Time Finite Element Simulations of Nonstationary Incompressible Flows. [Preprint]

Besier, Michael ; Wollner, Winnifried (2010) On the Dependence of the Pressure on the Time Step in Incompressible Flow Simulations on Varying Spatial Meshes. [Preprint]


Cheng, Jingdong ; Baßler, Jochen ; Fischer, Paulina ; Lau, Benjamin ; Kellner, Nikola ; Kunze, Ruth ; Griesel, Sabine ; Kallas, Martina ; Berninghausen, Otto ; Strauß, Daniela ; Beckmann, Roland ; Hurt, Ed (2019) Thermophile 90S Pre-ribosome Structures Reveal the Reverse Order of Co-transcriptional 18S rRNA Subdomain Integration. [Preprint]

Cockburn, Bernardo ; Kanschat, Guido ; Schötzau, Dominik (2006) A note on discontinuous Galerkin divergence-free solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations. [Preprint]

Cürsgen, Dirk (2014) Was ist Fortschritt? Anmerkungen zur impliziten Ontologie eines Begriffs. [Preprint]


Dr. Saltik, Serkan (2015) The North-South divide in Europe: an economic anomaly or more of an existential question? [Preprint]


Eberhard, Jens P. ; Frolkovic, Peter (2006) Numerical simulation of growth of an atherosclerotic lesion with a moving boundary. [Preprint]

Ehret, Sonja ; Putze, Felix ; Miller-Teynor, Heike ; Kruse, Andreas ; Schultz, Tanja (2016) Technikbasiertes Spiel von Tagespflegebesuchern mit und ohne Demenz: Effekte, Heuristiken und Korrelate. [Preprint]

Ehrlicher, Hanno (2005) Cambios de la ley del deseo en la trayectoria de Pedro Almodóvar. [Preprint]

Engwer, Christian (2005) A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Simulations in Complex Domains. [Preprint]


Feireisl, Eduard ; Elfriede, Friedmann. (2011) Continuity of Drag and domain stability in the low Mach number limits. [Preprint]

Friedmann, Elfriede ; Pfeifer, Andrea C. ; Neumann, Rebecca ; Klingmüller, Ursula ; Rannacher, Rolf (2010) Interaction between Experiment, Modeling and Simulation of Spatial Aspects in the JAK2/STAT5 Signaling Pathway. [Preprint]


Hardouin, Charlotte (2008) Iterative $q$-Difference Galois Theory. [Preprint]

Harmsen, Silvia ; Jungblut, Daniel ; Krömker, Susanne (2007) Seljuk Muqarnas along the Silk Road. [Preprint]

Heida, Martin (2009) Existence of Solution for a Model of Film Condensation and Crystallization. [Preprint]


Johannsen, Klaus (2005) A robust 9-point ILU smoother for anisotropic problems. [Preprint]

Jung, Dinah (2011) The Value of Agarwood. Reflections Upon Its Use and History in South Yemen. [Preprint]

Jäger, Simon ; Kostina, Ekaterina (2006) An Inverse Problem for a Nonlinear Stochastic Differential Equation Modeling Price Dynamics. [Preprint]


Kang, Kyungkeun ; Stevens, Angela ; Velàzquez, Juan J. L. (2008) Qualitative Behavior of a Keller-Segel Model with Non-Diffusive Memory. [Preprint]

Kostina, Ekaterina ; Kostyukova, Olga (2005) Generalized Implicit Function Theorem and its Application to Parametric Optimal Control Problems. [Preprint]


Lebiedz, Dirk ; Reinhardt, Volkmar ; Siehr, Jochen (2009) Minimal Curvature Trajectories: Riemannian Geometry Concepts for Model Reduction in Chemical Kinetics. [Preprint]

Lellmann, Jan ; Kappes, Jörg ; Yuan, Jing ; Becker, Florian ; Schnörr, Christoph (2008) Convex Multi-Class Image Labeling by Simplex-Constrained Total Variation. [Preprint]

Lorenz, Thomas (2008) Control problems for nonlocal set evolutions. [Preprint]

Lorenz, Thomas (2007) Epi-Lipschitzian reachable sets of differential inclusions. [Preprint]

Lorenz, Thomas (2005) Evolution equations in ostensible metric spaces : Definitions and existence. [Preprint]

Lorenz, Thomas (2005) Evolution equations in ostensible metric spaces. II. Examples in Banach spaces and of free boundaries. [Preprint]

Lorenz, Thomas (2007) Evolution equations in ostensible metric spaces: First-order evolutions of nonsmooth sets with nonlocal terms. [Preprint]

Lorenz, Thomas (2005) Generalizing evolution equations in ostensible metric spaces: Timed right-hand sleek solutions provide uniqueness of first-order geometric examples. [Preprint]

Lorenz, Thomas (2012) Integrale über Hyperflächen im Grundstudium. [Preprint]

Lorenz, Thomas (2006) Nonsmooth shape evolutions under state constraints: A viability theorem. [Preprint]

Lorenz, Thomas (2005) Quasilinear continuity equations of measures for bounded BV vector fields. [Preprint]

Lorenz, Thomas (2007) Radon measures solving the Cauchy problem of the nonlinear transport equation. [Preprint]

Lorenz, Thomas (2006) A viability theorem for morphological inclusions. [Preprint]

Lorenz, Thomas ; Marciniak-Czochra, Anna ; Gwiazda, Piotr (2008) A nonlinear structured population model: Global existence and structural stability of measure-valued solutions. [Preprint]


Matzat, B. Heinrich (2008) From Frobenius Structures to Differential Equations. [Preprint]

Matzat, Bernd Heinrich (2005) Differential Equations and Finite Groups. [Preprint]

Matzat, Bernd Heinrich (2006) Iterative Differential Equations and Finite Groups. [Preprint]

Maurischat, Andreas (2008) Galois theory for iterative connections and nonreduced Galois groups. [Preprint]

Mercker, Moritz ; Marciniak-Czochra, Anna ; Hartmann, Dirk (2011) A continuous mechanobiological model of lateral inhomogeneous biological surfaces. [Preprint]

Mommer, Mario S. ; Lebiedz, Dirk (2007) Modeling Subdiffusion Using Reaction Diffusion Systems. [Preprint]


Nicola, Auralian ; Petra, Stefania ; Popa, Constantin ; Schnörr, Christoph (2009) On a general extending and constraining procedure for linear iterative methods. [Preprint]

Noori, Hamid Reza (2009) Averaging Transformations of Synaptic Potentials on Networks. [Preprint]


Petra, Stefania ; Popa, Constantin ; Schnoerr, Christoph (2008) Extended and Constrained Cimmino-type Algorithms with Applications in Tomographic Image Reconstruction. [Preprint]

Petra, Stefania ; Popa, Constantin ; Schnörr, Christoph (2009) Accelerating Constrained SIRTwith Applications in Tomographic Particle Image Reconstruction. [Preprint]

Petra, Stefania ; Schnörr, Christoph (2009) TomoPIV meets Compressed Sensing. [Preprint]

Pfeiffer, Michelle ; Raun, Karl Hjalte Maack ; Volkmann, Armin (2016) “Digital mapping” - Detection and prospection through digital and physical landscapes at Koumasa, Crete. [Preprint]

Pietzsch, Eberhard (2001) Wie kann in Millionen sehr kurzer OCR-Texte schnell und fehlertolerant gesucht werden? [Preprint]

Ptashnyk, Mariya (2007) Derivation of a macroscopic model for nutrient uptake by a single branch of hairy-roots. [Preprint]


Reichert, Christian (2007) Laws of large numbers for mesoscopic stochastic models of reacting and diffusing particles. [Preprint]

Reinhardt, Volkmar ; Winckler, Miriam ; Lebiedz, Dirk (2007) Approximation of slow attracting manifolds in chemical kinetics by trajectory-based optimization approaches. [Preprint]

Richter, Thomas (2012) A Fully Eulerian Formulation for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems. [Preprint]

Richter, Thomas (2011) Goal-oriented error estimation for fluid-structure interaction problems. [Preprint]

Richter, Thomas (2012) Goal-oriented error estimation for fluid-structure interaction problems. [Preprint]

Richter, Thomas (2010) A monolithic multigrid solver for 3d fluid-structure interaction problems. [Preprint]


Sager, Sebastian ; Bock, Hans Georg ; Diehl, Moritz (2007) Solving Mixed--integer Control Problems by Sum Up Rounding With Guaranteed Integer Gap. [Preprint]

Schlotz, D. ; Vogelgesang, M. ; Gutheil, E. ; Clauss, W. ; Sender, J. (2005) Modeling of Spray Combustion under Cryogenic and High Pressure Conditions. [Preprint]

Schraudner, Michael H. (2005) Countable state Markov shifts with automorphism groups being a direct sum. [Preprint]

Sterz, Oliver ; Hauser, Andreas ; Wittum, Gabriel (2005) Adaptive Local Multigrid Methods for the Solution of Time Harmonic Eddy Current Problems. [Preprint]

Surulescu, Christina (2005) Mathematical analysis of the time dependent motion of a fluid through a tube with flexible walls. [Preprint]

Surulescu, Christina (2005) The instationary motion of a Navier-Stokes fluid through a vessel with an elastic cover. [Preprint]

Surulescu, Christina ; Surulescu, N. (2005) A note on an individual bioequivalence setting. [Preprint]


Untermann, Matthias (2007) The mendicant dual cloister in Northern Germany. [Preprint]

Unverzagt, Christian (2016) Taijiquan und Wuji. [Preprint]


Volkmann, Armin (2013) Neues zur „Odergermanischen Gruppe“: Das innere Barbaricum an der unteren Oder im 5.–6. Jh. AD. [Preprint]

Volkmann, Armin (2013) Signale des Paläoklimas vom 7 Jh. BC bis 8 Jh. AD an der Oder durch eine Umfeldanalyse der Siedlungsbefunde im GIS. [Preprint]

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