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Фрагмент ктиторской композиции на западной стене наоса Кирилловской церкви в Киеве. Fragment ktitorskoj kompozicii na zapadnoj stene naosa Kirillovskoj cerkvi v Kieve

Kozak, Nazar B.

English Title: A fragment of the ktetor scene on the west wall of Saint Cyril Church in Kyiv

In: Orlova, Marija Alekseevna (Hrsg.): В созвездии Льва. Сборник статей по древнерусскому искусству в честь Льва Исааковича Лифшица. V sozvezdii L’va. Sbornik statej po drevnerusskomu iskusstvu v čest‘ L’va Isaakoviča Lifšica. Moskva 2014, pp. 198-209

PDF, Russian
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Document type: Book Section
Version: Secondary publication
Date Deposited: 22 Mar 2016 13:19
Faculties / Institutes: Research Project, Working Group > Individuals
Controlled Subjects: Kiewer Reich, Kyrillkirche <Kiew>, Deckenmalerei, Stifter
Subject (classification): Iconography
Countries/Regions: East Europe
Collection: ART-Dok Central and Eastern Europe