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1 The sound values of the signs Gardiner D1 (Head) and T8 (Dagger) Werning, Daniel A. 2004

2 Die Beth-Sche’an-Stele Sethos’ I. Werning, Daniel A. 2005

3 Luiselli, Maria Michela: Der Amun-Re Hymnus des P. Boulaq 17 (P. Kairo CG 58038) Werning, Daniel A. 2006

4 An interpretation of the stemmata of the Books of the Netherworld in the New Kingdom - Tomb decoration and the text additions for Osiris NN Werning, Daniel A. 2007

5 Aenigmatische Schreibungen in Unterweltsbüchern des Neuen Reiches: gesicherte Entsprechungen und Ersetzungsprinzipien Werning, Daniel A. 2008

6 Aspect vs. relative tense, and the typological classification of the Ancient Egyptian sdm.n=f Werning, Daniel A. 2008

7 Glossing Ancient Egyptian. Suggestions for adapting the Leipzig Glossing Rules Biase-Dyson, Camilla Di ; Kammerzell, Frank ; Werning, Daniel A. 2009

8 Ancient Egyptian prepositions for the expression of spatial relations and their translations. A typological approach Werning, Daniel A. 2012

9 Linguistic dating of the Netherworld Books attested in the New Kingdom. A critical review Werning, Daniel A. 2013

10 TT 33: the Book of the Dead and the Book of Caverns Einaudi, Silvia ; Werning, Daniel A. 2013

11 Uninflected relative verb forms as converbs and verbal rhemes. The two schemes of the emphatic construction as a detached adjectival phrase construction and as a truncated balanced sentence Werning, Daniel A. 2014

12 Roberson, J. A., The Ancient Egyptian Books of the Earth, Atlanta (Georgia) 2012 Werning, Daniel A. 2014

13 Der ‚Kopf des Beines‘, der ‚Mund der Arme‘ und die ‚Zähne‘ des Schöpfers. Zu metonymischen und metaphorischen Verwendungen von Körperteil-Lexemen im Hieroglyphisch-Ägyptischen Werning, Daniel A. 2014

14 Hypotheses on glides and Matres Lectionis in earlier egyptian orthographies Werning, Daniel A. 2016

15 Roberson, J. A. — The awakening of Osiris and the transit of the solar barques. royal apotheosis in a most Concise book of the underworld and sky Werning, Daniel A. 2016

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