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Items where Division is "The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy > Dekanat der Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie" and Year is 2021

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Aros Pinochet, Francisco Ignacio (2021) Towards a robust detection of intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters. [Dissertation]


Bailoni, Alberto (2021) Deep Learning for Graph-Based Image Instance Segmentation. [Dissertation]

Bakucz Canário, Daniel (2021) Time Delay in Tunnelling Ionization. [Dissertation]

Bischer, Ingolf Franz (2021) Effective Neutrino Interactions: Origins and Phenomenology. [Dissertation]

Bosco, Felix (2021) Probing the Growth of Black Holes at the Limit of Large Telescopes. [Dissertation]


Cichon, Dominick (2021) Liquid xenon detector physics with XENON1T and HeXe: electric noise stability, background discrimination studies and measurements of the scintillation pulse shape. [Dissertation]


Fallot-Burghardt, Wolfgang (2021) Strahlenschäden in dem CMOS Verstärker­- und Auslesechip VIKING 2. [Master's thesis]

Frankel, Neige (2021) Forward Modelling the Secular Evolution of the Milky Way Disk. [Dissertation]

Friedrich, Florian (2021) Schnelle MR-Bildgebung und Tumortracking für die MR-geführte Strahlentherapie. [Dissertation]

Félix Bautista, Renato (2021) Monitoring of lateral positions of therapeuthic carbon-ion pencil beams using secondary ion tracking. [Dissertation]


Gensior, Jindra Sophie (2021) The influence of the galactic gravitational potential on star formation and the interstellar medium. [Dissertation]

Gronow, Sabrina (2021) Contribution of Type Ia supernovae to the chemical enrichment of the Milky Way: explosions of sub-Chandrasekhar mass white dwarfs. [Dissertation]


Hahn, Artur (2021) Artificial magnetic resonance contrasts based on microvascular geometry: A numerical basis. [Dissertation]

Held, Marcus Oliver (2021) 4Pi-MINFLUX localizations of fluorescent molecules. [Dissertation]

Hermann, Ingo (2021) Development of novel methods in quantitative magnetic resonance imaging. [Dissertation]


Jackson, Thomas Matthew (2021) The Assembly and Size Evolutionary Processes of Low Redshift, Massive, Central Galaxies. [Dissertation]


Kaasinen, Melanie (2021) The Molecular Interstellar Medium in Distant Galaxies. [Dissertation]

Keppler, Miriam Julia (2021) Giant Planet Formation in Disks: An Observational Perspective. [Dissertation]

Kleimaier, Dennis (2021) Exploring Protein Interactions with 23Na Triple-quantum MRS and 1H Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer MRI. [Dissertation]

Kopp, Benedikt Marian Georg (2021) New Methods to Evaluate and Reduce Uncertainties in Particle Therapy: From LET Calculation to CICR Planning. [Dissertation]


Ksoll, Victor Francisco (2021) Characterising Pre-Main-Sequence Stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud with Machine and Deep Learning Techniques. [Dissertation]

Kulikov, Ivan (2021) Study of the A=100 deformation region through high precision mass measurements of the neutron rich krypton isotopes. [Dissertation]

Kurz, Niels (2021) Kinematically complete multiphoton ionization studies on optically trapped 6Li and 6Li_2 created by single-color photoassociation. [Dissertation]

Kühn, Steffen (2021) High-precision soft X-ray transition measurements of neon-like mid-Z ions using ultra monochromatic synchrotron radiation. [Dissertation]


Ludwig, Dominik (2021) Diffusions-Porenbildgebung und Austauschraten-Messungen mittels kernmagnetischer Resonanz. [Dissertation]


Marian, Victor (2021) The Intricate Connection Between Major Mergers and AGN with the Highest Eddington Ratios. [Dissertation]


Neuholz, Alexander (2021) 3D characterization of vascular architectures in experimental tumors based on LSFM microscopy and simulation of the oxygen distributions. [Dissertation]

Niebuhr, Nina Isabelle (2021) Biological Dose Accumulation in Image-guided Radiotherapy. [Dissertation]


Pape, Constantin (2021) Scalable Instance Segmentation for Microscopy. [Dissertation]

Paul, Daniel Roman (2021) Electron recombination studies of rotationally cold CH+ ions at the Cryogenic Storage Ring. [Dissertation]

Peron, Giada (2021) Probing the Spatial and Spectral Distribution of Galactic Cosmic Rays with High-Energy Gamma-Rays. [Dissertation]


Rebholz, Marc Anton Alexander (2021) All-XUV pump-probe transient absorption spectroscopy on the dissociation dynamics of small molecules. [Dissertation]

Ruiz Velasco, Edna Loredana (2021) Search and first detection of very-high-energy photons in gamma-ray bursts: an analysis with HAWC and H.E.S.S. [Dissertation]


Sangal, Maitreyi (2021) The interaction of Light with Matter and Light with Light. [Dissertation]

Schlecker, Martin (2021) The Architectures of Planetary Systems: Population Synthesis Meets Observations. [Dissertation]

Schotsch, Frans-Felix (2021) TrapREMI - Development of a Reaction Microscope inside a Zajfman Trap and First Photodissociation Experiments on Stored Molecular Ions. [Dissertation]

Shobeiry, Farshad (2021) Attosecond Electron-Nuclear Dynamics in Photodissociation of H2 and D2. [Dissertation]

Sidhu, Ragandeep Singh (2021) Measurement of the bound-state beta decay of bare 205Tl81+ ions at the ESR. [Dissertation]

Stock, Stephan Amir (2021) Analysis of High-Precision Spectroscopic Data in Search of Exoplanet Signals Close to the Stellar Noise Limit. [Dissertation]


Tenorth, Valentin Titus (2021) Characterizing Dark Matter at low and high momentum transfers. [Dissertation]


Varga, László (2021) Proton capture measurements on stored ions for the γ-process nucleosynthesis. [Dissertation]

Volz, Lennart (2021) Particle imaging for daily in-room image guidance in particle therapy. [Dissertation]


Weber, Michael (2021) MINSTED Fluorescence Nanoscopy. [Dissertation]

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