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Number of items at this level: 76.

1 The Highland Environment of Ḥimyarite Ẓafār (Yemen): Neo-Geographic Determinism? Fischer, Elske ; Rösch, Manfred ; Yule, Paul 2010

1 Zafar, Capital of Himyar, Sixth Preliminary Report, February–March 2006 Franke, Kristina ; Rösch, Manfred ; Ruppert, Cornelia ; Yule, Paul 2008

1_1 Documentation and visualisation of archaeological sites in Yemen: an antique relief wall in Zafar (poster) Buchmann, Ingo ; Schröder, Tobias ; Yule, Paul 2009

1a Samad ash-Shan, Preliminary Report 1988 Yule, Paul ; Weisgerber, Gerd 1988

1a Electron Microprobe Analysis and X-ray Diffraction Methods in Archaeometry: Investigations on Pre-Islamic Beads from the Sultanate of Oman Rösch, Cordelia ; Hock, Rainer ; Schüssler, Ulrich ; Yule, Paul ; Hannibal, Anne 1997

1b Pierre Corboud, Anne-Catherine Castella, Roman Hapka, Peter im Obersteg, Les tombes protohistoriques de Bithnah Fujairah, Emirats Arabes Unis. Terra archaeologica 1 (Mainz 1996) Yule, Paul 1996

1b Prehistoric Tower Tombs at Shir/Jaylah, Sultanate of Oman Yule, Paul ; Weisgerber, Gerd 1998

1bb Find inventory for the Sultanate of Oman, excavations 1980-1998 Yule, Paul 1998

1bbb Pottery of the early Iron Age from al Maysar M43 (Sultanate of Oman) Yule, Paul 1998

1bbbb Une figure anthropomorphe du nord de l'Inde / An anthropomorphic figure from North India Yule, Paul 1998

1c Dates, Caries, and Early Tooth Loss During the Iron Age of Oman Yule, Paul ; Nelson, Greg C. ; Lukacs, John B. 1999

1d Pottery Workshop: Arabia and the Red Sea after the Turning to the Common Era: Advancing the State of the Art, 15-16-10.2011, Internationales Wissenschaftsforum der Universität Heidelberg Yule, Paul 2011

1d Die 14. Deutsche Archäologische Oman-Expedition 1995 Yule, Paul ; Weisgerber, Gerd 1996

1d The Samad Period in the Sultanate of Oman Yule, Paul 1999

1e East of Ibrāʾ: A Jāhil in the Sharqīyah with two graves Yule, Paul ; Bergoffen, Celia 1999

1f Zafar, Capital of Himyar, Ninth Preliminary Report, September-October 2010 Yule, Paul 2010

1h The Cut Style reconsidered Yule, Paul 1973

1h The copper hoard artifacts in the S C Roy Collection, Ranchi Thiel-Horstmann, Monika ; Yule, Paul 1985

1i Toward a glyptic chronology in Late Helladic III Yule, Paul 1976

2 The Hasat Bani Salt in the al-Zahirah Province of the Sultanate of Oman Yule, Paul 2001

2a GlScovering the past in Oman Yule, Paul 2001

3 Recently Discovered Bronze Bowls from ʻAmlah, al-Ẓāhirah Province and the Late Pre-Islamic Yule, Paul 2001

3 Excavations at Samad Al Shan 1987 - 1991, summary Yule, Paul 1993

4 Did the Ancient Mesopotamian Royal Stone Originate in Oman? Yule, Paul ; Guba, Ingeborg 2001

4 Toward a chronology of the late iron age in the Sultanate of Oman Yule, Paul ; Kazenwadel, Brigitte 1993

4a A bronze bowl from the Back Country of the Sultanate of Oman Yule, Paul 2001

4c Mapping Himyarite Zafâr Yule, Paul 2002

5 Beyond the Pale of Near Eastern Archaeology: Anthropomorphic Figures from al-Aqir near Bahla’, Sultanate of Oman Yule, Paul 2003

5a ḥafriyāt fī samad al-šā’n (wilāyat al-muḍaybī), taqrīr ʿulā 1988 m, būl yūl wa ǧīrd fāysǧrbr,tarǧamah, maktab al-darisāt al-āṯariyyah, dā’yrat al-āṯār, raḥmah bint qāsim bin ǧābir al-fārsī Yule, Paul ; Weisgerber, Gerd 1993

5b Samad ash-Shan vorläufiger Bericht 1988 Yule, Paul ; Weisgerber, Gerd 1988

5c Le harnachement du cheval d’un Hasbahide, découvert dans une tombe de Zafâr Yule, Paul ; Robin, Antonini ; Robin, Christian J. 2004

6 Late Himyarite Vulture Reliefs Yule, Paul 2005

7 Zafar, Capital of Himyar, Ibb Province, Yemen: First Preliminary Report: Summer 1998 and Autumn 2000, Second Preliminary Report: 2002, Third Preliminary Report: 2003, Fourth Preliminary Report: 2004 Yule, Paul ; Franke, Kristina ; Meyer, Cornelius ; Nebe, G.Wilhelm ; Robin, Christian ; Witzel, Carsten 2007

8 Thermoluminescence Dating of Early Ceramics from Oman Wagner, Günther ; Yule, Paul 2007

9 The Gates of Himyarite Zafar Yule, Paul 2007

10 Himyarite Knights, Infantrymen and Hunters Yule, Paul ; Robin, Christian 2007

11 'Decadence', 'Decline' and Persistence: Zafar and Himyar Yule, Paul 2007

12 Zafar, Watershed of Late Pre-Islamic Culture Yule, Paul ; Galor, Katharina 2008

13 Zafar, Capital of Himyar, Fifth Preliminary Report, February–March 2005 Yule, Paul 2008

14 Sasanian Presence and Late Iron Age Samad in Central Oman, some Corrections Yule, Paul 2008

15 Zafar, Capital of Himyar, Seventh Preliminary Report, February–March 2007-2008 Yule, Paul 2009

16 Zafar, Capital of Himyar, Eighth Preliminary Report, February–March 2009 Yule, Paul 2009

17 In memoriam Dr Gerd Weisgerber Yule, Paul 2011

30 Non-destructive chemical analysis of old south arabian coins, fourth century BCE to third century CE Yule, Paul ; Kirfel, Armin ; Kockelmann, Winfried 2011

30a Pre-arabic inscriptions from Wādī Saḥtan, Wilāyat al-Rustāq, Governorate of the South al-Bāṭinah Region, Sultanate of Oman Yule, Paul 2013

30b A Late Antique Christian king from Ẓafār, southern Arabia Yule, Paul 2013

30c The Early Iron Age fort at Lizq, Sultanate of Oman Kroll, Stephan ; Yule, Paul 2013

31 Grabungstagebücher von al-Raki/Sultanate Oman, 1996/7 Weisgerber, Gerd 2014

31a A new prehistoric anthropomorphic figure from the Sharqiyah, Oman Yule, Paul 2014

32 Archaeological recording of Heidelberg University in Oman, April & December 2014, May 2015 Yule, Paul 2015

32a The ʿIbrī/Selme Hoard from al-Ẓāhirah Province – 30 years after Yule, Paul 2015

33 Mifsas Baḥri, Fourth preliminary internal field report, 2016 Season Gaudiello, Michela ; Hilbrig, Curt ; Partheil, Svenja ; Yule, Paul 2016

34 ‘New’ Excavations in Oman 1974‒95 Yule, Paul 2016

35 Ẓafār/Yemen – a brief summary Yule, Paul 2016

36 Image archives for the archaeology of Arabia: a race against time Yule, Paul 2016

37 Silver phiale said to be from al-Juba (al-Wusṭa Governorate) — an archaeological puzzle Yule, Paul ; Pariselle, Christine 2016

38 Valorising the Samad Late Iron Age Yule, Paul 2016

46 Al-Moyassar is the gift of the Falaj Yule, Paul 2017

47 Visit in al-Sharqiyah/al-Niba'/al-Dhurra in Wadi al-Niba (=Wadi al-Aghda’) Yule, Paul 2017

48 Recording of archaeological contexts at ‘Umq al-Rabah, al-Sharqiyah Yule, Paul ; al-Rassibi, Khalifa Khamis 2017

48a Report for the survey 20 to 21.06.2017 in the southern Sharqiyah Khamis al-Rasibi, Khalifah ; Yule, Paul 2017

49 Survey in the Sharqīyah, Heidelberg University & Ministry of Heritage and Culture Arnold, Werner ; Khamis al-Rasibī, Khalīfa ; Yule, Paul 2018

49a Photogrammetric recording of an Early Iron Age hut tomb in central Oman Yule, Paul ; Gaudiello, Michela 2017

50 Survey of Central Oman, Heidelberg University & Ministry of Heritage and Culture Gaudiello, Michela ; Khamis al-Rasibī, Khalīfa ; Yule, Paul 2018

51 Survey in al-Khawd, Khur al-Ḏabaʿ, Muscat Municipality (Sultanate of Oman) Gaudiello, Michela ; Yule, Paul 2018

52 Survey in Wadi Musfah, east of Ǧebel al-Ṣalayli, Sharqiyyah north province (Sultanate of Oman) Gaudiello, Michela ; Yule, Paul 2018

53 Report of a visit to al-Nejd in Amirat province in Muscat Governorate Yule, Paul ; al-Asmi, Khamis 2019

54 Archaeological study visit to the Šarqiyyah 28.03.–12.04.2019 Heidelberg University Initiative Gaudiello, Michela ; Yule, Paul 2019

55 Defence during the Samad period – A first attempt at an archaeology of conflict in South-eastern Arabia Yule, Paul 2019

56 Archaeological study visit to the central part of Oman 16.–29.09.2019, Heidelberg University Initiative Yule, Paul ; Mauro, Fausto 2019

57 The multi-period cemetery in Maḥālya, Wādī Andām, Sultanate of Oman, revisited Yule, Paul 2019

58 Gold beads of the Samad Late Iron Age, Sultanate of Oman Yule, Paul 2020

59 Al Bustan - a Pre-Islamic cemetery, report of the Test Excavation 1991 Yule, Paul 2020

60 Field report of the Alexander Sima, Heidelberg University Archaeology Mission to Oman, 9 September ‒ 15 October 2021 Yule, Paul ; Gaudiello, Michela ; Blum, Stephan 2021

61 A Sasanian equestrian muzzle from Roman Augusta Vindelicum (Augsburg)? Yule, Paul 2021

62 Internal report of an archaeological rescue operation at al-Khod, Hor al-Ḏabʿ (al-Ḫawḍ, Ḥūr Aḏ̣-Ḏ̣abʿ), Muscat Governorate, 12.01. to 26.01.2023 for the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, version 1 Juhas, Marcel ; Schlammersdorff, Luisa von ; Weber, Fanny ; Yule, Paul 2023

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