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Number of items: 43.


Abkai, Ciamak ; Hesser, Jürgen (2009) Real-Time Physiological Simulation and Modeling toward Dependable Patient Monitoring Systems. [Conference Item]

Apel, Jochen (2015) Community-spezifische Forschungsdatenpublikation (csFDP) - Projekt im Rahmen des Förderprogramms E-Science in Baden-Württemberg. [Conference Item]

Apel, Jochen (2016) Dataverse in Germany: Research Data Management at Heidelberg University. [Conference Item]

Apel, Jochen (2015) Eins, zwei, drei...ganz viele - Ermittlung institutioneller Kennzahlen zum Open-Access-Publizieren. [Conference Item]

Apel, Jochen (2015) Forschungsdatenmanagement an der Universität Heidelberg. [Conference Item]

Apel, Jochen (2014) Institutionelle Strukturen für das Management von Forschungsdaten: Die Research Data Policy der Universität Heidelberg und ihre Umsetzung. [Conference Item]

Armoush, Ashraf ; Kowalewski, Stefan (2009) Safety Recommendations for Safety-Critical Design Patterns. [Conference Item]

Atkinson, Colin ; Barth, Florian ; Falcone, Giovanni (2009) Measuring the Dependability of Dynamic Systems using Test Sheets. [Conference Item]


Bartolein, Christian ; Wagner, Achim ; Jipp, Meike ; Badreddin, Essameddin (2009) Dependable System Design for Assistance Systems for Electrically Powered Wheelchairs. [Conference Item]

Bauer, Axel W. (1988) Pathologie auf den Versammlungen Deutscher Naturforscher und Ärzte von 1822 bis 1872. [Conference Item]

Berberich, Stefanie (2005) Kosten und Nutzen der Optimierung von Inhaltserschließung. [Conference Item]

Berschin, Walter (2015) Gibt es eine mittellateinische Methode? [Conference Item]

Blanché, Ulrich (2011) Reflections of consumerism in Damien Hirst’s Spot Paintings. [Conference Item]

Bogacz, Bartosz ; Gertz, Michael ; Mara, Hubert (2015) Cuneiform Character Similarity Using Graph Representations. [Conference Item]

Brandis, Dirk [Hrsg.] ; Hollert, Henner [Hrsg.] ; Storch, Volker [Hrsg.] (2001) Tag der Artenvielfalt in Heidelberg : am 3. Juni 2000. [Conference Item]


Dr. Saltik, Serkan (2015) Integration of immigrants: a current view of four cases from Europe. [Conference Item]


Falkenroth, Achim ; Herzog, Alexandra ; Jähne, Bernd (2006) Visualization of air-water gas exchange using novel fluorescent dyes. [Conference Item]


Garbe, Christoph ; Roetmann, Karsten ; Jähne, Bernd (2006) An optical flow based technique for the non-invasive measurement of microfluidic flows. [Conference Item]

Gehrlein, Sabine (2014) Library goes Anatomy. Anatomische Lehrmedien an der Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg. [Conference Item]


Heidelberg, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität (2005) Symposiumsbericht 07.-09.04.2005: Impulse für Eliten - Gestaltungsfreiräume für deutsche Spitzenuniversitäten. [Conference Item]


Jehle, Markus ; Jähne, Bernd (2006) A novel method for spatio-temporal analysis of flows within the water-side viscous boundary layer. [Conference Item]

Jipp, Meike ; Bartolein, Christian ; Badreddin, Essameddin (2009) The Role of Task and Situational Characteristics on the Dependability of Human-Technology Interaction. [Conference Item]

Jipp, Meike ; Bartolein, Christian ; Wagner, Achim ; Badreddin, Essameddin (2009) The Impact of Individual Differences in Fine Motor Abilities on Wheelchair Control Behavior and Especially on Safety-Critical Collisions with Objects in the Surroundings. [Conference Item]

Jung, Dinah (2011) Cultural flows and interrelations between perfumery arts in Asia: The Spread and Rise of Agarwood. [Conference Item]

Jähne, Bernd (2013) Der Standard EMVA 1288 zur Charakterisierung von Kameras und Bildsensoren – von 2D- zu 3D-Kameras. [Conference Item]

Jähne, Bernd (2013) Von optischer 3D-Messtechnik zu lichtfeldbasierter Bildakquisition und -verarbeitung. [Conference Item]


Kanstrén, Teemu ; Piel, Eric ; Gonzalez, Alberto ; Gross, Hans-Gerhard (2009) Observation-Based Modeling for Testing and Verifying Highly Dependable Systems – A Practitioner’s Approach. [Conference Item]

Klimpki, Grischa (2012) High-Accuracy Ion Range Measurements using Fluorescent Nuclear Track Detectors. [Conference Item]

Klimpki, Grischa ; Osinga, Julia-Maria ; Niklas, Martin ; Mescher, Henning ; Greilich, Steffen ; Jäkel, Oliver (2014) Fluorescent nuclear track detectors as a tool for ion-beam therapy research. [Conference Item]


Luo, Yi ; Wagner, Achim ; Zouaghi, Leila ; Badreddin, Essameddin (2009) An Integrated Monitor-Diagnosis-Reconfiguration Scheme for (Semi-) Autonomous Systems. [Conference Item]


Massa, Judith ; Bogacz, Bartosz ; Krömker, Susanne ; Mara, Hubert (2016) Cuneiform Detection in Vectorized Raster Images. [Conference Item]

Mohamed, Atef ; Zulkernine, Mohammad (2009) Quantifying Safety in Software Architectural Designs. [Conference Item]


Peltzer, Jörg Henning (2006) Tagungsbericht "Salisches Kaisertum und neues Europa in der Zeit Heinrichs IV. und Heinrichs V." 04.05.2006-06.05.2006, Speyer. [Conference Item]


Reh, Benjamin ; Seitz, Christian ; Speck, Sonja (2016) Seal Rotation Device – an Automated System for documenting Cylinder Seals. [Conference Item]


Schlund, Katrin (2015) A unifying approach to Russian impersonal morphology. [Conference Item]

Schmidlin Fajardo Silva, Raul ; Hesser, Jürgen ; Männer, Reinhard (2009) Fault Propagation Analysis on the Transaction-Level Model of an Acquisition System with Bus Fallback Modes. [Conference Item]

Schönpflug, Richard ; Mara, Hubert (2016) Ridge Point Extraction with Non-Maximum Suppression on Irregular Grids. [Conference Item]

Sträter, Thomas ; Kremer, Maria de Jesus Durán ; Rodrigues, Rosa ; Pfeifer, Sílvia Melo ; Beck-Busse, Gabriele ; Siepmann, Helmut ; Calleen, Lúcia ; Vicente, Luís (2012) Aspectos da Lusofonia: A Língua Portuguesa. Elo de Ligação e de Integração. [Conference Item]


Then, Volker (2013) Investment in social enterprises: a German perspective. [Conference Item]


Wagner, Achim ; Atkinson, Colin ; Badreddin, Essameddin (2009) Towards a Practical, Unified Dependability Measure for Dynamic Systems. [Conference Item]

Wenzlhuemer, Roland ; Arnold, Matthias ; Berner, Konrad ; Gietz, Peter ; Schultes, Kilian (2009) GeoTwain: Geospatial Analysis and Visualisation for Researchers in Transcultural Studies. [Conference Item]


Zouaghi, Leila ; Koslowski, Markus ; Alexopoulos, Alexander ; Barth, Florian ; Jipp, Meike ; Schmidlin Fajardo Silva, Raul ; Luo, Yi ; Wagner, Achim ; Badreddin, Essameddin (2009) Dependable component-based design on the Example of a Heating Control System. [Conference Item]

Zouaghi, Leila ; Wagner, Achim ; Badreddin, Essameddin (2009) Hierarchical Hybrid Monitoring for Autonomous Systems. [Conference Item]

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