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  • Schriftenreihe (664)
    • Discussion Paper Series / University of Heidelberg, Department of Economics (112)
Number of items at this level: 112.

0439 Asset Bubbles without Dividends - An Experiment. Oechssler, Jörg and Schmidt, Carsten and Schnedler, Wendelin 2007

0463 Cooling-Off in Negotiations - Does It Work? Oechssler, Jörg and Roider, Andreas and Schmitz, Patrick W. 2008

0465 Cognitive Abilities and Behavioral Biases. Oechssler, Jörg and Roider, Andreas and Schmitz, Patrick W. 2008

0486 Searching beyond the lamppost: Let’s focus on economically relevant questions. Oechssler, Jörg 2009

0487 A Dynamic Ellsberg Urn Experiment. Dominiak, Adam and Dürsch, Peter and Lefort, Jean-Philippe 2009

0488 Kausalität in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Welche Ursachen hat die Finanzkrise? Bernholz, Peter and Faber, Malte and Petersen, Thomas 2009

0489 Unambiguous Events and Dynamic Choquet Preferences. Dominiak, Adam and Lefort, Jean-Philippe 2009

0490 Neo-additive capacities and updating. Eichberger, Jürgen and Grant, Simon and Lefort, Jean-Philippe 2009

0491 Das Management des (un)erwünschten Ressourcenüberschusses Teil II. Die Messbarkeit des organizational slack. Krcal, Hans-Christian 2009

0492 Price Discovery, Causality and Volatility Spillovers in European Union Allowances Phase II: A High Frequency Analysis. Rittler, Daniel 2009

0493 Population Aging and the Direction of Technical Change. Irmen, Andreas 2009

0494 Attitudes towards Uncertainty and Randomization: An Experimental Study. Dominiak, Adam and Schnedler, Wendelin 2009

0495 On the relation between income inequality and happiness: Do fairness perceptions matter? Bjørnskov, Christian and Dreher, Axel and Fischer, Justina A. V. and Schnellenbach, Jan 2010

0496 Steady-State Growth and the Elasticity of Substitution. Irmen, Andreas 2010

0497 Modeling and Explaining the Dynamics of European Union Allowance Prices at High-Frequency. Conrad, Christian and Rittler, Daniel and Rotfuß, Waldemar 2010

0498 Mandatory Sick Pay Provision: A Labor Market Experiment. Bauernschuster, Stefan and Duersch, Peter and Oechssler, Jörg and Vadovic, Radovan 2010

0499 Unbeatable Imitation. Duersch, Peter and Oechssler, Jörg and Schipper, Burkhard C. 2010

0500 Pure Saddle Points and Symmetric Relative Payoff Games. Duersch, Peter and Oechssler, Jörg and Schipper, Burkhard C. 2010

0501 Taking punishment into your own hands: An experiment on the motivation underlying punishment. Duersch, Peter and Müller, Julia 2010

0502 Das Management des (un)erwünschten Ressourcenüberschusses. Teil III. Das optimale Slack-Niveau – Die Bewertung des organizational slack. Krcal, Hans-Christian 2010

0503 Die Persistenz von Institutionen - Hindernisse auf dem Weg zu einer nachhaltigen Flächennutzungspolitik in Deutschland. Fischer, Beate and Jöst, Frank and Manstetten, Reiner 2010

0504 Explaining Inflation Persistence by a Time-Varying Taylor Rule. Conrad, Christian and Eife, Thomas A. 2010

0505 Hidden Action, Identification, and Organization Design. Schnedler, Wendelin 2010

0506 Beschäftigungswirkungen verringerter Sozialleistungen auf dem Arbeitsmarkt – Was bewirkt Hartz IV? Irmen, Andreas and Lipponer, Christoph 2010

0507 Modeling the link between US inflation and output: the importance of the uncertainty channel. Conrad, Christian and Karanasos, Menelaos 2010

0508 Aging and decision making: How aging affects decisions under uncertainty. Sproten, Alec and Diener, Carsten and Fiebach, Christian and Schwieren, Christiane 2010

0509 Ist Wirtschaftswachstum systemimmanent? Irmen, Andreas 2011

0510 Population Aging, the Composition of Government Spending,and Endogenous Economic Growth in Politico-Economic Equilibrium. Kuehnel, Johanna 2011

0511 Can Personality Explain what is Underlying Women's Unwillingness to Compete? Müller, Julia and Schwieren, Christiane 2011

0512 Finitely repeated games with social preferences. Oechssler, Jörg 2011

0513 Das Management des (un)erwünschten Ressourcenüberschusses Teil IV. Absorbierter organizational slack für die sekundäre Wertschöpfung. Krcal, Hans-Christian 2011

0514 Giving in a Large Economy: Price vs. Non-Price Effects in a Field Experiment. Diederich, Johannes and Goeschl, Timo 2011

0515 Finitely repeated games with social preferences. Oechssler, Jörg 2011

0516 More than Meets the Eye: an Eye-tracking Experiment on the Beauty Contest Game. Müller, Julia and Schwieren, Christiane 2011

0517 Willingness to Pay for Individual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions: Evidence from a Large Field Experiment. Diederich, Johannes and Goeschl, Timo 2011

0518 Explaining the Persistent Effect of the Euro-Changeover on German Restaurant Prices. Eife, Thomas A. 2011

0519 Juvenile Law and Recidivism in Germany – New Evidence from the Old Continent. Pichler, Stefan and Römer, Daniel 2011

0520 Karl Marx: Herakles oder Sisyphos?Eine philosophische und ökonomische Untersuchung. Petersen, Thomas and Faber, Malte 2012

0521 Explaining Inflation-Gap Persistence by a Time-Varying Taylor Rule. Conrad, Christian and Eife, Thomas A. 2012

0522 Age differences in the reaction to incentives – do older people avoid competition? Sproten, Alec N. and Schwieren, Christiane 2012

0523 The Asymmetric Leximin Solution. Driesen, Bram W. 2012

0524 On the Obligation to Provide Environmental Information in the 21st Century – Empirical Evidence from Germany. Massier, Philipp and Römer, Daniel 2012

0525 On the Macroeconomic Determinants of the Long-Term Oil-Stock Correlation. Conrad, Christian and Loch, Karin and Rittler, Daniel 2012

0526 The Environmental Aspect of “Making People Rich as the Top Priority” in China: a Marxian Perspective. Faber, Malte and Petersen, Thomas 2012

0527 Endangering the natural basis of life is unjust. On the status and future of the sustainability discourse. Becker, Christian and Ewringmann, Dieter and Faber, Malte and Petersen, Thomas and Zahrnt, Angelika 2012

0528 How do people cope with an ambiguous situation when it becomes even more ambiguous? Eichberger, Jürgen and Oechssler, Jörg and Schnedler, Wendelin 2012

0529 Once Beaten, Never Again: Imitation in Two-Player Potential Games. Duersch, Peter and Oechssler, Jörg and Schipper, Burkhard C. 2012

0530 Hierarchy, Coercion, and Exploitation: An Experimental Analysis. Nikiforakis, Nikos and Oechssler, Jörg and Shah, Anwar 2012

0531 Who Benefits from Economic Freedom? Unraveling the Effect of Economic Freedom on Subjective Well-Being. Gehring, Kai 2013

0531 Benefit or burden? Unraveling the effect of economic freedom on subjective well-being. Gehring, Kai 2012

0532 The Needy Donor: An Empirical Analysis of India’s Aid Motives. Fuchs, Andreas and Vadlamannati, Krishna Chaitanya 2012

0533 Stereotypes and Risk Attitudes: Evidence from the Lab and the Field. Leuermann, Andrea and Roth, Benjamin 2012

0534 Does good advice come cheap? - On the assessment of risk preferences in the lab and the field. Leuermann, Andrea and Roth, Benjamin 2012

0535 Anticipating Long-Term Stock Market Volatility. Conrad, Christian and Loch, Karin 2012

0536 The Effect of Political Communication on European Financial Markets during the Sovereign Debt Crisis. Conrad, Christian and Zumbach, Klaus Ulrich 2012

0537 Heterogeneous consumers, segmented asset markets, and the effects of monetary policy. Enders, Zeno 2012

0538 Enhancing Foreign Direct Investment via Transparency? Evaluating the Effects of the EITI on FDI. Schmaljohann, Maya 2013

0539 Do Aid Donors Coordinate Within Recipient Countries? Öhler, Hannes 2013

0540 The Intergenerational Transfer of Solar Radiation Management Capabilities and Atmospheric Carbon Stocks. Goeschl, Timo and Heyen, Daniel and Moreno-Cruz, Juan 2013

0541 Does Inclusion Guarantee Institutional Autonomy? The Case of the Inter-American Development Bank. Hernandez, Diego 2013

0542 Systemisch bedingte Gestaltungsaufgaben für das soziale System „Betrieb“ – kommunikative Handlungsfelder. Krcal, Hans-Christian 2013

0543 Measuring Persistence in Volatility Spillovers. Conrad, Christian and Weber, Enzo 2013

0544 Premium Auctions and Risk Preferences: An Experimental Study. Brunner, Christoph and Hu, Audrey and Oechssler, Jörg 2013

0545 Non-Strategic Punishment when Monitoring is Costly: Experimental Evidence on Differences between Second and Third Party Behavior. Goeschl, Timo and Jarke, Johannes 2013

0546 Ein hermeneutischer Konstruktionsentwurf sozialer Systeme. Krcal, Hans-Christian 2013

0547 Price Competition in an Inflationary Environment. Duersch, Peter and Eife, Thomas 2013

0548 Intertemporal stability of ambiguity preferences. Duersch, Peter and Römer, Daniel and Roth, Benjamin 2013

0549 Pretending to be the Good Guy. How to Increase ODA Inflows while Abusing Human Rights. Schmaljohann, Maya 2013

0550 Surrender your market! Do the G5 countries use World Bank Trade Conditionality to promote Trade? Breßlein, Martin and Schmaljohann, Maya 2013

0551 Why Do Unionized Workers Have More Nonfatal Occupational Injuries? Donado, Alejandro 2013

0552 The Home Bias in Sovereign Ratings. Fuchs , Andreas and Gehring , Kai 2013

0553 Tracking Under-Reported Financial Flows: China’s Development Finance and the Aid-Conflict Nexus Revisited. Strange, Austin M. and Parks , Bradley and Tierney, Michael J. and Fuchs, Andreas and Dreher , Axel 2014

0554 The Effect of Emission Information on Housing Prices in Germany. Rohlf, Alexander and Römer, Daniel and von Graevenitz, Kathrine 2014

0555 A Test of Mechanical Ambiguity. Oechssler, Jörg and Roomets, Alex 2014

0556 Imitation under stress. Buckert, Magdalena and Oechssler, Jörg and Schwieren, Christiane 2014

0557 Framing Matters in Gender-Paired Dictator Games. Kettner , Sara Elisa and Ceccato , Smarandita 2014

0558 Group size and decision rules in legislative bargaining. Miller , Luis and Vanberg, Christoph 2014

0559 Playing 'Hard to Get': An Economic Rationale for Crowding Out of Intrinsically Motivated Behavior. Schnedler, Wendelin and Vanberg, Christoph 2014

0560 The Effect of Ambient Noise on Cooperation in Public Good Games. Diederich, Johannes 2014

0561 Motivational Drivers of the Private Provision of Public Goods: Evidence From a Large Framed Field Experiment. Diederich, Johannees and Goeschl, Timo 2014

0562 Confidence, Pessimism and their Impact on Product Differentiation in a Hotelling Model with Demand Location Uncertainty. Kauffeldt, Florian and Wiesenfarth, Boris 2014

0563 Financial Transaction Tax and Financial Market Stability with Diverse Beliefs. Rieger, Jörg 2014

0564 Safety Net for India's Poor or Waste of Public Funds? Poverty and Welfare in the Wake of the World's Largest Job Guarantee Program. Klonner, Stefan and Oldiges , Christian 2014

0565 Economic Distress and Farmer Suicides in India: An Econometric Investigation. Hebous, Sarah and Klonner, Stefan 2014

0566 Giving is a question of time: Response times and contributions to a real world public good. Lohse, Johannes and Goeschl, Timo and Diederich , Johannes 2014

0567 On the Existence and Prevention of Speculative Bubbles. Enders, Zeno and Hakenes, Hendrik Hakenes 2014

0568 Financial Integration with Heterogeneous Beliefs. Rieger, Jörg 2014

0569 International Financial Market Integration, Asset Compositions and the Falling Exchange Rate Pass-Through. Buzaushina, Almira and Enders, Zeno and Hoffmann, Mathias 2014

0570 Politics of Religiously Motivated Lending: An Empirical Analysis of Aid Allocation by the Islamic Development Bank. Hernandez , Diego and Vadlamannati , Krishna Chaitanya 2014

0571 A Multivariate Analysis of Forecast Disagreement: Confronting Models of Disagreement with SPF Data. Dovern, Jonas 2014

0572 Informativeness of Experiments for MEU - A Recursive Definition. Heyen, Daniel and Wiesenfarth, Boris R. 2014

0573 Learning under Ambiguity - A Note on the Belief Dynamics of Epstein and Schneider (2007). Heyen, Daniel 2014

0574 Cross-sectional evidence on the relation between monetary policy, macroeconomic conditions and low-frequency inflation uncertainty. Conrad, Christian and Hartmann, Matthias 2014

0575 Geopolitics, Aid and Growth. Dreher, Axel and Eichenauer, Vera and Gehring, Kai 2014

0576 State Control and the Effects of Foreign Relations on Bilateral Trade. Davis, Christina and Fuchs, Andreas and Johnson , Kristina 2014

0577 Bayesian signaling. Hedlund, Jonas 2014

0578 Smart or Selfish - When Smart Guys Finish Nice. Lohse, Johannes 2014

0579 Asymptotics for parametric GARCH-in-Mean Models. Conrad, Christian and Mammen , Enno 2015

0580 Pure Money for a Sound Economy. Schmidt, Sandra 2015

0581 Who never tells a lie? Vanberg, Christoph 2015

0582 The dynamics of coalition formation - a multilateral bargaining experiment with free timing of moves. Tremewan, James and Vanberg, Christoph 2015

0583 The Variance Risk Premium and Fundamental Uncertainty. Conrad, Christian and Loch, Karin 2015

0584 Strategic Conflicts on the Horizon: R&D Incentives for Environmental Technologies. Heyen, Daniel 2015

0585 Global Prediction of Recessions. Dovern, Jonas and Huber, Florian 2015

0586 The Conditional Contribution Mechanism for the Provision of Public Goods. Reischmann, Andreas 2015

0587 Conditional vs. Voluntary Contribution Mechanism – An Experimental Study. Reischmann, Andreas 2015

0588 From Imitation to Collusion - A Comment. Oechssler, Jörg and Roomets, Alex and Roth, Stefan 2015

0589 Managerial bonuses, subordinates’ disobedience, and coercion. Nikiforakis, Nikos and Oechssler, Jörg and Shah, Anwar 2015

0590 Does Joint Modelling of the World Economy Pay Off? Evaluating Global Forecasts from a Bayesian GVAR. Dovern, Jonas and Feldkircher, Martin and Huber , Florian 2015

0591 The Climate Policy Hold-Up: Green Technologies,Intellectual Property Rights, and the Abatement Incentives of International Agreements. Goeschl, Timo and Perino, Grischa 2015

0592 Benevolent and Malevolent Ellsberg Games. Dominiak, Adam and Duersch, Peter 2015

0593 How stressful are economic competitions in the lab? An investigation with physiological measures. Buckert, Magdalena and Schwieren, Christiane and Kudielka, Brigitte M. and Fiebach , Christian J. 2015

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