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Items where Subject is "530 Physics"

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AbdElMonem, Ahmed (2008) Nonlinear optical spectroscopy at the Liquid- / Solid- interface. [Dissertation]

Abele, Hartmut (2007) Mit Neutronen Motoren durchleuchten. [Video]

Aberle, Christoph (2011) Optimization, simulation and analysis of the scintillation signals in the Double Chooz experiment. [Dissertation]

Abuillan, Wasim (2013) Fine-Structures, Lateral Correlation and Diffusion of Membrane-Associated Proteins on Biological Membrane Surfaces. [Dissertation]

Adametz, Aleksandra (2011) Measurement of tau decays into a charged hadron accompanied by neutral pi-mesons and determination of the CKM matrix element |V_us|. [Dissertation]

Adlung, Anne (2022) Efficient Quantification of In-Vivo 23Na Magnetic Resonance Imaging. [Dissertation]

Adulpravitchai, Adisorn (2010) A Possible Solution of the Flavor Problem and Radiative Neutrino Masses. [Dissertation]

Afroz, Maqsuda (2010) Supernovae Observations and Dark Energy Models. [Dissertation]

Agarwal, Jessica (2007) The Emission of Large Dust Particles from Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Constrained by Observation and Modelling of its Dust Trail. [Dissertation]

Agemar, Thorsten (2001) Temporal Variations of delta 2 H, delta 18 O and Deuterium Excess in Atmospheric Moisture and Improvements in the CO 2 -H 2 O Equilibration Technique for 18 O/ 16 O Isotope Ratio Analysis. [Dissertation]

Ahmadi, Aida (2020) IN SEARCH OF DISKS IN HIGH-MASS STAR FORMATION. [Dissertation]

Ahrens, Felix Klaus (2022) Cryogenic read-out system and resonator optimisation for the microwave SQUID multiplexer within the ECHo experiment. [Dissertation]

Ahrens, Sven (2012) Investigation of the Kapitza-Dirac effect in the relativistic regime. [Dissertation]

Aigner, Simon (2007) Magnetic Field Microscopy using Ultracold Atoms. [Dissertation]

Ait Benkhali, Faical (2017) Beobachtungen Aktiver Galaktischer Kerne mit den H.E.S.S. Cherenkov-Teleskopen und dem Fermi-LAT im hochenergetischen γ-Bereich und Optimierung des Antriebssystems des HESS II Teleskops. [Dissertation]

Alber, Ina (2012) Synthesis and Plasmonic Properties of Metallic Nanowires and Nanowire Dimers. [Dissertation]

Albert, Marvin (2021) A spatial normalization framework to quantify signaling receptor activity and function during embryonic development. [Dissertation]

Albert, Steffen (2023) Prediction of treatment response and outcome in locally advanced rectal cancer using radiomics. [Dissertation]

Albert, Philipp (2015) Modeling Cell Dynamics on Micropatterned Substrates with a Cellular Potts Model. [Dissertation]

Albert, Philipp J. ; Schwarz, Ulrich S. (2016) Dynamics of Cell Ensembles on Adhesive Micropatterns: Bridging the Gap between Single Cell Spreading and Collective Cell Migration. PLOS Computational Biology, 12 (4). e1004863. ISSN 1553-7358

Albiez, Michael (2005) Observation of nonlinear tunneling of a Bose-Einstein condensate in a single Josephson junction. [Dissertation]

Albrecht, Conrad (2013) On a Numerical Framework for Functional Renormalization of Quantum Statistical Physics. [Dissertation]

Albrecht, Johannes (2009) Fast Track Reconstruction for the High Level Trigger of the LHCb Experiment. [Dissertation]

Alekozai, Emal M. (2013) Enhanced Multiscale Sampling of the Cel7A-Cellulose Interaction. [Dissertation]

Alexander, Nies (2022) Imaging of bromine oxide and formaldehyde using Fabry-Perot interferometer correlation spectroscopy. [Master's thesis]

Allmendinger, Fabian (2015) Precise Tests of Fundamental Symmetries at Low Energies using a 3He-129Xe Comagnetometer. [Dissertation]

Almazan Molina, Helena (2020) Evaluation of the Neutron Detection Efficiency in the Stereo Reactor Neutrino Experiment. [Dissertation]

Alnaalwa, Buthayna (2022) A knowledge-based quantitative approach to characterize treatment plan quality: application to prostate VMAT planning. [Dissertation]

Alonso Alvarez, Gonzalo (2020) Axions and other light dark matter candidates. [Dissertation]

Alt, Stefan (2012) Koaxiale Wellenleiteranordnung für die multinukleare Hochfeld-Magnetresonanztomographie mit laufenden Wellen. [Dissertation]

Altenstein, Georg (2014) A Novel Collimator Concept for Fast Rotational IMRT. [Dissertation]

Altevogt, Simon Martin (2007) Fast-beam photodissociation imaging of molecular ions. [Dissertation]

Alvarez Diez, Cristina (2006) A 3-sided Pyramid Wavefront Sensor Controlled by a Neural Network for Adaptive Optics to reach diffraction-limited Imaging of the Retina. [Dissertation]

Amadei, Federico (2019) The physics of complex, biological interfaces and its role in the homeostatic regulation of the human gastrointestinal tract. [Dissertation]

Amato, Carlo (2022) Novel Contrast Agents in Photon-Counting Computed Tomography. [Dissertation]

An, Qingzhi (2020) Physics of Interfaces in MAPbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells. [Dissertation]

Anagnostopoulos, Georgios (2006) Untersuchung des Einflusses der Patientenkörperanatomie auf die Dosimetrie und Entwicklung eines analytischen Dosisberechnungsmodells für die 192-Ir HDR Brachytherapie. [Dissertation]

Anantha Murthy, Puneet (2018) Emergent phenomena in two-dimensional Fermi systems. [Dissertation]

Anders, Gabriel (2013) Absolute luminosity determination for the ATLAS experiment. [Dissertation]

Andrei, George Victor (2010) The Data Path of the ATLAS Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger PreProcessor. [Dissertation]

Andrejić, Petar (2023) Control of high frequency electromagnetic radiation. [Dissertation]

Andres, Bjoern (2011) Automated Segmentation of Large 3D Images of Nervous Systems Using a Higher-order Graphical Model. [Dissertation]

Angioi, Alessandro (2018) Multi-Particle Effects in Strong-Field Quantum Electrodynamics. [Dissertation]

Anker, Thomas (2005) Ultracold quantum gases in one-dimensional optical lattice potentials : nonlinear matter wave dynamics. [Dissertation]

Antel, Claire (2019) Enhancing low mass dark matter mediator resonance searches with improved triggering in the ATLAS detector. [Dissertation]

Antz, Benny (2017) Flächendeckende Analyse der atlantischen Zirkulation während der Heinrich-Ereignisse 1 & 2. [Dissertation]

Appmeier, Jens (2010) Immersed Quantum Systems : A Sodium Bose-Einstein Condensate for Polaron Studies. [Dissertation]

Aquines Gutiérrez, Osvaldo (2018) Inclusive V0 Production at the LHC. [Dissertation]

Aquino Maier, Daniel (2010) Single Marker Switching Nanoscopy with 4Pi Detection: Superior Nanometric 3D Resolution. [Dissertation]

Arand, Frederick (2019) Morphological Analysis, Digital Modeling, and Mechanical Simulation of Carbon Foam. [Dissertation]

Arapoglou, Ioanna (2019) First measurement of the ground-state g-factor of boronlike argon 40Ar13+ in ALPHATRAP. [Dissertation]

Aricó, Giulia (2016) Ion Spectroscopy for improvement of the Physical Beam Model for Therapy Planning in Ion Beam Therapy. [Dissertation]

Arka, Ioanna (2011) Non-Linear Waves in the Laboratory and in Astrophysics : Pair Production in Counter-Propagating Laser Beams and Strong Waves in Pulsar Winds. [Dissertation]

Armbruster, Tim (2013) SPADIC - a Self-Triggered Detector Readout ASIC with Multi-Channel Amplification and Digitization. [Dissertation]

Arnold, Christian (2017) Hydrodynamical cosmological simulations in f(R) modified gravity. [Dissertation]

Arnold, Niklas (2015) Visualisierung des Gasaustauschs an der windbewegten Wasseroberfläche mittels vertikaler Konzentrationsfelder von gelöstem Sauerstoff quer zur Windrichtung. [Bachelor thesis]

Arns, Anna Maria (2017) Towards clinical implementation of ultrafast combined kV-MV cone-beam CT for IGRT of lung tumors within breath-hold: evaluation of dosimetry and registration accuracy based on phantom studies. [Dissertation]

Arpa Sancet, Maria Pilar (2013) Influence of surface properties on adhesion of Cobetia marina and accumulation of marine microfoulers in the ocean. [Dissertation]

Arps, Jennifer (2017) Towards ε-Precision of U-series Age Determinations of Secondary Carbonates. [Dissertation]

Artikova, Sayyora (2012) Low-energy ions in the heavy ion storage ring TSR. [Dissertation]

Astori, Simone (2006) Modulation of GABAergic transmission in the cerebellar stellate cell network by neurotransmitter spillover and synaptic cross talk. [Dissertation]

Asyuda, Andika (2021) Structure-Property Relation in Self-Assembled Monolayers: Electrostatic Engineering, Charge Transport Properties, and Thermal Stability. [Dissertation]

Atanasov, Dinko (2016) Precision mass measurements for studies of nucleosynthesis via the rapid neutron-capture process : penning-trap mass measurements of neutron-rich cadmium and caesium isotopes. [Dissertation]

Attarwala, Ali Asgar (2017) Development and evaluation of quantitative imaging for improved estimation of radiopharmaceutical bio-distribution in small animal imaging. [Dissertation]

Auer, Maximilian (2016) Numerical treatment of localized fields in rigorous diffraction theory and its application to light absorption in structured layers. [Dissertation]

Aufmhoff, Heinfried (2004) Atmosphärische gasförmige Vorläufer von Aerosol und Ozon: Messungen mit CIMS-Methoden auf einem Flugzeug und am Boden. [Dissertation]

Augenstein, Peter Frederic (2016) Experimentelle Untersuchung geometrischer Berry-Phasen in metastabilem Helium mit einem Atomstrahl-Spinecho-Interferometer. [Dissertation]

Augustin, Heiko Christian (2021) Development of a novel slow control interface and suppression of signal line crosstalk enabling HV-MAPS as sensor technology for Mu3e. [Dissertation]

Augustin, Sven (2014) Bethe-Heitler Pair Creation in a Bichromatic Laser Field. [Dissertation]

Aumann, Frank (2006) In silicio Streckung und Kompaktierung von Chromatin. [Dissertation]

Aumann, Silke (2001) Bestimmung des Blutvolumens und des Blutflusses in der Niere mit der dynamischen Magnetresonanztomographie. [Dissertation]

Aumüller, Philipp (2024) An Inverse Treatment Planning System for Robotic Seed Brachytherapy. [Dissertation]

Avramov, Branislav (2021) Dynamical evolution of massive black holes in galactic nuclei. [Dissertation]

Ayaita, Youness (2013) Cosmology with strongly coupled quintessence. [Dissertation]


Baas, Alessandra Edda (2017) WWγ and WZγ production at the ATLAS experiment. [Dissertation]

Bach, Michael (2013) Hochaufgelöste diffusionsgewichtete Magnetresonanztomographie: Effekte bei Messung, Rekonstruktion und Auswertung der Diffusionscharakteristik. [Dissertation]

Baddeley, David (2007) Precision measurements with SMI and 4PiMicroscopy. [Dissertation]

Baehr, Hans-Paul Frederick (2019) Formation Criteria and Initial Constraints on Objects Formed in Gravitationally Unstable Disks. [Dissertation]

Baier, Tobias (2002) A Renormalisation Group Approach to the Hubbard Model. [Dissertation]

Bakucz Canário, Daniel (2021) Time Delay in Tunnelling Ionization. [Dissertation]

Balbo, Jessica (2012) Transportprozesse und molekulare Wechselwirkungen : Untersuchungen biologischer Systeme mittels Einzelmolekül-Fluoreszenzmethoden. [Dissertation]

Ballhausen, Hendrik (2007) Methoden und Anwendungen für bildgebende Verfahren mit hohen Neutronenflüssen. [Dissertation]

Bally, Andreas Patrice Beatrijs (2023) New Approaches to Naturalness in the LHC Era: From a Radiative Top Yukawa to a Light Composite Higgs. [Dissertation]

Balschbach, Günther Wilhelm (2000) Untersuchungen statistischer und geometrischer Eigenschaften von Windwellen und ihrer Wechselwirkungen mit der wasserseitigen Grenzschicht. [Dissertation]

Banerjee, Sreya (2024) Functional integral approach to the bound-state problem in atomic physics. [Dissertation]

Bangert, Mark (2011) New concepts for beam angle selection in IMRT treatment planning : From heuristics to combinatorial optimization. [Dissertation]

Bankamp, Achim (2002) Entwicklung von hochauflösenden T2-Messverfahren zur Bestimmung von dreidimensionalen Dosisverteilungen mit Hilfe der MR-Gel-Dosimetrie und deren Anwendung in der Strahlentherapie. [Dissertation]

Bao, Xiao-Hui (2010) Quantum Information with Entangled Photons and Cold Atomic Ensembles. [Dissertation]

Barnabé Heider, Marik (2009) Performance and stability tests of bare high purity germanium detectors in liquid argon for the GERDA experiment. [Dissertation]

Barry, James (2013) New physics models with sterile neutrinos at different energy scales. [Dissertation]

Bartelheimer, Kathrin (2020) A Heterogeneous and Multi-Range Soft-Tissue Deformation Model for Applications in Adaptive Radiotherapy. [Dissertation]

Bartelmann, Matthias (2005) Applications of gravitational lensing in cosmology.

Bartels, Falk (2024) Search for Low-Mass Dijet Resonances Using Trigger-Level Jets at the ATLAS Detector. [Dissertation]

Barth, Arnulf (2024) High Resolution MMC Arrays for Low Energy Electron Capture Spectrum Studies. [Dissertation]

Barth, Christoph Johannes (2011) Investigating AHL-lipid bilayer interactions using nonlinear optical spectroscopy. [Dissertation]

Barth, Ruth (2008) Digital In-Line X-Ray Holographic Microscopy with Synchrotron Radiation. [Dissertation]

Barton, Bastian (2008) Development and Implementation of In-Focus Phase Contrast TEM for Materials and Life Sciences. [Dissertation]

Bartzsch, Stefan (2014) Microbeam Radiation Therapy – physical and biological aspects of a new cancer therapy and development of a treatment planning system. [Dissertation]

Baschek, Johanna E. ; Klein, Heinrich C. ; Schwarz, Ulrich S. (2012) Stochastic dynamics of virus capsid formation: direct versus hierarchical self-assembly. BMC Biophysics, 5 (22). pp. 1-18. ISSN 2046-1682

Battista, Anna (2015) Physical models for the motility of malaria parasites. [Dissertation]

Bauer, Cornelius Jonathan (2023) Applications of a Biomechanical Patient Model for Adaptive Radiation Therapy. [Dissertation]

Bauer, Dominik Fabian (2022) Digital and Physical Phantoms for Image-guided Interventions. [Dissertation]

Bauer, Fabienne (2022) Rauscharme Stromsensor-dc-SQUIDs mit Impedanzanpassung für metallische magnetische Kalorimeter. [Dissertation]

Bauer, Marco (2024) Development, Extension and Application of Electronic Structure Methods for Ground and Excited States. [Dissertation]

Bauer, Andreas (2015) Reionization in the Illustris Universe and Novel Numerical Methods. [Dissertation]

Bauer, Paulus Salomon (2013) Development of an imaging polarimeter for water wave slope measurements. [Master's thesis]

Baum, Michael (2014) Protein Mobility and Interaction Measurements in Living Cells by Dual-Color Multi-Focus Fluorescence Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy. [Dissertation]

Bauman, Grzegorz Leszek (2010) Development of a non-contrast-enhanced method for spatially resolved lung ventilation and perfusion measurement using Magnetic Resonance Imaging. [Dissertation]

Baumann, Oliver (2000) Erstellung einer Galaxienhaufen-Stichprobe auf Grundlage eines tiefen photographischen Datensatzes. [Dissertation]

Baumann, Thomas (2012) Spektroskopische Untersuchungen resonanter Rekombinationsprozesse an hochgeladenem Silizium in einer Elektronenstrahl-Ionenfalle. [Dissertation]

Baumbach, Andreas (2021) From microscopic dynamics to ensemble behavior in spiking neural networks. [Dissertation]

Baume, Florent (2017) Constraints on Four Dimensional Effective Field Theories From String and F-theory. [Dissertation]

Baumeister, Daniel (2003) Development and Characterisation of a Radiation Hard Readout Chip for the LHCb-Experiment. [Dissertation]

Bauser, Hannes Helmut (2018) Knowledge Fusion in Soil Hydrology. [Dissertation]

Bayer, Andreas (2005) X-ray attenuation techniques to explore the dynamics of water in porous media. [Dissertation]

Bayha, Luca Xaver (2020) Emergence of Many-Body Physics in Two-Dimensional Few-Fermion Systems. [Dissertation]

Becher, Jan Hendrik Willibald (2020) Characterizing Few-Fermion Systems with Momentum Correlations. [Dissertation]

Beck, Sebastian (2014) Untersuchung des Ladungstransfers in organischen Halbleitern mit in-situ Infrarotspektroskopie. [Dissertation]

Becker, Arno (2016) Imaging of Neutral Fragmentation Products from Fast Molecular Ion Beams: Paving the Way for Reaction Studies in Cryogenic Environment. [Dissertation]

Becker, Torsten (2004) Protein Dynamics : Comparison of Incoherent Neutron Scattering and Molecular Dynamics Simulation. [Dissertation]

Beckmann, Tobias (1996) Tests von Auslesechips für Mikrostreifengaskammern und Kammertest im Teilchenstrahl. [Master's thesis]

Behl, Nicolas Gerhard Roland (2015) Ein neuer Compressed-Sensing-basierter Rekonstruktionsalgorithmus mit einem angepassten Lexikon für die 23Na-Magnetresonanztomographie. [Dissertation]

Behrend, Juliane (2008) Metric Renormalization in General Relativity. [Dissertation]

Beier, Claus Christian (2000) Das Z^0-Boson und die Protonstrukturfunktion xF_3 in tiefinelastischer ep-Streuung. [Dissertation]

Beilmann, Christian (2011) Über die Stärke mehrelektronischer Resonanzen bei der Photorekombination und -ionisation. [Dissertation]

Beinke, Raphael (2018) Excitations and dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensates: A many-body approach. [Dissertation]

Beirle, Steffen (2004) Estimating source strengths and lifetime of Nitrogen Oxides from satellite data. [Dissertation]

Bekker, Hendrik (2016) Optical and EUV spectroscopy of highly charged ions near the 4f–5s level crossing. [Dissertation]

Bellagente, Marco (2022) Go with the Flow: Normalising Flows applications for High Energy Physics. [Dissertation]

Belov, Nikolay (2015) Nuclear effects in atomic and solid state physics. [Dissertation]

Benabderrahmane, Mohamed Lotfi (2007) Measurement of the K0 inclusive cross section in pion-induced reactions at 1.15 GeV/c. [Dissertation]

Benkhedah, Nadia (2013) Biexponentiell gewichtete 23Na-Magnetresonanz-Tomographie. [Dissertation]

Bennan, Amit Ben Antony (2022) Combined Photon - Carbon ion Radiotherapy Treatment Planning. [Dissertation]

Benso, Cristina (2022) Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter in Non-Standard Scenarios. [Dissertation]

Bentele, Martin (2004) Stochastic Simulation and System Identification of large Signal Transduction Networks in Cells. [Dissertation]

Berg, Daniel (2018) Particle Filters for Nonlinear Data Assimilation. [Dissertation]

Berge, David (2006) A detailed study of the gamma-ray supernova remnant RX J1713.7-3946 with H.E.S.S. [Dissertation]

Berger, Moritz C. (2013) Relaxometrische und echopfadgefilterte neurofunktionelle Kernspintomographie. [Dissertation]

Bergermann, Fabian Manuel (2016) Massively parallelized STED nanoscopy. [Dissertation]

Bergmann, Timo Friedhelm (2006) Theorie des longitudinalen Atomstrahl-Spinechos und paritätsverletzende Berry-Phasen in Atomen. [Dissertation]

Bergschneider, Andrea (2017) Strong correlations in few-fermion systems. [Dissertation]

Berndt, Thomas (2001) Exclusive Pomeron- and Odderon induced photoproduction of omega- and f2 mesons at HERA. [Dissertation]

Bernhardt, Mike Georg (2009) Kompakte Sterne in der Branenwelt. [Master's thesis]

Berninghoff, Daniel Alexander (2022) Commissioning of the Front-End Electronics of the LHCb Scintillating Fibre Tracker. [Dissertation]

Bernitt, Sven (2013) Resonante Anregung astrophysikalischer Röntgen-Übergänge in hochgeladenen Eisenionen mit dem Freie-Elektronen-Laser LCLS. [Dissertation]

Bertram, Erik (2016) The Role of Turbulence in the Process of Star Formation. [Dissertation]

Bertschik, Michael (2004) The Kinematical Parameters of Minor Mergers and their Observational Traces. [Dissertation]

Besser, Achim (2009) Modeling the Coupling of Mechanics and Biochemistry in Cell Adhesion. [Dissertation]

Best, Gerrit (2014) Entwicklung eines hochauflösenden Ophthalmoskops mit strukturierter Beleuchtung und Beiträge zur Verbesserung der zugrundeliegenden Mikroskopiemethode. [Dissertation]

Beutel, Karl Moritz (2024) Stochastic and deterministic methods for simulating the evolution of solid bodies in protoplanetary disks. [Dissertation]

Beutelspacher, Michael (2000) Systematische Untersuchungen zur Elektronenkuehlung am Heidelberger Schwerionenspeicherring TSR. [Dissertation]

Bevilacqua, Carlo (2022) Advancing Brillouin microscopy as a tool for studying mechanical properties in biology with high resolution. [Dissertation]

Bewersdorf, Jörg (2002) 4Pi-konfokale Fluoreszenzmikroskopie mit 1-Photonen-Anregung. [Dissertation]

Beyer, Joschka Johannes (2014) Aspects of cosmic structure formation in coupled scalar field dark matter models. [Dissertation]

Beyer, Thomas (2014) Installation and operation of a radio-frequency quadrupole cooler and buncher and offline-commissioning of the TRIGA-SPEC ion beam preparation transfer line. [Dissertation]

Beygi, Alireza (2019) Non-Hermitian PT-Symmetric Theories. [Dissertation]

Bhadoria, Shikha (2018) Laboratory astrophysics and ion acceleration using intense lasers. [Dissertation]

Bharti, Divya (2023) Multi-Sideband Photoelectron Interferometry in Argon and Helium. [Dissertation]

Bhatt, Rohit Prasad (2022) Developing tools for cold atom research : an ultracold Na-K experiment, proposals for unitary k-designs, and a web interface. [Dissertation]

Bick, Eike (2002) Symmetry breaking in the Hubbard model : a bosonization approach. [Dissertation]

Biekötter, Anke (2019) Know its limits - A global view on Higgs couplings at the LHC. [Dissertation]

Biela, Sarah A. (2009) Stimulation of vascular cells by extracellular signals - A biophysical analysis. [Dissertation]

Bielefeld, Susanne (2000) Calculating scalar mesons from a light-cone Hamiltonian in QCD. [Dissertation]

Bien, Alexander (2014) Measurement of the polarisation amplitudes in B0 -> J/psi K*(892)0 decays with the LHCb experiment. [Dissertation]

Biermann, Michael (2001) Akkretionsscheiben-Modelle mit einer verallgemeinerten, Reynolds-kritischen Turbulenz in aktiven galaktischen Kernen und um Protosterne. [Dissertation]

Bies, Martin (2018) Cohomologies of coherent sheaves and massless spectra in F-theory. [Dissertation]

Biesinger, Alexander (2000) Aufbau und Evaluierung eines taktilen Displays. [Master's thesis]

Bille, Josef (2002) Das perfekte Auge. [Video]

Bille, Josef (2012) Europäischer Erfinderpreis für Professor Josef Bille: Heidelberger Physiker bringt den Laser in die Augenheilkunde. [Video]

Bilous, Pavlo (2019) Towards a nuclear clock with the 229Th isomeric transition. [Dissertation]

Binder, Patrick (2022) Optimal Design Principles in Pathogen Replication and Immune Response. [Dissertation]

Binder, Martin (2009) Über Infrarotspektroskopie an dünnen Filmen des phosphoreszenten Farbstoffs mer-Ir(cn-pmbic)3. [Dissertation]

Binder, Tobias (2014) Measurements of grain boundary networks in deep polar ice cores - A digital image processing approach. [Dissertation]

Binding, Jonas Rolf Hans (2008) Adaptive Optik in der Zwei-Photonen-Mikroskopie. [Master's thesis]

Binding, Jonas Rolf Hans (2012) Measurement and correction of aberrations in light and electron microscopy. [Dissertation]

Bing, Dennis (2010) Untersuchungen zur Mehrstufen-Laserspektroskopie an gespeicherten H3+ -Molekülionen. [Dissertation]

Bingen, Pit (2012) Parallelised STED nanoscopy. [Dissertation]

Binhammer, Thomas (2006) Erzeugung und Anwendung geformter Laserpulse mit oktavbreitem Spektrum. [Dissertation]

Birk, Paul (2020) The Dipole Response of an Ionization Threshold within Ultrashort and Strong Fields. [Dissertation]

Bischer, Ingolf Franz (2021) Effective Neutrino Interactions: Origins and Phenomenology. [Dissertation]

Bittner, Maik (2002) Reaktionspfadbeschreibung der Vinyliden-Acetylen Umlagerungsreaktion. [Master's thesis]

Blaser, Patrick (2017) The application of radiogenic neodymium isotopes as a palaeo water mass tracer in the subpolar North Atlantic. [Dissertation]

Blasi, Simone (2020) Hierarchies and new symmetries: from flavored axions to composite Higgs. [Dissertation]

Blessenohl, Michael Andreas (2020) Fine-structure investigations in highly charged ions using spectroscopy in the vacuum ultraviolet regime. [Dissertation]

Blum, Alexander Simon (2009) Dihedral Flavor Symmetries. [Dissertation]

Blumberg, Johannes Wolfram (2023) Leveraging elasticity theory to calculate cell forces: From analytical insights to machine learning. [Dissertation]

Blättermann, Alexander (2016) Impulsive control of the atomic dipole response in the time and frequency domain. [Dissertation]

Bobrowski, Nicole (2005) Volcanic Gas Studies by Multi Axis Differential Absorption Spectroscopy. [Dissertation]

Bochow, Anne (2010) A systematic study of Supernova Remnants as seen with H.E.S.S. [Dissertation]

Bochterle, Jörg (2013) Nanoantennenverstärkte Infrarotspektroskopie von Molekülen. [Dissertation]

Bock, Friederike (2017) Measurement of Direct Photons and Neutral Mesons in Small Collisions Systems with the ALICE Experiment at the LHC. [Dissertation]

Bock, Sebastian (2015) Non-Equilibrium Time Evolution of an Anderson Quantum Dot in the Kondo Regime. [Dissertation]

Bodet, Cédric (2011) Dynamics of Quantum Statistical Correlations in Ultracold Bose Gases. [Dissertation]

Boeckel, Moritz Tillmann (2011) A Little Inflation at the Cosmological QCD Phase Transition. [Dissertation]

Boguslavski, Kirill (2016) Universality classes far from equilibrium: From heavy-ion collisions to superfluid Bose systems. [Dissertation]

Bohleber, Pascal (2011) Ground-penetrating radar assisted ice core research : The challenge of Alpine glaciers and dielectric ice properties. [Dissertation]

Bohman, Matthew (2021) Sympathetic Cooling of a Proton with Resonant Image Current Coupling. [Dissertation]

Bohn, Manfred (2010) Modelling of Interphase Chromosomes : From Genome Function to Spatial Organization. [Dissertation]

Boie, Hans-Hermann (2002) Aufbau eines Experimentes zur Messung der Emissionswahrscheinlichkeit von Bremsstrahlung im alpha-Zerfall von Polonium-210. [Master's thesis]

Boie, Hans-Hermann (2009) Bremsstrahlung Emission Probability in the Alpha Decay of 210Po. [Dissertation]

Boll, Rebecca (2014) Imaging Molecular Structure with Photoelectron Diffraction. [Dissertation]

Bollmann, Johann Heinrich (2001) Calcium sensitivity of neurotransmitter release in a glutamatergic synapse of the central nervous system. [Dissertation]

Bolz, Arthur Eugen (2019) Measurement of Differential ρ0 Photoproduction Cross-Sections at HERA. [Dissertation]

Bolz, Oliver (2004) Absolute Energiekalibration der abbildenden Cherenkov-Teleskope des H.E.S.S. Experiments und Ergebnisse erster Beobachtungen des Supernova-Überrests RX J1713.7-3946. [Dissertation]

Bongers, André (2003) Ortsaufgelöste Messung der Gewebe-Sauerstoffversorgung mittels BOLD-sensitiver MR-Bildgebung. [Dissertation]

Bopp, Maximilian (2018) Air-Flow and Stress Partitioning over Wind Waves in a Linear Wind-Wave Facility. [Dissertation]

Bopp, Maximilian (2014) Luft- und wasserseitige Strömungsverhältnisse im ringförmigen Heidelberger Wind-Wellen-Kanal (Aeolotron). [Master's thesis]

Border, Evan C. (2020) Variability of δ234U in the Mediterranean Sea, Amazon Estuary, and Atlantic Ocean. [Dissertation]

Borgmann, Christopher (2012) Mass Measurements of Exotic Ions in the Heavy Mass Region for Nuclear Structure Studies at ISOLTRAP. [Dissertation]

Borgosano, Francesco (2012) Studies of the influence of thermodynamical parameters on the production rate of hyperpolarised 129Xe and the degree of hyperpolarisation. [Dissertation]

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